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All Reviews by cum faced
 from Sweet Dreams
Studio: Classic X

a degrading sexual bout

The liner notes on this movie say two of the blonde babes in it are on the receiving end of a most degrading sexual bout. Elsewhere it says they are abused and sexually assaulted. While that is true, by the end of the scene, they are thoroughly enjoying it. In another scene a lovely brunet invites a romeo into her apartment and then he takes her by force. This is certainly a fantasy. Men are very aggressive with me, but I've never been the victim of what I would consider a genuine sexual assault. To my surprise, I did find the scenes in this movie quite erotic and I enjoyed watching the men use force to get what they want. This movie isn't for everybody. But a small minority of people like me could find this movie quite enjoyable.

 from Cheerleaders Like It Big (Disc 1)
Studio: New Sensations

cheerleaders rah rah

Porn stars make beautiful cheerleaders! The fantasy of fucking cheerleaders is a wet dream most guys would love to fulfill. I was a cheerleader in high school and I adored the looks I got in my outfit that showed my sculpted perfect legs to just below the panties. I loved to tease the boys and more than a few of them scored touchdowns. I wish I could say I was deflowered for the first time in my outfit but that just isn't so. But I do remember after a pep rally a boyfriend taking me too a dark corner in school and fingering me and rewarding me with a mouthful of his babies. Whoops, dripped some on my uniform! I wish we'd had guy cheerleaders to lift me in the air and squeeze my smooth cheeks. After viewing perfection he gets to toss me in the air and catch me in his arms. Girls have fantasies too! I suspect some of the girls in this movie have given many a blowjob back in school days in a revealing cheerleader outfit. My boyfriend said he would like to take a shot at a couple of the starlets especially Cassie Rose. This movie brought back good memories.

 from Captured Slaves
Studio: Amateur Bound

tied up girls

I can't complain about beautiful girls tied up and slapped around. There isn't any sex in this movie. There is no fucking, no fingers in the pussy and no blow jobs. So if you want that you need to look elsewhere. But if you like to watch beautiful girls struggling against their ropes and their moans of discontent, you should like this. The girls get their soft titties squeezed and their and smooth butts swatted until they are nice and red. Tieing up girls is a bit of an art so my boyfriend likes to watch these movies to kind of learn the ropes. Ha! The bondage is pretty basic in this movie so it's not a good how to video. Recently, my boyfriend has gotten into watching these movies while he ties me up. He repeats the verbal abuse in the movies. "You're ass is going to be red like a cherry soon," is his favorite. Unlike the movies though he stretches my pussy with his fingers and smothers his hairy crotch on my face and fucks my mouth. And I almost always get my mouth and throat flooded with hot cum. Good to the last drop! Just as nice is a shot of protein on the face. When I'm really kinky I let him shoot cum shampoo in my hair. I guess we need to make a video of our own! So, believe it or not, this is a good couples movie.

 from Black And The Beautiful, The (Disc 1)
Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed

some good...but have the ff handy

About half of the scenes in this movie are good, the other half are not so great. The best scenes in our opinion are with Brooklyn Jade, Paige, Shawnie, Giselle and Allie Sin. This is one of those scenes where Allie doesn't seem to be enjoying herself. But she does have a really fine ass and perfect tits. She has a very pretty face and fine body. For my boyfriend it's kind of a bonus to watch Allie not having a great time. And the porn stars are ripping tight pussy and ass so they don't care if Allie is enjoying herself. And I have to admit when they laid Allie on her shoulders with her ass up in the air and plowed in, I was pretty jealous. Brooklyn Jade has some very nice, large melons and she is fun to watch because of her terrific jiggling rack. Shawnie also has a gorgeous rack and lucky for her she got screwed by Lexington Steele. If you love to watch very creamy skinned blonde women submitting to the biggest black buck there is, you'll like this. Shawnie is a bit underrated in my opinion because she almost always gets nailed by black guys and other reasons. I enjoy watching the beautiful contrast between her white skin and the black skin of the guys pulverizing her pink muff. Along with her beautiful titties, perfect legs, and very expertly cropped carpeting---she always does her best to look great for her scenes. Her hair usually looks nice, her manicure and pedicure are always perfect for the foot fetish guys. The makeup and eyeliner always enhance her looks. Paige has a nice body with innocent girl next door looks. For the guys who like watching the cheerleader type getting plowed by a brother this is should be a turn on. The downside of this compilation is there are several girls who didn't apply much-needed makeup, are bruised, or just look badly used up. Also, a lot of the action is shot in a warehouse. Depending on your taste, you can enjoy the good, and have the fast forward ready for the other stuff.

 from Bleached To The Bone #2
Studio: 3rd Degree

bleached blonde lover

There are lovely blondes in this movie and if you like the platinum princesses this is a nice movie. Andi Anderson, Riley Evans and Angelina Evans were put on earth to have dicks stuck deep inside them. Shyla's body is so heavily covered in bruises we found her scene hard to watch. My favorite scene features Angelina Ash and Mark Ashley. Angelina has a gorgeous tan and perfect blond locks. Men don't appreciate the beauty of perfectly manicured hands. Watching Angelina's pretty fingers working up and down Mark's long, thick pecker adds to the sensuality of the scene. Mark sticks it in his lovely conquest in a variety of positions. My favorite was when he laid her on her back and with long strokes his testicles slapped her pussy lips. He unloads his seeds in her belly. With her beautiful fingers she spreads and gives us a view deep in the pink. We get to watch the baby batter drip down from her cum-coated vagina walls to her butt crack. Pretty romantic don't you think? I may have to got out and buy a bottle of platinum blonde bleach for my curly black locks.

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