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All Reviews by cum faced
 from North Pole #22
Studio: New Sensations

average splooge

As one of those rare girls who loves for a man to cover my pretty face with his nut, I am a big fan of Peter North. My fantasy is for Peter to fuck me like a dog then shoot a huge nutload in my hair and on my face. For good measure he can use his cock to shovel the sperm off my face and down my throat. My belly filled with Peter's baby gravy would be a dream come true. In almost all his films he usually delivers at least one geyser on a girl. In his better films he face paints two or three babes. Unfortunately, his artistry in this one is at best mediocre. There are other better films where he humiliates Kelli Tyler, Ariel Summers, Aspen Stevens, Dani Woodard and other beauties. Judy Star appears in another of his films and gets double plowed and North paints a beautiful picture on her face. But Pole 22 doesn't contain North's best brushstrokes.

 from Size Matters #1
Studio: Metro

Marilyn is the star!

It would be unusual for Marilyn Star to not rule any video she is in. For those of you who don't know, Marilyn is a former prostitute, turned porn star, turned inside trader, turned international fugitive, turned prisoner, turned domestic goddess (in that order). She is paired with Julian St. Clair. Julian also gets double-teamed by Alzea and Melanie Stone. We look into Azlea's sea-blue eyes as she licks up and down the length of Julian's long beautiful prick. Melanie has a somewhat average looking face. The sexy white baby doll she's in does accentuate her smooth curves. My boyfriend goes nuts for girls in red, white or blue lingerie so that got his smokestack smoking. I enjoyed watching Melanie on top gliding smoothly up and down Julian's slick staff while Azlea similtaneously thrusts her face into his hairy scrotum and licks his balls. Julian get's even luckier when he examines Marilyn's portfolio. He fucks her in a variety of positions including doggy and missionary. When Julian lays her on her belly and buries his pecker in her pussy, Marilyn's body has no place to go. She is helplessly pinned to the mattress. The cameraman shoots up Marilyn's smooth perfect legs right to her pussy lips that are helpless against the pounding. Pinned by the muscular porn star---her legs, hips and butt cheeks thrust up in a feeble attempt to meet the cruel jabs of the stud who is mastering her. An orgasm ripples through her body and her legs spasm uncontrollably as she cums. Her groans turn to moans of ecstacy. After watching this my boyfriend forcefully pinned me to the mattress, pressed down on my face down with his foot and filled my pussy with hot baby gravy!

 from Brandon Iron's Rampage #2
Studio: West Coast

pussies ripped by thick, long cock!!!

Some nice looking babes in this including Tommie Rose, Kate Frost, Amber Michaels, and Laci Coxx. Video quality and camera work are decent. I have seen a number of Brandon Iron movies and this is probably the best performance he puts on. Most male porn stars pride themselves and build their reputations on the pounding they are able to put on the women they conquer. Iron's cock is exceptionally thick and long in this movie and watching him in action was a treat. I thought Tommie Rose was the recipient of the best stud service. Iron bends her over like a dog and jumps her from behind. Iron's big stick looks fantastic gliding in her slit between her beautiful, tanned, ass cheeks. It must have felt like heaven lined with iron for Tommie. Kat Langer's face isn't the best, but her body is pretty nice. Iron fucks her in public on top of a roof. Kat has done bukake films where guys shoot 60 loads of nut on her face so I guess this wasn't that adventurous for her. Iron does take advantage of her uninhibited nature to fuck her pretty hard and she is a total submissive. Iron also gets to shoot thick loads of nut all over the girl's faces in this movie. But watching his impressive, thick man meat ram grateful pussies with reckless abandon was the big turn on. Brandon can go on a rampage with my pussy, mouth and face anytime!

