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All Reviews by Yordim
 from Screw My Wife Please #50 (Disc 1)
Studio: Wildlife

They Could Have Done So Much More

I am a huge fan of this series it breaks my heart to see them do 50 so poorly. I really love the idea of an orgy. However none of the girls have any contact with each other. Not my idea of an orgy. Next complaint is thats alot of dick. Usually there is an eeven ratio of cock to twat . So that if two guys want to service one girl there is a free girl to eat pussy. Not so in this one every shot is the same one girl two to three dicks. Gets a little monotonous with that much tube steak in the frame. Don't get me wrong this series has put out some amazing work. I however simply do not think this is one of Bobbi renaldi's finest work. I see he has continued using the split frame effect that has been prevelent in previous episodes. However in this one it works giving you more of the action. However it only shows you so many girls and oh so much more cock.

 from Screw My Wife Please #51 (Disc 1)
Studio: Wildlife

Not Up To Par

This installment of screw my wife is simply not up to par with some of the fine work this series has put out in the past. To begin with there is only one cute girl in the whole dvd. She would be on scene 4. As they use the mr and mrs moniker i have no idea what her name is. The next problem i have is that the series has not progressed. It has gotten stale. They have tried to spice it up with a new editor. Point they are using a split screen effect to more effectivly represent the footage they get with two cameras. Saddly it is not enough save the slot and rent some of the early screw my wife with the magic still intact