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All Reviews by Westcoast
 from Cum Fart Cocktails #3
Studio: Red Light District


This may be the nastiest, dirtiest porn series, ever. I don't know how they get hot girls to sign up for these acts, but hey, it's pretty awesome!!! My only issues with this particular edition is that i hate seeing more than 1 guy. To me, the less guys, the better. I didn't like the fake screams, and that there weren't true anal creampies... Overall all though, a great production!

 from Black Dicks In Asian Chicks #2
Studio: Red Light District

Good Solid Rental

A-list asians, and some good fucking. There were a good number of anal scenes too. These veterans put on a good show and they looked like they were enjoying their work too...

 from Jenna Haze: Dark Side (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Times Have Changes

This film was made in 2006. I'm writing this review in 2012. Interestingly, her acts were "tame" by today's standards. Jenna Haze is always good, but there's nothing over the top by 2012 porn standards

 from Teenage Twins
Studio: VCX

Classic Cheese

If you want a blast from the past, or want to see how far porn has come, watch this one! The acting is HORRIBLE, the lines producest more cheese than Kraft, and the music was classic porn!!! Did i mention super hairy bushes! Its 70s porn that'll make you laugh all the way through!

 from Asian Mayhem
Studio: Tightfit


The scene with Loni was really good, but other than that, the camera angles were terrible, the lighting was bad, and the girls looked disinterested. I recommend a pass on this

 from Black InvAsian #2
Studio: Vengeance XXX

Not Bad, Just OK

The scene with Arcadia was by far, the best, followed by Marcela. The rest was very pedestrian, run of the mill sex. I've seen better, I've seen worse. Not a bad rent,but nothing special.

 from Babelicious (Disc 1)
Studio: Smash


The first scene with Mya Diamond was pretty hot, but the rest was very average porn...

 from Sex & Revenge #1
Studio: Private


The first scene was awesome, but the movie really tapered off after that. Very vanilla sex, typical positions... Not a must see, but if you get it, focus on the first scene; the rest is stuff you've seen before, just different faces

 from Hungry Asses
Studio: Private

So-So Film

the opening scene was AWESOME, which is why i gave it 3 stars, but every scene after that, well, let me put it like this, too many dicks and not enough chicks... women will definitely like this more than a normal guy

 from Bangkok Suckee Fuckee #3
Studio: Third World Media

Good, not great

If you like the tiny asian physique, then you'll probably like this movie. Nothing really special about it though, just sex with random girls in various positions. The girls were cute, except one... I don't know what they were thinking with her... All in all, its an OK rent.

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