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All Reviews by anymajordude
 from Barefoot Confidential #22
Studio: Kick Ass

Another decent outing in the Latina porn department but like so many of the others is never beyond just average, nothing to make it a really good skin flick. Like one of the other reviews said, the behind the scenes might actually be worth watching first as its a pretty good intro to these girls and had some of the interviews been cut into the actual film, even just a minute or two of them, it might have pushed the movie past mediocre. The real problem here is that these girls, are pretty indistinguishable from each other. Thats not a racist comment (especially seeing that I am of Mexican descent)it's just the truth. The girls hair, tits and on screen personalities are pretty much the same, another reason why the interviews should have been part of the film proper. The final scene was probably the hottest as the girl seems to be the most into it and is probably the newest cummer. Her interview was pretty sexy (panty flashing naughtiness)and made her a bit hotter on the whole. The first girl is billed as Ryan Fuentes but should be noted is now more popularly known as Nadia Styles and the girl knows how to bone but the scene starts and ends so quickly that its hard to get into it. Same for the middle scenes which sort of run together as the same thing. John West is always good for a laugh with his whole "'roided out" schtick (small dick/giant muscles) but over all this one is pretty lackluster. Great if you love the Latinas (and I can hardly resist) but definitely leaves you wanting a little something more.

 from South American Pie #3
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Pretty blatant false advertising here. None of these girls really had voluptuous Brazillian bodies and all were pretty boring to watch. The only worthwhile girl is the one on the cover, and her name is Jessica Drake--not even a South American name(Though she did have the nicest ass). Watch out for the especially heinous guys in the film but really you shouldn't bother. Spend your time on something truer to its title.

 from Kill Girl Kill #2
Studio: VCA

Pretty dissapointing overall. Just having a funky score and some girls with tattoos and fishnets does not mean you have an interesting movie and normally I would like that but the sex, in the end, was pretty standard. One thing that is good is the lack of music towards the middle of the scenes...the sound of fucking is much hotter than a synthy-sounding sample.

 from Big Natural Tits #2
Studio: Big Top

Not an especially remarkable offering but neither is it is a total snooze. If you avoid the dreadful last scene and the "extras" then you get a pretty solid fuck film: the upside being the girls have nice, natural tits. The first two scenes with Brandy and Melissa, respectively, are the strongest with the masturbation sequences really nice and not long enough. Both girls are really into it and fuck like champs. That combined with the guys being non-agressive makes for a relatively gross out free(therefore couple friendly)porn experience. Cassandra is probably the best looking of the bunch but seems a little unsure of herself and therefore slightly less interesting. All around a very suprisingly safe and entertaining outing if you are fan of the big tit genre.

 from Blazed & Confused
Studio: Shane's World

Pretty interesting for an adult film. Especially entertaining if one is stoned to begin with. The host, Penny Flame, is amusing if not just a touch annoying but the real star here is probably Roxy Jezel who is both energetic and engaging. Also, watch for the scene shot in Golden Gate Part, pretty bold for a sex in public affair.

 from Chicks & Salsa #3
Studio: 3rd Degree

What a YAWN fest. There is virtually nothing to recommend about this title. So much potential with some OK-looking ladies (Nadia Styles is the hottest but even she was haggard looking in this one) that is wasted with lame setups, lazy cameraman, bad orgasm fakes and a general "we seriously want to ream you for the money" attitude. Dissapointing, boring and a total hack job --STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!!!!

 from Prom Team #2
Studio: American Hardcore

Normally, I'd be bitching about the fact that there are only three scenes on this disc--one of them being a bonus BJ scene--but the first scene with Sasha Knox and Sierra Sinn is pretty good and is nearly an hour long. My suggestion would be to watch the not bad BJ bonus scene, then the behind the scenes featurette in which we learn what a real slut Miss Knox is and this makes her sweat-drenched, foul-mouthed escapades that much more enjoyable. Skip the second scene, it's a dud.

 from Pretty Little Latinas #8
Studio: Third World Media


The title is "PRETTY Little Latinas". Not "Latinas with Hatchet Faces" or "Pretty Gross Looking Latinas". Not one redeeming quality to this poorly produced and pretty revolting collection of not even close to porn star quality girls. I felt bad for them but I feel even worse for you if you rent don't. Pros: Not a fucking thing except for maybe when I hit the eject button.

 from Papi-Seed
Studio: Smash

WARNING: Unsuspecting porn watchers should know that there are two things about this movie you should know going in. The first is that the scene with Kat, who is cute, feautures ceaseless DP closeups and the single grossest gape shot I have ever seen and second that most of the DVD is just plain boring. Meagan Martinez, the box cover girl, is also cute but just wasn't bringing her game to this show. She seems bored and maddeningly dull for her whole scene. Kat's scene is good if you're into gagging, DP's and buttholes that look like ulcerated wounds. The final three scenes have girls that range from mildly cute to plain gross but were so unremarkable that I can't remember who was who in their respective scenes. Once again, dissapointment reigns in the world of Latina porn. The cliche is supposed to be that they are spicy and passionate lovers but apparently that equation does not translate porn. Pros: cute girls, all action Cons: gaping orifices with no warning, boring sex

 from Rebelle Rousers, The
Studio: Vivid-Alt

The concept is where it's at here. The whole retro look is well executed and adds a certain realism that helps some of the weaker scenes. The hottest is the first with Kimberly Kane and Nadia Styles in a story of a good debutante gone wrong and done hard. The shoe in the mouth is not my cup of rough tea but Kane's shuddering orgasm is the icing. Unfortunately the requisite "Asian" girl looks like a trannie and the threesome with two Confederate belles and a black guy with a Confederate Flag belt buckle is ruined by unnecessary whoo-hooing by one of the girls. Most of the girls are passably good looking and it's just plain entertaining porn.

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