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All Reviews by cum faced
 from A 2 M #5
Studio: Anabolic

ugly guys, pretty women

Alicia, Jamie and Jay Starr all had great scenes and did something I can only dream of. I love when a guy pulls out of my pussy and makes me clean off his cock. But so far the idea of a guy pulling it out of my ass and making me taste is more than I can take. These girls seem to love tasting ass juice and lube. Alicia has a beautiful face and body and it's always fun to watch her take a thorough dicking. The girls are subjected to one of my guilty pleasures. Like a lot of beautiful women I love being fucked by rough ugly men. Brian Surewood is very rough and gets to fuck some gorgeous pussy and ass. Jamie Elle almost always takes two cocks and this movie is no exception. Jay Starr has uneven teeth but is lovely in every other way. Ugly Surewood takes obvious delight fucking the shit out of creamy soft Jay. If you like to watch ugly men fuck compliant, lovely women who love giving themselves up to them, you should like this movie.

 from Cum Stained Casting Couch #2
Studio: Red Light District

soft and white to black and firm

This movie runs the gamut from soft and white to black and firm. My boyfriend loves creamy soft blondes and so Sunny Lane is like a dream girl for him. Her white skin looks as soft as a baby's. And her pussy is shaved as smooth and perfect as I've ever seen. In contrast, Simone West, has a perfect pear-shaped brown behind. It's perfectly firm surrounded by a gorgeous body. Carol and Courtney are also lovely. This movie is a pretty good turn on. I was a little bit jealous of my guy's lust for soft little Sunny.

 from Inseminated By 2 Black Men #6
Studio: Kick Ass

morning sickness

I'm a fan of this series, and this is the second best rental we have seen. Jasmine does her usual professional best. Amber Wild looked reasonably attractive and took a nice pounding. But I thought Tricia Oaks scene was the best. She had a great attitude. As a gorgeous white girl I'm sure I'm not the only one who has fantasized about impregnation at the hands of a masterful black man. The guys positioned Tricia nicely so you can enjoy watching her give up her pink pussy. And while one guy fucked Tricia she lovingly licked the other guy's testicles and licked his shaft like it was a sweet chocolate ice cream bar. Nice going Tricia!

 from Sex: Insane & Insatiable
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

Insane??? Hardly! No pun intended.

There's nothing insane or insatiable about this movie. If sets, big-name pornstars, interviews and elaborate story lines are important to you, don't rent this movie. The girls all have average faces but nice bodies. Only one of the guys is a porn jockey and they all look like they could have been plucked from the unemployment line. All of that said, the guys are up to the task of stuffing the women's pussies with cock. The girls are all sexy enough to make the guys happy to be drilling pretty young cunt. Cover girl Lexi doing her first porn certainly got my boyfriends peter pointed north. She has a perfectly mowed shag. Her tiny 18 year-old muff looks like it's barely been used and is absolutely beautiful to look at. Throughout the scene the lucky stud groaned with delight about the gorgeous pussy Lexi is surrendering to him. I have to admit I would consider trading my perfectly shaped, smooth, hairless honeybox for Lexi's pretty muff. Elise, Celestia Star, and an unnamed blonde are all lovely and were rewarded with a good pounding. All the girls were treated to salty man nut on the face and in the mouth. I kind of wish Lexi had gotten her shot across her perfectly landscaped lawn. My boyfriend would have enjoyed unloading baby batter in her tight twat then enjoyed watching it drip down between her creamy thighs!

 from Strip Tease Then Fuck #6
Studio: Zero Tolerance

pretty women amke it work

The women in this film are all porn pros and all of them look great. Austin, Persia, Angelina, and Alicia know how to put on a good show. Dominica Leoni is lovely as usual and I liked the chemistry between her and Mark. I was pretty envious watching her take it up the ass. Both my boyfriend and I liked the scene with Roxetta best. She looked like she was in heaven when she was being plowed from behind. My guy liked watching her creamy ass in the air as she got her pink muff stuffed with bone. The action was hot enough that afterward my guy rewarded me with a pussy full of sperm swimming in my snatch!

