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All Reviews by cum faced
 from Chica Boom #11
Studio: Kick Ass

not great but not bad

Other than Lee Stone they didn't spend the budget on stud meat in this movie. But there are several hot hungry girls in the movie. The girl who got drilled in the restaurant was the dish that made my pussy hungry for a cream filling. Long-haired beauty Domino got her lunch eaten by Lee Stone. Desert Rose is lovely and I was disappointed she didn't receive the stud service she deserved from Jay Ashley. And Luna is a little creamy-skinned softie that Ashley did do a decent job of fucking in the kitchen despite his shortcummings. I guess Luna was hungry for something. Jay does treat Luna to a small load of protein for her face and mouth. He could have been a little more generous.

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #4
Studio: Kick Ass

no clean up

Although I'm one of those girls who prefers for a man to cover my face in goo, taking a shot deep in my womb is my second most favorite. The action is a bit formulaic in this movie. Each guy fucks a girl in a different position then shoots in her pussy. The problem is after each shot a girl takes she is allowed to clean the baby batter out of her vagina. It would have been much more dangerous and hot if the girl had to take all five loads with no clean up in between deliveries. I take away one star for this. Despite this, it's my understanding a couple of women were knocked up in the making of this series. The babes are hot in this movie and I take notes whenever Rene Pornero performs. I would love to achieve her level of slutiness.

 from Inseminated By 2 Black Men #1
Studio: Kick Ass

beautiful degradation

This is an interracial sexual fantasy. Three creamy skinned white woman Trista Post, Violet Blue, and Kayla Marie are each taken by force by two black men. As a soft white woman myself I've always fantasized about what it would feel like to be used and abused so I enjoyed watching these women being degraded. Violet Blue does the best acting job and the men taunt her unmercifully before and after shooting their impregnating black seed in her. Trista opens the movie and begs her two assailants to not do the deed. This inspires them all the more. They take her in a variety of positions including doggy and spoon and take turns pounding their soft white victim. However, my favorite was when they fucked her missionary. Trista's pretty white feet flail about helplessly in the air as the men relentlessly split her gorgeous pink muff. She begs them not to impregnate her, so, of course they unload their babies in her womb. Looking between Trista's creamy white thighs we see her perfect manicured fingers spreading the pink as the baby batter drips out of her. Beautiful!

 from Flesh Hunter #7
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

best pussy and ass in porn!!!

This is one of the best pornos we've ever seen. Four of the starlets are among the most successful performers in the business. A fifth, Kaylynn, gives up some of the nicest round booty you'll see. Powerful cocksman Lex Steele gets to pound her until her cheeks jiggle and wiggle uncontrollably. The movie opens with gorgeous Asian Luci Thai in a sexy white baby doll that would get an erection out of a dead man. Three guys fill all three opening openings simaltaneously. Luci seems to be thrilled with the attention. Long thick loogies of spit drip out of her dick-pounded mouth and coat her perfect titties. And the guys finish her with thick puddles of ball nut all over her beautiful face and the shots that miss coat her shoulders and chest. The cum bath drips on her milk wagons down her belly almost to her pussy. It was as sexy as any Peter North mug shot even though it took three of them to do it. Don't know if this movie was released at Halloween. Teagan is her usual vulnerable self playing little-red riding hood. Two guys with wolf masks deflower her. With her innocent looks Teagan has made a career of playing the virginal victim of lusty cock plundering. Teagan squeels in pain as she is sodomized and her facial expressions are grimaces of agony. Nice acting because you're not 100 percent sure it doesn't hurt. Guage is also in fine form plundered by Jules Jordan who bears an eerie resemblance to Frankenstein. He covers her face in horrifying monster cum. The acting and theme are okay but rent it for the biggest names in porn pounded and covered in man chowder!

 from Stretched Out Snatch #1
Studio: Digital Sin

soft and white, hard black domination

If you're a fan of watching creamy white-skinned girls like me pounded by black behemoths you should enjoy this. Yumi, the lone Asian in the flick, and Missy Monroe do their usual stellar job of taking black beef in their bellies. I liked the Deja Daire scene best. Watching her compliant milky white hips wiggle while Shane Diesel fucks her like a dog made me cream my panties. If you like watching pretty pale girls catching the pitches of a hung, virile black stud, you should like this.

 from Teen Dreams #10
Studio: New Sensations

put that thumb in my ass...

