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All Reviews by Wife Lover
 from Raw
Studio: VCA

Ok Only...

Two stars because of the ok story. The sex was ok too but nothing special. Watched it with my wife who loves to give oral and she was turned on at about a 5 out of 10. Try it if you want but I'll continue the quest for the best.

 from Submission
Studio: Wicked

too much "submission"

If you like couples movies and your wife has a weakness for 1 on 1 or maybe 2 on 1 and doesn't appreciate the demeaning of women, forget this one. She has nice full breasts and there's a very horny scene with another woman but all in all, pass on this one if you're a couples couple.

 from Sex On Film
Studio: Wicked

Class My A**

This one was ok. Just another average couples movie. My wife and I love couples movies, don't get me wrong, but this just wasn't what we were looking for. We want something that is very sexy, slow love making, wet and triple horny. Just ok, try it at least once.

 from Make It A Triple
Studio: Wicked

Triple Star Movie

Many horny scenes. I watched it alone and climaxed nicely. I watched it with my wife and she just couldn't keep me out of her eager mouth. You'll get off on it too but I wouldn't say it was a full blown couples movie. I almost suspect I expect to much from a movie for it to be a couples movie but not.

 from Writer's Block
Studio: Wicked


I chose not to even have my wife view it. She trusts me that it wasn't that horny. Same ole',same ole'. Nice boobs and jerky story. Hold off.

 from Three-Way Thriller
Studio: Wicked

Three Way Ok.

I won't give anything that doesn't make my wife moan with desire anything more than a 3 star rating. This one almost did it. Don't get me wrong we still got it on big time but it didn't provoke the raw animal in us. Maybe it'll do it for you. Worth one rental anyway.

 from Womb Raiders
Studio: Wicked

Womb Is No Couples Movie.

We stick with couples movies and my wife and I didn't really like this one. I wouldn't mind watching it alone to get ready for my wife's entrance to our love workshop but as far as a together movie, I'd leave this one alone.

 from Blow Me Sandwich #7
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Don't Bother...

Scenes were poorly done and I didn't even show it to the wife. End of story. I've seen it all before and wanted something new, but didn't get it here.

 from Forever Stormy
Studio: Wicked

Stormy Is Right...

Stormy is ok. Nice rack. Still, nothing spectacular. I wouldn't rent it again. Nothing sticks out in my mind as far as heart throbbing, blood gourging sexyness. Back to the rental lineup for me.