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All Reviews by cum faced
 from Prisoner Of Paradise
Studio: VCX


Pretty nice movie considering the time it was made. Didn't much care for the scene where, Seka, his Nazi captor holds a gun to John Holmes head while he's fucking her. In another scene where a gun is pointed at him Holmes gives a nice facial to a pretty blonde. He is ordered by his captors to rub it all over her face. She plays with his goo with her tongue and just seems to be in heaven playing with it in her mouth. It looked delicious and I'm sure I would have loved tasting and savoring the salty flavor for as long as possible. The best scene is when Holmes recalls making love to his Asian girlfriend before he was captured by Nazis. Porn critics have called this scene an actual lovemaking scene which debunks the criticism there is no sensuality in porn. And by porn standards it is about as close as you can get to people making love. The couple engages in several minutes of foreplay including kissing. They tenderly copulate in the missionary position the way most of us do. My boyfriend loved watching Miko Lee's beautiful submission to Holmes. Throughout the scene you here Miko's moans of passion and ecstacy. I loved watching her underneath him as his huge cock makes long strokes in and out of her. It looked beautiful and Miko must have been in heaven. He shoots a plentiful load of thick nut in her vagina and we see it dripping all over her beautiful white ass cheeks. His strokes slow down and she hugs him passionately seemingly thanking him for the baby batter he has injected her with. The movie leaves the impression that Holmes goes off to war leaving behind his impregnated girlfriend. It's a nice difference from today's run of the mill assembly line porn.

 from Cherry Slits
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

Young hotties fucked good!!!

All the women in this movie looked great. They are all very young and had none of them looked used up. Covergirl Lexi looks almost virginal and takes a nice pounding. Dani Woodward has a bit of a girl-next door look in all her movies and this is no exception. Nicole Brazzle has some stretch marks, but otherwise looks great. Trista Post and Kinzy Jo aren't considered great lookers. But both of them have nice fuckable bodies. The guys in this movie are not big-time studs and they all look like walking, talking ads for steroids. But they all do fuck their lovely cum receptacles nicely. My boyfriend and I liked every scene. The camera work was good, the girls were positioned nicely by the studs so you can enjoy watching them getting fucked. We really enjoyed the movie.

 from Chest Full Of Asians #2
Studio: Third World Media

nice creamy soft milk wagons!

If you like soft, large, creamy-skinned squeezeable titties, you'll like this movie. The girls are beautifully hung. Unfortunately, except for one of them, the guys are hung like mosquitoes. If this is important to you, don't rent this movie. There are guys who feel like pussy is pussy and I'm one of those girls who feels like a cock is a cock. The guys were reasonably effective with their cocks. The girls were all sufficiently attractive and the jiggling jugs were fun to watch. My boyfriend said he would have happily screwed any of the girls silly. Not sure if all the girls will like this movie, but I did.

 from Black Dicks In White Chicks #13
Studio: Red Light District

second tier cocks

This movie has a few good moments. We liked the Maya Hills and Hailey Young scenes. There are no big time pussy splitting studs like Lex or Mandingo in this. They are all second tier cocks and in the case of Tee Reel, third tier. Still the Maya Hills scene was decent. Maybe it's the romantic in me, but when the guy presses his hairy face over Maya's, it's a beauty and the beast moment. Her perfect skin, makeup, eyeliner, etc. contrast with the unshaven guy sampling her sweet, cherry lipstick and sticking his tongue down her throat. A lot of people don't like Hailey, but I always enjoy watching her being slam dunked by a brother. She loves rough treatment and almost always gives up a lot of points to the lucky guy. I much prefer a big black buck like Lex scoring three pointers rather than these little guys who can't make a lay up. These guys score occasionally, but they most just double dribble.

 from Hot Latin Pussy Adventures #44
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

A woman's place is on her back!

None of the girls in this movie are beautiful, but except for Havana they are all cute. Except for Havana they all have beautiful or at least nice bodies. My boyfriend especially liked creamy soft Destiny. She has perfect white skin that contrasted with the black guy that was fucking her. Her handful size tits are perfect for squeezing and sucking. We were disappointed when the guy shot that he dumped on her ass cheeks instead of her exotic face or in her pretty pink pussy. The same goes for the guy who shot on Marissa. I'm a big fan of TT Boy and would love for him to fuck me. You usually feel like he is actually making love to the girl instead of going through the motions of a porn flick. I love the way he kisses the girls before he fucks them and during intercourse as well. When he is fucking the girls doggy style he mounts over them and kisses their lips sensually. This is beautiful to watch and I wish I could trade places with the girl TT Boy is screwing. My boyfriend also really likes petite little Persia because she is such a submissive who seems to know how to position herself for a hard pounding. My only complaint with the movie is the girls were on top too much instead of bent over or on their backs where they belong. Some men think a woman's place is in the home. I'll go them one further and say a woman's place is on her back!

 from Red, White, & Screwed
Studio: Wicked

hairy chests...yummy or yucky

This is an older compilation with pretty mediocre screwing in it. Some scenes are decent, others are poorly lit. Characteristic of the times most of the scenes were pretty short. The older movies also feature head shots of the guys which my boyfriend hates. I do like the ones where the guy has a hairy chest so I enjoyed looking at Steve Drake. Personally, I love to lick a hairy guys chest and pecs and comb them with my tongue. It's even better when he's buried in me in missionary and his hairy chest is smashed against my large, soft quivering breasts. Wonderful! If you don't like that though have the fast forward handy. That's a good rule of thumb for this movie. If you dodn't like the ff you should rent something else.