 from Interracial Hole Stretchers #2
Studio: Platinum X

nice bum not enough cum

I liked this movie because I like Sean Michaels and the long hose he uses to penetrate pretty white girls in all the right places. Claire Robbins and Carmen Sancha are lovely and happily surrender themselves to the brothers. Summer Lynn isn't really cute but has a body that should keep guys interested. The centerpiece of the movie is covergirl Brianna Love and her stunning beautiful ass. Unfortunately, Brianna is fucked by Tee Reel who doesn't have the cock size and the overall presence to play the role of black stud. But Briana does a professional job of surrendering herself to him and I actually enjoyed the scene. None of the girls received the cum showers they should have. But for all the white girls like me who love an appetizer of black hands probing and squeezing, followed by a main course of ebony prick embedded in the pussy, this movie is worth a look.

 from Inseminated By 2 Black Men #7
Studio: Kick Ass

could have been better

I dig this series because like a lot of beautiful white women I love to bend over for a brother. I adore it when a black man injects me with his wad. Georgia and Brooke are lovely women and do a nice job taking the black seed. In some ways the Cherry Poppins scene was terrible because she had a shitty attitude about the whole thing. Cuntry's incessant stupid talk didn't help. But because she had an attitude, I was happy the midget didn't let it bother him and continued to screw her good anyway. In my case I like it when I'm degraded, in Cherry's case she deserved it. The movie loses a star because of Cherry's poor performance.

 from Craving Big Cocks #10
Studio: New Sensations

They grow 'em big in Texas!

Jasmine Byrne and Jamie Huxley turn in reliable performances. But this movie is worth renting just to watch Mark Ashley's powerful penis plow gorgeous Texas Presley wide open. She has some of the most spectacular milk wagons in porn. They are creamy white, firm, but still incredibly soft. When Mark fucks her missionary style you see his cock moving in and out as fast as a piston. But when he bends this babe over and drills her doggy style, you really appreciate her beauty. Her creamy soft skin, jiggling mams, and fine body are on display for everyone's enjoyment. It's obvious Mark is delightfully deflowering the beautiful dark pink, almost red-colored muff. Texas did let the tattoo guy run a little wild on her. And her face is a bit average. But the fabulous titties more than make up for it. It would have also been nice if Mark had spent more time suckling and licking her incredibly delicious melon meat. Hey, nobody's perfect.

 from Asian Street Hookers #44
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Thai Michelle

Pretty nice movie. Our favorite is sweet little Chinese honey Thai Michelle. Her body is just perfect and her dime-sized shaved pussy is tiny and made for stretching. My boyfriend couldn't take his eyes off it and could only fantasize about how tight that vagina grips a cock. Wesley Pipes couldn't help but slobber all over it. The creamy little Asian's submissive blow job technique is a turn on. She crawls under him and services his long black fuck tool while he crouches over her and fingers her deeply and squeezes her creamy round white cheeks. Thai looks great in every position Wesley puts his pipe in. Whether bent over for a rear-end screwing or on her back taking long strokes from the pipe, Thai fulfills her purpose as a receptacle for a man's lust. The only disappointment is when Pipe's is ready to fertilize her womb, Thai declines impregnation and Pipe's reluctantly shoots his black babies in her mouth. Pretty romantic don't you think?

 from Young Asian Cookies Dripping Cum #7
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

good fortune cookies

Not all the girls are beautiful, but they are sexy enough for the average porn freak. Lucy Thai is the most beautiful girl in the movie, but she's done better scenes. TT Boy reserved two lovely cum receptacles for himself. Keymore Cash tells TT Boy her favorite position is on her back, because she desires impregnation. He promises to help her out. TT Boy fucks her like a dog of course, but he does spend most of his time drilling this cutie missionary style. And I have to admit watching her on her back with her legs flailing helplessly in the air made me extremely jealous. At one point her feet are pinned behind her head he is burying it so deep in her belly. Ultimately, he doesn't grant her wish. He unloads his baby-maker in her puckering asshole. TT, you can knock me up anytime. Jazmine Lieh has a nice body and my boyfriend says she has a sexy asian face, gorgeous olive skin and handful-size squeezable titties. He likes to fuck me in a white baby doll with a garter belt, stockings and high heels. Jazmine is wearing something very similar so it was a nice turn on for both of us. She looks great bent over in white lingerie as TT BOY mounts over her and they sensually swap spit. TT Boy fucks her in just about every position but the doggy and missionary were my favorites. I found myself jealous of yet another girl taking a a nice pussy reaming from TT Boy. I know there are people who don't like TT Boy, but he can fuck the living shit out of me anytime, anyplace.

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