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All Reviews by Wow
 from Bottom Dweller: The Final Voyage
Studio: Elegant Angel

Took The Prize

This was "THE" worst movie I have ever rented. I think I finally fast-forward through the whole debacle. Film was low-quality, action was lame at best, and actresses were less than attractive in this one. Noone caught my interest. I would not waste my time.

 from Rain Coater's Point Of View #1
Studio: Red Light District

Good, Decent.. Want More Lolly

Lolly is amazing, and has exotic looks and luscious lips, beautiful breasts, and an.. to die for. I wish there were more movies with her, and what I would not give to see her in anal! She looks great here. Taylor is always a pleaser. It would be silly to mention how willing and eager she is. She is always amazing, and a jaw and pants dropper. I gave it 3 for the two amazing actresses mentioned. The rest were watchable and nice warmers but did not bring the fire.

 from Hardcore Training #4
Studio: Red Light District

Nice, But So So

I wont complain, good anal action and love goes to the many euro's doin' it. It is erotic, but doesn't bring the fire.

 from Tease Me Then Please Me #1
Studio: Platinum X

Give It Anal, But Bore

How is there this much talent and it is "so, so". I am a Michelle B fan, and Teagan has some unforgetable. But this was a blip on the radar. I give 3 for anal by all, but the scenes were typical and boring. Maybe great if hoping to see anal, but those used to this, would switch to more options. All was "typical" and generic. Girl tease, anal, next. Not exciting..

 from I've Never Done That Before #8
Studio: Wildlife

I Am Going All In!!!

I have to go all 5 stars, because I have not made it past the first scene without losing it. I do not have to see the rest to do the trick. Daisy does her first and only anal! Very beginning of her career (so sad).. Normally, tats are like condoms for me and can ruin some of my interest. I have also seen quite a few movies, so it really takes something to "move me". Daisy does it, and did it very well. She looks genuinely enthusiastic and pained by the whole thing, but she is incredible. Petite, dirty, wants it to end soon, but looks amazing with every second and all inches. If only they all were all this genuine. 2 thumbs and more, straight up! Great and a must!

 from Young Asian Cookies Dripping Cum #6
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

How Sweet Is A Cookie Made Of Crap

This was aweful. Spare your time and rental. I am eager for great things from Jade and Maylene, but even they could not save this loaf. It is terrible. No eager beavers, no anal, barely a real screw. Lame to the brink of boredom. Gave 2 only for the headliners of Jade and Michelle. What a waste..

 from New Trix #4
Studio: Zero Tolerance


Newfound love for Rebeca Linares. Haven't seen her backdoor take meat, but she did in this and whimpered nicely in a DP. She is beautiful and dangerous. The rest also great, and only a star off because Linaras outshined and made me forget others so I can say others stood out.

 from Hot Wife Rio's Lurid Distractions
Studio: Old Pueblo

Hot Hot Hot

I have to agree with Professor. Hot Wife Rio is amazing! Her movies have all the qualities of a sexy latina (Brazilian), Hot Milf, and personal touch of feeling like it is a well-shot, homemade movie. SMOKIN' body, and she aims to please. I would love to see more DVD's of Rio. Amazing!!!!

 from Pretty Little Latinas #3
Studio: Third World Media

Could Have Been Fantastic

If you love latinas, you will see beautiful senoritas here.. Problem is.. 3 out of 4 use condoms. What a way to bring down the room. Gave it 2 stars for the ladies, lost 3 for the enjoyment of seeing passionate beautiful women taking away the moment and feeling. Obvious condom throughout.

 from Hey Gang! Teach Me To Bang! #2
Studio: Legal Pink


Promises, Promises... This is lame. I do not know how a teen bang can be lame, but they managed. It was boring and like "watching grass grow". Couple of nice shots of tang, but "limp" all the way. Nothing special.

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