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All Reviews by boyfriend&girlfriend
 from Wicked Covergirls
Studio: Wicked

Hardly Could Stand Watching Any Of It

girlfriend says, "this movie was made in the 2000s but it looked like 80s quality. the outfits were awful, even on the good looking girls. the music in the background was distracting. everything was way too slow; i felt like it was an hour before any girls even took off their clothes in the first scene. it looked like a bad music video of butt rock." boyfriend says, "this one was truly that bad. i'm not sure how any of the producers would find this sexy. it was tacky looking and there was no sound other than terrible music. avoid it unless you want to fall asleep."

 from Without You
Studio: Wicked

Cinderella Porn

girlfriend says, "boyfriend was away so i'm the only one who has anything to say. i liked this porn. i thought the actresses were hot but also could act - keeping in mind that this is a porn. the plotline was perfect for females - a total cinderella story. good pic for couples."

 from Sweatshop
Studio: Wicked

Sweaty Stuff

disappointing. from the reviews, we thought it would be better than it was. girlfriend says, "the lead actress was hot. somehow i felt a little bad after watching a movie that mixed a real-life issue, like sweatshop labor, and sex. it was probably because it just wasn't very good." boyfriend says, "it made me sad that they couldn't get enough asian actresses, so a white girl or two had to adopt extremely fake asian accents. hell, even the asian actresses adopted fake asian accents. the theme of the movie was sort of depressing too, and the all-girl scene was just ridiculous. really corny with bad costumes. the plot, though depressing, was trying to be realistic and serious. it was sad to see sex in exchange for promises of bringing one's family to the united states. i did think the lead actress was hot and that some of the scenes were alright."

 from Fluff And Fold
Studio: Wicked

Great Movie!

we loved this movie! girlfriend: "this movie has it all - good looking actors/actresses, funny and romantic plot, believable sex with great chemestry, hot girl/girl action, and good production." boyfriend: "we loved it! i agree with everything my girlfriend said. especially hot were the girl/girl scene, and a scene involving a dildo stuck on the top of a washing machine. i thought the movie was great because it felt like a real film - good plot and acting. i don't have anything bad to say about it."

 from Ashton's Auditions
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Nothing Really Stands Out

girlfriend says, "nothing really stood out for me in this one. there were good looking girls. ashton is a big girl and not a very good actor, but i can't really hold that against her." boyfriend says, "ashton had a very bad boob job at one point. some of the scenes were okay, but overall, it wasn't as good as i wanted it to be. it was pretty cheesy at times. kinda bland, overall."

 from No Man's Land: Asian Edition #3
Studio: Video Team

Mixed Feelings

girlfriend says, "i didn't find the actresses very attractive. their acting was bad, for any females out there who care about that sort of thing." boyfriend says, "the acting was so bad it was funny. but i disagree with my girlfriend, i thought the sex and the actresses where hot!"

 from No Man's Land: Asian Edition #5
Studio: Video Team

Boyfriend Loved It

girlfriend says, "i'll let boyfriend describe it; he loved it. there was a costume sex party which i thought was fun." boyfriend says, "this movie is now one of my favorites! not necessarily all the hottest actresses - although many of them were quite hot - but very cool and lots of variety. there were some really long scenes that were different than anything i'd seen before; it was quite original. it was great."

 from Writer's Block
Studio: Wicked

Pretty Good (Unlike This Title)

girlfriend says, "i think this was a very good movie. it had a really authentic girl on girl scene which i appreciated and the plot was original but not unbelieveable. the only downer was a girl in one of the earlier sex scenes who had the most incredibly low voice i've ever heard. her moans were like thunder!" boyfriend says, "i liked the chemistry between the actors. the movie had some humor and didn't take itself too seriously. nothing too weird or strange in this one."

 from Getaway, The
Studio: Cal Vista

girlfriend says, "this movie had great looking actors and actresses and hot sex, and the premise of the movie (going on vacation) should have been an easy one to get across. but there was such a weird vibe. i kind of felt like they were trying to achieve nirvana or something. the main character kept reflecting out loud and communicating her newfound insights." boyfriend says, "definately hot girls in this movie. the plot was pretty basic but served as a good excuse for the sex. some of the scenes were quite good. the lead actress had a funny voice that was kind of distracting but you might find it cute - sort of a lisp. sometimes it got a little weird, like when the actress was sitting in the lotus position, meditating, with tons of candles around her. overall, though, i thought it was pretty good and definatley good for couples."

 from Babes Illustrated #11
Studio: Cal Vista

The 80S Called - They Want Their Porn Back

girfriend says, "i was a fetus in the 1985 but if i had been watching porn then, i would have been watching this movie. but if that turns you on, whatever. the 80s movie, that is, not me being a fetus." boyfriend says, "some good looking actresses but why did it look like an 80s soap opera? and the music was horrible, and it almost totally masked the sound of the actresses."

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