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All Reviews by Westcoast
 from Asian Street Hookers #25
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Good, not great

Good, descent flick. Nothing over the top. Cute, petite girls. Not a must see, but you won't be disappointed

 from Angel X (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked


I must have missed something because I found this movie to be a real snoozer. The movie had a lot of potential, but the director focused too much on "art" than porn. Skip this

 from There's Something About Jack #21
Studio: West Coast

Slightly Above Average

The girls were all above average. The first 3 scenes were actually pretty good, and the last scene brought down the quality of the whole film, but 3 out of 4 ain't bad, right? The only issue I had was with Jack himself. He should just not talk because he sounds like an idiot. Yes, he's banging some pretty girls, but I think if it weren't for porn, his goofy ass would never get laid. Finally, the film quality was low budget, but this is porn, which tends to be low budget. Overall, not a bad rent, but not a must see either

 from Improper Conduct
Studio: Wicked

Missed Opportunity

this was a good porn "movie". great acting, good sex scenes, but i think the director missed some opportunities to show off the girls bodies. why are women still wearing underwear when having sex? take it off! this was good but could've been better is all i'm saying...

 from Mission To Uranus
Studio: Seymore Butts

Oldie but a Goodie

If you know anything about Alisha Klass and/or Seymour Butts, then you know there gonna be a lot of anal sex, and extreme, highly intense screwing. This may be old, but it's still really good!

 from Ass Cleavage #4
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Good, but...

OK, so all the girls are hot and sexy, etc... kinda what one would expect right? My problem w/the movie was that the dudes didn't know how to handle such a hot piece of ass. They were moaning louder than the girls... chumps

 from Asia Noir #3
Studio: Video Team


At first I was like, "What the hell is this?", but then I was like, "hmmm, this is actually pretty good." Bottom line, the girls are HOT with those tight little asian bodies, and the sex scenes are nice and long. The camera angles are kinda funky, and the music is atypical for porn. Definitely a break from your average porno; albeit, a very good break. I recommend it with, and suggest, you keep an open mind. I would've given this my coveted 5 star rating, but there were no anal scenes. There were so many scenes begging for anal, where the girls ass is right up against the camera, its was just disappointing not to have had anal there. Overall, every scene was good; a good rent, and well worth the time.

 from Asia Noir #2
Studio: Video Team


How can a porn movie with so much talent be so pitiful??? Waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much oral sex; if the movie is 90 minutes, about 60 mins was oral or other non-sex garbage. And its that's not enough, the lighting was terrible! Don't the directors know that they can't film people of color having sex in a dimly lit room. Maybe that was the intent, but either way, it was bad. I definitely recommend a PASS.

 from Paradise of Japan #11
Studio: Oriental Dream

Watched in 15 Minutes

Don't waste your time. I ffw'd through the entire flick... there were brief moments of interest, but overall, a waste of a rental

 from Artcore: Toilet Girl
Studio: Anabolic

Good, But...

This film was just OK... To me, there were too many scenes where the men out numbered the women, and that's a problem. Also, the first 20 minutes was all dick sucking... BORING... it was just OK. I recommend a pass

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