 from Flesh Hunter #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

cum on the face=beautiful

Jenna Haze and Shyla are hot. Alexa Rae plays a bitch who resists Jules but he stays after her until he gets his hands on her to heat her up. After some coaxing he gets her hot enough that she decides to give it up to him. He fucks her good but this scene is shot at sunset and sometimes the action isn't well lit. Alexa has a hot body, cute face, beautiful ass, and smooth gorgeous skin that transcends bad lighting. Alexa won't let Jules sodomize her but he does deliver a thick cum shot across her face. Nice! Jeannie Rivers has a behind that most women envy and decent titties. Her smooth, long, perfect legs are attached to that fabulous ass. My boyfriend is a leg man and he says most guys will absolutely love her perfect legs. I enjoyed watching Eric Everhard lift her in the air to fuck her. When I'm in this position I love the feeling of being totally helpless and vulnerable as my stud is in total control of me. Jeannie also gets a nice jack in her crack from behind while laying on her side. For some reason it looked like Jeannie didn't enjoy it when the special sauce is splooged across her face. I must admit I didn't like it when guys first started doing this to me. But a couple of years ago an older guy absolutely pasted my face. He took me to a mirror and showed me my beautiful face covered in his man sauce. He made me realize that the prettiest face is even more gorgeous when it's covered with sperm. Now I love my facial and can only hope it will drip off my face and splash my titties. If I'm really lucky it streaks between my soft cleavage and down my belly. Jeannie just needs a master face blaster to explain the facts to her!

 from Chica Boom #13
Studio: Kick Ass

honney for the bunney

I haven't seen all the chica boom movies, but this is the one I've enjoyed the most. My boyfriend said he would gladly eat the Honney Bunney. I have to admit I was a little envious of the deep, darting inspection her furry box received. I was even more envious when the guy took her smooth as satin hips from behind. But I melted when he laid her on her back and drilled her helpless pussy missionary style. The white cream she orgasmed on his plunging cock testifies to the ecstacy she was in. Vanessa Rubec always finds a way to show the guy he is the boss. I was jealous again when I saw her little ass cheeks in the air and the lucky guy took full advantage. Vanessa has an amazing way of submissively bending over for a doggy-style pussy stuffing and still looking great doing it. Faith is a very cute girl with a beautiful figure. She's another hottie my boyfriend wants to fill with smoldering spunk. I guess I'm going to have to spend a lot of time on my back to keep his prick from sowing his seeds elsewhere.

 from Internal Cumbustion
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Nacho rips pussy!

There are several good scenes in this movie that make it well worth watching. Not the least is Nacho Vidal's total domination and conquest of Ashley Blue and Kelli Tyler. When Nacho bends little Ashley over an ottoman he relentlessly pounds her pussy and ass. Little Ashley is helpless against his brutal thrusts but the big smile on her face would indicate despite his best efforts, he can't hurt or she digs pain. Only Ashley knows for sure. Nacho also gets to give lovely Kelli Tyler a nice reaming. A scene that was sexy but full of missed opportunities is the scene where two guys take on Mandy Bright and Sophie Evans. The girls are fucked good. They take an especially hard pounding when the guys lay the girls flat on their bellies and plow into them with all the strength they can muscle. Watching the girls gorgeous gams flailing in the air is a testament to how hard they are being fucked. That was beautiful! Other than that shot, though, the cameraman was often not focused on the girl getting fucked the hardest, but the other couple instead. Too bad. This movie is still worth the rent to watch Nacho fuck the living shit out of Ashley.

 from No Holes Barred #2
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Girls being made AIRTIGHT. WooHoo!

