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All Reviews by zap & co
 from High Octane #2
Studio: Hustler

This One Runs Out Of Gas

ok, when you first read the synopsis which was something like "russian sex spies that can kill" you're like alright! bring it on! don't be fooled however. the sex: mediocre. the box says there's five females, but i must have lost the fifth one. the girls are mediocre as well. the second girl in the movie was the best looking. she does a scene with two dudes in a jail cell (one guy she does through the bars of the cell). there's another girl that starts out in a karate outfit (she soon loses that). anyway she is pretty raunchy looking but she does all the nasty things (anal, ass to mouth, pussy to mouth, cum gurgling). ok and then there's a boring blond that was in the first scene that returns at the end for another yawn. and, uh that's it for the highlight reel. the plot: non existent and very thin (but hey this is porn, right?). add that to some bad voice-overs and you got a baaaddd hustler movie. summary: serves it's purpose if you are a couple watching it for spoof value. if you want something a little more combustible, look at a different gas pump.

 from Ass Worship #1
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Hole-Ly Cow!

wow! what can i say? this movie delivers the goods. the chicks are hot, the toys are huge, and the asses are stretched! you wonder how these holes will ever recover! bella places some mongo sized toys that i think may still be lost up there. jewel takes on lex's monster member on all fours. she takes about half of him up the chute and then reaches back with her free hand to stroke him off! sweet! jade get involved in a round robin of dp, to ass to mouth switch off's. then she drinks the cum from her ass. can you ask for anything more raunchy? go jules!

 from Jack's Anal Initiations #2
Studio: West Coast

Got Repetitive

OK, Jack's got a small burro hung between his legs. only problem is, he can't shunt enough blood to his member to keep it stiff for very long (such hardships eh?). Even so, the ladies haven't seen or experienced such a beast and most seem like they would rather run in the opposite direction. There was a hot scene where a girl seemed to be very revved up about the challenge, not just going through the motions for the paycheck. The featured star of the movie, seemed uncomfortable with Jack throughout the scene (which didn't do much for me). His positions were predicitable and became somewhat repetitive two girls into the flick. On the plus side, Jack's got good camera presence for gonzo; the women seemed to laugh and become at ease with him. Also it is pretty damn impressive trying to watch him bury that 'monster' (which i guess some would say is the point of the movie). If that's all you are looking for then I guess it's worth 90 minutes of your life. Otherwise not terrible, but also not memorable.

 from 65 Guy Cream Pie #2
Studio: Devil's Films

Should Be 65 Guy Manipulation

didn't know what to expect from this one. title alone has freak show written all over it. so, yes, of course we had to rent it! we weren't disappointed. good entertainment! the sex: she's pretty hot and she starts taunting these 65 dudes who are all lined up around an indoor pool. she does lots of teasing; posing, grabbing and sucking to fire them up. then they move to a bed where she gets busy with a couple of "pros" who stuff her full while the 65 guys watch. ten minutes into the movie and bang we have a double penetration! you go girl! then the pros exit, and she begins to take them all on. one by one... the sheer logistics of it should make this movie about 10 hours or so but some guys "exhaust" themselves before they even get inside her. so she actually does get them all serviced within the timeframe. she talks smack the entire time, which i think obviously intimidated some of the dudes. she remains in control throughout the "train" (not really a gangbang cause she does them one by one) and does the majority of them vaginally. she even rebuffs a dude for trying to give it to her anally! she's definately displays her naughtiness because she keeps trying to squeeze cum out of her pussy and eat it (i bet that sounds tasty doesn't it?). i liked the behind the scenes portion of the disc, they interview her and show her getting ready. i swear there's a scene in there where she's doing an ahem! shall we say illegal substance in her dressing room (she's in the background of the shot, the cameraman is out in the hall you can kind of make it out). interesting that they left that on the dvd. overall, she's wild, she's horny, and she works the crowd masterfully. well worth the rent!

 from Natacha
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Worth A Watch

I really didn't see the passionate dreamer story line, but hell the women looked fresh AND most of them took it in the ass (what more could you ask for?). Natacha enjoyed taunting some guy i don't think we ever actually see in the movie. He is represented by a gruff voice that answers natacha's rolling narrative. She moves through the movie watching his family (wife, daughters, son, even secretary) get it on without him (poor fella). His voice-over kind of suprises you throughout the movie which gave it a humorous quality to it. This and the decent sex made it entertaining as a couples movie. The other reviewer was right the guys were dogs but their cocks worked. Most of the women were clad in nice lingerie. There was a blonde who if she was 18, just turned it the day of the movie. The movie also seemed have a decent number of scenes, not the standard 4 or 5. Overall, good effort.