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All Reviews by nyte2day
 from A Load In Every Hole #12
Studio: Kick Ass

Good Sex Bang

Poking holes, just the way I like it. Forget what the other user said about a storyline, if he wants drama - then he needs to watch the Lifetime channel. This had a trio of hard pricks stuffing cunts and butts. It was good jerkin fantasy for me.

 from Pussy & Penis: A Bisexual Adventure
Studio: Gentlemen's

Okay, nothing new!

This is okay, but nothing new or exciting. Had to use some "mental power" to get hard for this one. Would have been .5 or 1 star but I like the one guy and chick in this flick.

 from His First Huge Cock #1
Studio: Pink Visual


Not bad, but not exciting or engaging enuff. However, the 1st scene has a hot teen/twink hole that got a rise out of me. Would love to do his hole any day.

 from Duo #2
Studio: Bacchus

good old porn sex!

I like the sex, and agree that it was not digitally remastered for dvd but the sex is good huge thick black dicks. The first guy Brad Leatherwood has one HUGE THICK pole. He has a crazed/deranged?? stare while looking at the guy's face while boning him. All the guys have nice delicious looking dicks and butts.

 from Snap Back Pussy
Studio: West Coast


I agree, this is boring. I only gave it 2 stars because of the shaved ebony slits and the hard dong. I usually find interest in just watching in & out action, but nothing here was amusing. No one thought of exploring, licking touching, fingering, or doing the girls perfect other hole?? It did not help me get off. Waste of time.

 from Play With My Foreskin #1
Studio: Phantom

BB sex

3 stars for bareback. all the scenes are the same format, same setting. Is this Director a robot? He doesn't change anything, not one different camera angle. Change the action and scenes!

 from On The Downlow
Studio: His

good action

good hard action. nice bodies and hard dicks. luv seeing a guy's cheeks squeezing when he's plowing a hole.

 from Cum Artist, The #1
Studio: Skin to Skin

worth Renting

good one to rent. Hott young studs, raw sex, slurpy holes, YUM!. could be better with some 69-rimming scenes.

 from Erec's Little Shop Of Fashion
Studio: Skin to Skin

Young cum, Yum!

This dvd was good for me, and got me off plenty. Young hard cocks, cum, raw banging and nice tight young buns. The guys are all young, slim, tight bodies and tasty looking.

 from Bareback Jail Gang Bang
Studio: Skin to Skin

Good group action

Good sex and action that kept me hard. The real action starts late cause the Director wasted 30-40 mins with everyone's pants pulled down just below the balls? This did not serve any erotic or teasing purpose for me. But don't get me wrong the dvd is definitely worth seeing for hot hard sexy cocks and holes!!

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