Three cocks per girl. What more can a sperm hungry girl ask for! This movie was shot the year before Le DeMae died and the good news is none of the effects of her illness are visible in her scene. She looks as perfect as ever. Lea almost always took on multiple guys and by this time in her career she had become quite proficient at getting triple plowed. I enjoy double penetration when I can get it, but I'm still dreaming about having three cocks inside me. Lea does let out little screams of pain a couple of times, but otherwise maintains her composure and looks gorgeous doing it. My boyfriend says she is the most overall beautiful woman who ever did porn and I admit that is hard to dispute. She looks almost identical to my half sister and my boyfriend and I kind of take perverse pleasure in wondering if she gets as much cock as Lea did. It's hard to believe that within a few months of the time this scene was shot Lea was wasting away and would die shortly thereafter. The scene with Jessica Fiorentino is also excellent. Jessica doesn't have a beautiful face, but she is a tall girl with nice legs and a fine figure. It looked like the men actually put more energy into fucking Jessica than Lea. She definitely got screwed even harder than Lea. I know a lot of women have moral objections to being penetrated in the pussy and ass at the same time. And some women think it will be painful. But when there is a cock in each opening it tightens things up and the vaginal walls can feel every amazing jab of the pulsing pecker. It's hard to decsribe the ecstasy that ripples through your body when you are being made airtight.

 from Chasing the Big Ones #13
Studio: West Coast

Nothing beats a great pair of legs!!!

Jewel is the big name in this movie. But my boyfriend has a fetish for smooth, stubble free, sculpted legs with beautiful curvy calves. Well, about one in a thousand of us have legs like that (I'm one of them). But this movie does have a couple of long legged beauties in it for the leg men out there. Majella has smooth, long gams. She jumps on top of a black cock and then surrenders to it. Jennifer, who doesn't have a pretty face, does have some perfect, smooth, long legs. Jennifer, with perfect creamy, white skin, is a contrast to Justin Slayer's tall black frame. Although I would much rather give up my perfect limbs and firm booty to Lexington Steele or Mandingo, Slayer does a decent job of poking lovely Jennifer. He fucks her in positions that allow you to admire her long, smooth legs. That's about all the provocation my guy needed to lay me on my back, pin me down with my own gorgeous legs and stick it in. What a great position to watch it go in and out of you like a piston. My guy bends over and his long hair covers my eyes as he kisses me sensuously and deeply. When he pulls up, I open my eyes and with my legs pushed back right over my head, I'm staring at my perfect, pedicured feet. He has a foot fetish too! Thanks for inspiring him Jennifer. I guess the commercial is right. Nothing beats a great pair of legs!

 from Buttfaced #3
Studio: West Coast

perfect lea

Lea was arguably the most beautiful woman in porn before her death. Especially in early films her body was perfect and wasn't covered in bruises and the other signs of abuse. Later in her career she started looking like a porn hag. This is one of the movies before she had fallen into degradation. Two guys fuck her every which way on the stairs. Knowing they were fucking one of the most beautiful women in the world, it looked like they made a special effort to lay the pipe to her as hard as they could. If you like watching a beautiful woman face fucked, pussy fucked and sodomized hard, this is a good scene. This is a bit of a perverted pleasure. My half-sister looks almost exactly like Lea and she tells me she usually gets an extra effort from guys. Luckily, I usually get similar treatment. The rest of the movie is decent.

 from Pink Pussy Cats #1
Studio: West Coast

pump her pumper

Brian Pumper gets to tag some nice pussy and ass in this one. Amber is made for bent over pussy banging. Diana, a little french-speaking number opens the movie. She has a beautiful face and throughout the scene she is in heat and demands that Pumper fuck her harder. But Taylor Ann has an ass that women envy and men just want to wrap their hands around and smother their faces in. For my money Pumper missed a good bet when he didn't keep her in the doggy position longer. That perfect, smooth, firm behind was made for pinching, slapping and squeezing. Pumper does lift Taylor Ann in the air and fuck her in mid-air. The cameraman shoots upward and the viewer gets to enjoy Taylor's fabulous ass at the same time she is enjoying Pumper's pussy-filling manhood. My boyfriend told me my ass is almost as delicious as Taylor Ann's. For that compliment he gets to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner off my smooth, firm cheeks. I'll bet he cleans his plate. He's always begging for a snatch snack anyway. Any hopefully I'll get treated to a thick, creamy serving of protein in my belly.

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