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All Reviews by WalterEgo
 from Debbie Does Dallas
Studio: VCX

Great movie!

A pleasure! Nice girls, real boobs, some puffies, real bush, good cocks, good cumshots. A plot! Whereas so much of the current porn is all the same an not at all sexy, this film is arousing. Old school does it right!

 from Scale Bustin Babes #17
Studio: Rodney Moore

A winner

Nice, normal looking girls. Rodney does a great job getting the girl next door to give it up. Denise, British, gorgeous face, huge boobs and great nipples. Andrea, bigger than usual for Rodney, nice to see his tongue in her ass. Roxy – all shot in one take, and give up her ass. Tyloo takes a nice load on her face, though would have liked to seen her pussy get some action. Solid Rodney, nice big girls. A winner.

 from Horny Hairy Girls #5
Studio: Rodney Moore

Good disk. Well above average.

Some great vignettes. The first girl has a fantastic bush. Later, we get a cream pie - unusual for Rodney. The other scenes are less consistent - but overall this is well worth it. There is some gorgeous pussy in this movie.

 from Squirtwoman #3
Studio: Elegant Angel

Better than average

Plusses: Cytherea's pops are what get this 4 stars - this movies is average in most other ways. Good squirting (Cytherea has a talent - will definitely be checking out more of her stuff), cute girls, decent sex scenes, some attempt at a story. Minuses: Typical fake porn dialog during the sex scenes – but not maddening so.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #22
Studio: Rodney Moore

Cute girls, needs more pussy

This disk starts off great with Voluptuous Maddy. She is fun, and beautiful. Only drawback here – he doesn’t fuck her. The other girls are cute too – Caroline Pierce has a great ass, but we don’t get any of her pussy – all oral, and after a while that gets old. Dandi’s solo scene was pretty good – a nice pregnant girl plays with her pussy – great labia, nipples, and butt - what’s not to like? Kara Nox is cute and fun. Mistress River was tedious at the beginning, and eventually they settle into an oral scene – okay, but not great. Overall, cute girls, mostly having fun and playful, but would have liked more pussy in this one.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #23
Studio: Rodney Moore


One of Rodney’s best. The scene with Tru is great – she is completely gorgeous, and fun. Very hot. And, the scene with Tatum Reed – fun, and delicious. She gives up her ass, and is also beautiful. The scenes with Rowan and Devyn Devine were good Rodney fare – not his best, but still good. And a very pregnant Alyssa West. Serious boob, and a gorgeous gaping hairy pussy.

 from Nina Hartley's Guide To Better Cunnilingus
Studio: Adam & Eve

Well worth it if you want to tune your skills

Starts with an anatomy lesson, which isn’t a bad idea to review. Nina does a great job of explaining where to look for your lady’s sweet spots. The demonstrations were good. I liked the approach of her husband, talking about his mental/spiritual approach to eating pussy – fine if that’s not your thing, but I’ve found women really get off harder when you’re into it as opposed to when you’re just going through the motions. Nice to see the demo girl getting off, that was pretty hot. Production quality isn’t top notch, but if you want to tune your skills, well worth it.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #25
Studio: Rodney Moore

Not Rodney’s best work – the series may be getting tired.

Chrystal Rose – the highlight of the disc. Pretty girl, great boobs; a good scene. As for the rest of the scenes, there were moments, but not many. Scene with “Voluptuous Maddy” and Elektra falls flat mostly, but picks up at the end. Maddy and Rodney have done much better work than this. The scene with Devyn Devine spends way too much time on dildo sucking – that does nothing for me. Gets better when she finally does herself with the toy. Leah Stevenson is gorgeous, but remarkably unenthusiastic. Couple that with Rodney’s campy “doctor” routine, and it just turns out to be tacky. Brooklyn is nicely pregnant and has great nipples and a great pussy, but not real enthused about the scene either. Bottom line – there are much better discs in the series than this one.

 from Older Squirting Lesbians #2
Studio: FilmCo

Too much fake *everything*

Fake tits. Fake squirts. Fake moaning. A couple of girls looked like they had a good cum, but mostly it was tedious. Some nice ass licking scenes, and Deauxma has a nice pop.

 from Nina Hartley's Guide To Female Ejaculation
Studio: Adam & Eve

Great film for introducing your girl to squirting

Good overview, explanation, and demonstration of female ejaculation – best I’ve seen aside from Fanny Fatale’s “Finding Your G-Spot”. This is a great film for introducing your girl to squirting if she’s not done it, without setting up a bunch of performance expectations. Nina Hartley is an excellent choice to host this film – she’s sexually experienced, and yet admits repeatedly that she has never ejaculated, which I think would lead women to feel more at ease if they are unable to squirt like some girls in the movies. The demo with Anna Mills was fun and informative. And hot – Anna Mills is just delicious, and she and Nina have great chemistry. The couple scene and the bonus scene are expendable.

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