This a nice film with pretty good-looking women getting screwed. My boyfriend loves Nautica's exotic looks and pretty, soft and natural melons. She usually positions herself so she looks great getting fucked. Kacie is also an innocent-looking porn slut who knows how to take a dick. When she lays on her belly so the guy can use all his power to thrust, I took mental notes. I tried it out and it's a great position to allow your guy to channel all his strength and manhood into splitting your your wide pussy open. AS much as I enjoyed that scene, watching Mr. Pete getting his pecker in Myah's ass was even nicer. Myah looked great bent over surrendering her pussy and smooth, lovely butt cheeks. Then he begins opening her pooper by fingering it in and out while his cock continues to drill her pussy. Judging by the look on her face Myah was in heaven. She liked it even better when he began widening her ass with his cock. The cameraman got in a perfect position above the two lovers. You get to watch her pretty ass pointed up while Mr. Pete delightedly drills into it. At the same time you are treated to Myah's facial expressions and gasps of pleasure from the ass-fucking she's taking. Very nice couples movie!

 from Inseminated By 2 Black Men #4
Studio: Kick Ass

yes to black cock

None of the girls in this installment are beautiful, but they are sexy enough to make the scenes enjoyable. For white girls like me who love surrendering their pussies to black cocks, this movie should be enjoyable. Kelly Wells does her usual professional job. Lexi Ripca is cute, and her nicely proportioned body and pretty pink pussy gives the two black studs a very willing outlet for their lust and cum. Crissy Tyler is the cutest girl and has a slim lovely body and perfect creamy white skin. Both my boyfriend and I enjoyed watching her give it up. I kind of melted at the end when she begged her black lover to shoot his load deep inside her.

 from Cum Inside #1
Studio: Digital Sin

prisoners plow pussies!!!

The thick layers of eyeshadow and makeup makes it obvious the girls in this movie are all eastern bloc high priced hookers. All of them have beautiful bodies and a couple even have beautiful faces. The guys all look like they are escapees from the latest prison riot. That's a pretty potent porno combination. All the girls submissively take cock cramming the way any paid for sex worker does. The action is all for the pleasure of the guys and the girls are just beautiful receptacles for their lust. I particularly enjoyed the back door sex which was hot to watch whether the girls were getting it in the pussy or ass. The director shot the scenes in a way that really showcased the girls best assets. The cum shots were all plentiful and the camera seemed to capture every delightful drop shot into and on these whores. The sex certainly got my guy's cock pointing to the north star. The next time he returns from a trip and has a big load of cum for me, I'm hoping he nails me like he just escaped from cell block nine!

 from Craving Big Cocks #6
Studio: New Sensations

big hard dicks and soft little chicks!!!

Ben English, Mark Ashley and Shane Diesel are guys who make a good living fucking beautiful women. What a great job! Almost makes me wish I were a guy. Just kidding. Ben fucks Jazmine Byrne and she looks as good as I've ever seen her. Her body looks nice and and the camera work is good. Ben fucks her in ways and positions that really got me and my boyfriend worked up. Ben plowing her from behind was super stimulating. Watching Diesel drive it into Kimmie Kat missionary style really drove me crazy. Usually, cameramen capture the action from the guy's point of view. In this scene you see the action from the point of view of Kimmie on her back as Diesel drives into her. And you see what she sees as Diesel grabs her ass cheeks and lifts her pussy up to meet his meat stick. Mark Ashley is my favorite stud who isn't Lexington Steele or Mandingo. Every time I watch him I wish I were his beautiful conquest. Karina Kay is small and so soft and feminine. Both of us really enjoyed watching Mark stick it to her. My boyfriend loves thick, soft, white women who aren't fat, just delicate and perfect. Sunny Lane fits that description perfectly and he loves watching her getting fucked. Usually after seeing creamy soft Sunny get pounded, I know it wont be long before my belly is filled with cock and maybe a healthy serving of baby gravy. Or if he prefers to feed me seed by flooding my throat, my tummy is equally happy. Life sure is great being a creamy, little white girl!!! Thanks Sunny!!!

 from Big Bubble-Butt Cheerleaders
Studio: Evasive Angles

round perfect butts

The only thing boring about this movie is the guys shoot their load on the girl's bottoms. It is a butt movie, but as a girl who likes vile, salty ball juice in my mouth or on my face, that part of the movie came up short. But the selection of smooth round asses is breathtaking. I would love to own Julia Bond's smooth, thick ass. You can't help but be envious of Julia when she bends over and takes a long pecker all the way to the testicles in her belly. Tia Sweets is beautiful and has a gorgeous enviable booty as well. Misty and Victoria are also lovely. Ice La Fox was on the receiving end of the best stud service. The long black pole that penetrated her did justice to her lovely figure and burstable pussy. Ice seemed totally into the scene and must have wished the stud had shot his baby batter into her heavenly oven.

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