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All Reviews by Zam
 from Talk Dirty To Me #12
Studio: Dreamland

a sadly typical porn movie with an attempted plot. the only way the movie advanced the plotline was to have the main male lead talk to some other minor male character for agonizing minutes. luckily we have fast-forward on dvds. the women were okay, but none of them seemed very excited. in the lesbian finale, the two women seemed almost asleep. so-so sex and a worthless plot. the usual mixture of sex acts, some straight, some anal, some lesbian. if you want "dirty talk", they have a few phone calls but nothing much during the actual sex.

 from Grrl Power! #2
Studio: Kick Ass

Good Entry In A Nice Series

This is a pretty good series filled for the most part with pretty young girls. Most of the girls here were long and lean. I forgot how nice Jamie Lynn is. There is always a story set-up for each of the scenes. The negative here is that some of the set-ups were basically sex for drugs, but hey, this isn't oriented towards 18 year old female viewers so I could ignore it. I am not a big fan of Gauge like many other are, but her scene was definitely the most original. She had a very long anal scene, with a lot of pumping and thrusting into her ass. Then she actually did a handstand while the guy took her from behind, and the scene ended with an internal anal cumshot. I suspect this is the scene most viewers will remember from the movie, but several of the other scenes are decent as well.

 from 18 And Nasty #11
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Good Dvd

decent video with a nice scene to start. mirage was very nice, big natural breasts, cute face w/dimples, and a good sex scene including anal. the anal part looked like it was a new experience for her. tera did not do anal despite what the video description might imply. she had a kinky scene, sort of like the old pre-pc days of porn. if you're into throat grabbing, hair pulling, male dominant sort of scenes this could be for you. it isn't quite my style, but tera seemed to be into it. the scene with the tiny girl was a little scary. definitely the "barely legal" part of the video. it was an anal scene but the video didn't show her tits for some reason. the atm part of the scene clearly grossed her out. that was some serious anal for a tiny girl.

 from Ass Freaks #2
Studio: West Coast

Low Class Porn

Don't waste your time. The women were well-worn and not very pretty and seemed bored out of their mind, just waiting to get done so they can cash their checks.

 from A Woman's Xpertise (La Femme Experte)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

it is a pretty good movie. it certainly has a lot more atmosphere than the normal porno. i'd compare it to the "private gold" movies in terms of the european deluxe style with "luxurious mansion, nice cars, nice clothes". the plot was understandable and even mildly interesting, outstanding by porno terms. the sex is hardcore, including anal and dp. none of the girls were ugly. the cover girl monica cameron isn't the main character in the movie, just the nicest looking. the movie is dubbed in english.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #12: Juliana Kincaid
Studio: Kick Ass

Good Compilation Of Juliana

If you like Juliana Kincaid, you'll like the movie. I liked her, so I liked the movie.

 from My Major Is Sexology
Studio: Smash

Week Compilation Move

I got the movie because Allysin Chaynes was on the cover. It turns out her scene was from Kelly the Coed 7 so I'd already seen it. She was too skinny. Actually, KTC7 was a pretty good movie because of the other girls so I'd recommend it. This compilation on the other hand you can forget about. I didn't really see a good scene in the whole movie. This is one of those DVDs you may pick up for 5 bucks at the adult movie store. Don't bother to rent it.

 from Rebecca & Friends Exposed
Studio: Nasty Pixxx

I liked it because it has two of my favorites, Allysin Chaynes and Monica Cameron. It wasn't either of their best scenes, but okay if you're a fan. Allysin was in her too-skinny phase for one thing. Other than that, a straightforward average porno. If you like the girls, go ahead. If you're not a fan of these girls in the movie, get something else.

 from College Invasion #4
Studio: Shane's World

Sexy And Interesting

I am not a fan at all of reality TV, but this was just fun. The girls got to actually show personality rather than just spreading their legs. I liked it best when the girls were partying with the amateurs. Some (all) of the guys were really drunk and nervous and some couldn't perform, but it was great seeing the girls giving their best effort. This was a long movie, over 2 1/2 hours. Several scenes had the girls going with the pros, so there is the usual hard-core. No anal or anything. Check out the extras. The crew was filming while they were staying overnight at a hotel, and they almost got into a fight with the other guests.

 from Pleasures Of The Flesh #7
Studio: New Sensations

Pretty Girls, Not Much Heat

Pretty girls for the most part, some very pretty. There didn't seem to be much heat, it was like the girls were just cashing a paycheck. Maybe it could be a couple's movie, as the dvd movie quality is good and the girls are certainly prettier than average.

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