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All Reviews by Vghost
 from 10 Little Asians #2
Studio: Third World Media

Bad Bad Bad

I have eliminated this series from my rental list. It is just a bunch of guys making girls pee and a lot of phony moaning. Every now and then there is a good scene but for the most part there are a lot of ok girls with a lot of assholes who no nothing about pleasing a woman.

 from Breaking Condoms
Studio: Oriental Dream


Girls were ok and the sex was adequate. Probably would not rent it again. Would like a lot more pussy eating in the movies I rent.

 from Paradise of Japan #3
Studio: Oriental Dream


I am a person who knows what he likes and there were parts of this movie that I really liked namely girl #2, not your typical Asian girl but very good indeed. The 1st girl was ok but her pussy was really dry and looked painful to her, would probably rent it again in a few years.

 from Juicy Creampies #2
Studio: AMA

Another Sub Standard Movie

Why don't they want to fuck girls when they are ready. These girls were dry as a bone. It was painful for me to watch thank god they came inside them because that was a the only lubrication there was.

 from Teen Philippine! #1
Studio: Asia Bootleg

Lousy Movie

This had to be the worst movie with the prettiest girls I have ever rented. What is this assholes name that fucks these girls like he's fucking a blow-up doll. What a prick. Since I rented this movie I have seen another one in this series and it was just as bad. I have taken the other movies from this series off my list.

 from Babes In Thailand #1
Studio: Asia Bootleg


A lousy movie this guy went to the orient got a few hookers and made some movies.

 from Teen Philippine! #2
Studio: Asia Bootleg


This movie is lousy they should have hired someone who knows how to fuck pretty girls

 from Japanese Amateurs Uncovered #3
Studio: Third World Media


I liked this movie the girls were good looking and it was not your typical Asian movie were they just seem like they are trying to just degrade the girls which I don't like. They actually seemed to enjoy the sex. I just don't like to listen to the girls. They all must go to Asian moaning school, because if you are not actually watching the movie they all sound the same. Usually a pained sort of moan. I always watch with the sound off.