 from MVP Stormy
Studio: Wicked

not a perfect storm

Stormy's looks are spectacular. No debate there. This compilation is a bit dated and suffers from several problems. First, the clips are clipped. We didn't time them but they are all less than 15 minutes long and probably closer to ten. The problem most people will probably have is in every scene the guy wears a condom. That didn't totally ruin it for us but when Stormy pulled it out of her pussy and gave head to a rubber that just about did. Also, she only takes one big pop of nut on her face and a couple in the mouth. The rest are on her belly and one is on her butt. That's the bad. There are some good points. Stormy is energetic in every scene and is enjoying getting fucked. Her clothes, hair and make-up are impeccable. Her soft, beautifully manicured hands glide sensually and lovingly over each cock. For those with a foot fetish her pretty feet are pedicured perfectly the few times we see them. Her beautiful legs are smooth as silk and the curviness of them just about drove my boyfriend crazy. Also, Stormy opens almost every scene in sensual romantic kissing with her male conqueror. Although I'm a nymphomaniac, I enjoy a few minutes of foreplay myself. We never see that sensuality in porn. Her best scene is with Trevor Zen. They kiss romantically and deeply and he gives her gorgeous mams a good tongue lashing. And the high point is the pussy licking is deep, wet and one of the best inspections a girl has ever gotten. He fucks Stormy good, but kind of ruins it when he shoots on the side of her butt. Stormy lovers make like this movie anyway, but like condoms on a prick, it left us a little limp.

 from Lingerie #3
Studio: Red Light District

You don't notice the lingerie!

This one of the sexiest pornos I've ever seen. There is very little anal, so if you're an ass freak, forget it. Covergirl Victoria Starr is as beautiful and breathtaking on video as she looks on the cover. Julian St. Claire was a handsome young stud when this scene was shot. So you get to watch two of the most beautiful porn stars around having sex. I was pretty jealous watching Victoria bent over and on her back with hunky Julian filling her. Kate Kaptive has some of the sexiest bedroom eyes you'll ever want to see, a slutty come here voice, beautiful long hair, and a cute body to boot. Michael Stefano and Darren James go to town on her and it's obvious she loved the treatment. Darren isn't hung like Lex or Mandingo, but it is about nine or ten inches of good looking black pipe. The guys took lovely Kate at both ends and any girl would have loved it. Aspen Stevens is a very submissive beauty and Brian Pumper and Jon Dough take full advantage of her. She has a gorgeous little body and watching Pumper pump her white pink pussy from behind was a turn on. Dough laid her pretty face on his hairy stomach and fucked her pretty face. Both guys have a great time screwing Aspen at both ends. Dough is probably the hairiest white guy in porn and Pumper has the hairiest black ass in porn. Watching the creamy skinned softy fucked by two guys who could pass for gorillas made my pussy really wet. They finished Aspen's humiliation by busting two huge loads of nut all over her pretty face. The lingerie is nice, but the pussy and cock are way nicer!

 from Young Tight Latinas #6
Studio: Red Light District

Innocent looking...but...

Most of the girls get a pretty nice-pounding. But Kathleen Kruz standouts because she is a slim' innocent-looking girl. Steve Holmes apparently doesn't notice that and fucks her with total abandon. Esmerelda (she usually uses another name)is a bit plump in this movie but not what I would call fat. Heavy or not Michael Stefano is unconcerned about her weight and fucks the shit out of her. Michael is one of my favorite studs because he seems like he always gives 100 percent. I don't remember a scene that Michael doesn't leave the girl well-fucked and cum gooey. Michael, if you read this cum and fuck the shit out of me! And then there's Chiquita Lopez. The day I don't see Chiquita get her brains fucked out is the day I'll stop renting pornos. I've seen Chiquita take a brutal pounding so many times that I have come to the conclusion she absolutely loves it. I adore it when my guy pounds me like a porn babe but I have to admit I don't think I could take what Chiquita takes on a daily basis. Once or twice a week, maybe. Chiquita is becoming my role model. Wish me luck Chiquita!

 from Cum On In #3
Studio: 3rd Degree

prized studs

There are two prized studs in this movie, Ben English and Mark Ashley. Missy Monroe's scene isn't bad. They could have spent some money on her wardrobe, make-up, and manicure. Her hair is so short she looks boyish. Jamie Elle isn't bad. But she does have more ass pimples than usual. Julia Bond is paired with another girl and they are dicked by Mr. Pete. He did actually fuck them both pretty good, but like most girls I hate to wait while another girl is getting a dick jammed up her pussy. Julia did look great wiggling on top of his cock. Her jiggling ass cheeks are the envy of every woman. Kelli Tyler was lucky enough to draw Mark as her partner and neither of them disappoint. Kelli's boob job looks terrific. When Mark lays her on her back for a missionary style fucking I creamed my panties. Her long legs are hiked in the air and her pussy gets some long welcome strokes from his gorgeous cock. Kelli's technique has improved over time and she totally surrenders herself to Mark. The best scene is Rebecca Linares with Ben English. Rebecca is a petite little thing who takes on Ben's thick monster. When he takes her doggy style it is like a pure savage attack. Watching her delicate little behind getting drilled relentlessly is a treat, unless you're Rebecca. Rebecca is so dainty and delicate it's sort of amazing she is able to take the pounding English puts on her. He must have been turned on by little Rebecca because he unloads a particularly large load of baby boys and girls in her. A huge geyser spurts out of her pussy. I hope you took your pills girl!

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