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All Reviews by wide receiver
 from Bring'Um Young #1
Studio: Anabolic

a little scary

Not my favorite Anabolic series. The frenchies from this usually awesome studio have hit a little bump in the road with this series. A compilation of scenes with 19 year old girls getting pummeled up the ass and cunt with an abandon that it seems they didn't anticipate. Most of these girls seem to be teen runaways who are down on their luck. It seems as if their moans are of pain, not pleasure and it kind of grossed me out.

 from Assman #5
Studio: Anabolic

digging deep

the boys at anabolic know what anal penetration means. they have brought the genre to a high art. #5 is a particularly good example of what they do best:beautiful european amatures getting getting reamed by at least two well endowed handsome guys. if you like the "beam", you'll love this one.

 from Oral Consumption #2
Studio: Anabolic

boring consumption

Unfortunately, this series (from the usually extremely entertaining Anabolic boys) hits wide of the mark. It delivers what it advertises, but just that. There are some interesting scenes with a cool african american guy which are fun, but on the whole, not worth the time.

 from Rogue Adventures #5
Studio: Evil Angel

good, better, great

i do not usually give 5 stars to any tape, but one deserves it. truely on of the best of this genre, "rogue-5" has everything and bares repeat viewings. the she-males here could not be hotter or better hung. in each scene they get hotter, bigger, and more aggressive - giving as good as they get (not the usual in she-male fare. the guys in the scenes are really good-looking, sexy, well-hung, and...accommodating! these he-shes take it all and ask for more. every performer enjoys every minute - there is no acting here! i heartily recommend this title. watch it twice - you'll see new things every time.

 from Assman #11
Studio: Anabolic

not the best effort

We generally look to Anabolic for its consistant deep anal penetrations and extreme european nastiness. However, this not their best effort to date. The girls aren't as hot as usual and the usual amature-like enthusiasm is just not there.

 from Assman #12
Studio: Anabolic

Beam me up

What can one say about the Assman series except 'c'est increable.' The biggest cocks fit in the smallest ,smuttiest, european amatures. The close-up shots of the wet, loose buttholes or 'Beam' shots are deliciously raunchy. The girls seem to really enjoy themselves as do the filmmakers.

 from World Sex Tour #17
Studio: Anabolic

straight forward

This is one of the lesser Anabolic efforts. There are of the hallmarks of the company's great contributions to the art of porno. Plenty of good looking czech women and guys with big cocks fucking them. Lot's of Anal - lot's of DP.

 from She-Males Hardons: Pic Nic & Hard Job
Studio: Sunshine


If you like she-males, this one's for you. Some of these ladies are super hot - and the brazilian guys with them are even hotter. Nonstop action double feature really has something unusual and real in every scene. The actors really enjoy themselves! I bet travel to Brazil increases tenfold.

 from Black Raven Gang Bang #1
Studio: XTC Studios

good fantasy

this is a great idea for a flick, butt poorly executed. there are tons of huge black cocks, grease, and dildos - but no feeling. the guy getting banged hardly registers the assault. the other guys just keep trying to be butch, saying unconvicingly," just take it bitch." what starts off as a great idea flounders, quickly becoming boring.

 from Fashionistas (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel


disk 1 is the preamble to the late great stegliano's opus work on disk 2. there is some great stuff on here and very well shot on film. but the true action -what the film is really all about- is on disk two. if you want the back story to rocco stiffreadi's seduction and eventual to la's most decadent sex club, then rent #1. if you want some of the most extreme sex and hot b&d you've ever seen, rent #2