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All Reviews by snooder
 from Seattle Hairy Girls #3 & #4
Studio: Rodney Moore

the great rodney flubs it here

maybe it's his early work. 6 scenes of endless stilted posing not even self fingering except border pubic hair. some nice stiff nipples, some scenes slightly stroke able. but looks like i gotta fuck the dog again tonight.

 from Horny Hairy Girls #7
Studio: Rodney Moore

some very origional rodney

6 scenes, 3 excellent, 1 very good...a way above average score. rodney king is often original and truly sexy even when he's going through the motions. a it.

 from Horny Hairy Girls #22
Studio: Rodney Moore

one touch of rodney genius

most of this is crap. but if you like lesbian scenes done with intelligence and humor, scene 2 has a couple of them licking each other to real or well faked orgasm, then out come the dildos. rodney moore is a genius, even some of his bad stuff can be good. like this one

 from Seattle Hairy Girls #9 & #10
Studio: Rodney Moore

utter crap

this one stinks. 6 main scenes, in all of them the models pose around, no, i mean NO sex, they don't even touch their own pussies. Rodney Moore is a true porn genius and had made great movies. but not this one.

 from Seattle Hairy Girls #11 & #12
Studio: Rodney Moore

the great one strikesout again

America's most talented pornmeister all but strikes out again. one excellent scene (lydia)where a truly sexy young girl frigs herself while squatting to a fairly convincing orgasm, blows a negro dildo, floor fucks the same dildo, squirm-frigs herself to more orgasms. an escalation creshendo of multiples, no man in site. the scene "lilith rose" a woman full of natural flowing sexual movement like you rarely see in porn, rodney loving her with his camera like only he can do starts out with

 from M.I.L.T.F. #25
Studio: Heatwave


one good scene, 3 superb scenes. this is one of the best porn movies ever made. life is about orgasm, set is about making or at least watching women have orgasms pachino, hunter, leigi....they make you believe

 from Furry Beavers #2
Studio: FilmCo

excelent slow hot fucks

1st class stuff, rent it. no phony plastic slick barbie dolls here, real women, real sexuality. director "morgan Load" doesn't appear to have done other movies of note, too bad, he's got real talent. all scenes are good, but scenes 1 and 2 are exquisite. simple, plain women who clearly really love sex, "ugly" faces that reflect escalating sexual pleasure, and an A+ plausible cock generated orgasm from a sit-on-top (how often do you see that?). these are fucks you can believe and cunts you can fantasize making a life with.

 from Mature Shavers #10
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

hopelessly bad

even the great robin pachino can't salvage this poderous waddling turkey. in fact, it drags her down to its' level. i guess a girl needs a paycheck, but what the fuck?

 from My Squirting Aunt
Studio: FilmCo

utter crap

this stinks. it stinks of fake. fake balloon tits, fake sex whore talk, asinine fake squirting.

 from MILFStravaganza! #6 (Disc 2)
Studio: Digital Sin

this is more like it!

two superb scenes out of 6. in the best one (AUNE) a huge black cock turns a jaded porn queen into a quivering pile of 100% unquestionably real multi orgasm. in the next best (MAI VICTORIA) we have an equally genuine nymphomaniac. unfortunately the balance of the disc is all beach ball tits, phony squeals, and bald porn twats.

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