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All Reviews by Vanilla
 from Homegrown Video #586
Studio: Homegrown Video


This was fun. It had normal people having fun with the camera and each other. No story line, but sometimes that's fine.

 from Backseat Confidential
Studio: Wicked


This movie boasts that the porn star wrote the script. Yeah, you can tell. Zero imagination, zero plot. Boring. Bypass this one.

 from Western Nights
Studio: Wicked


while the storyline and "action" were decent, they were both overshadowed by a character named roscoe. his awful jerry lewis impression ran throughout the entire movie and made me want to shut it off. i ended up fast-forwarding through all of his scenes.

 from Housewives
Studio: Wicked


It was okay, kind of dull. It looked as though the actors were bored. So yeah, blah.

 from Camp Cuddly Pines: Powertool Massacre (Disc 2)
Studio: Wicked


Be aware that this DVD is full of extras from Disc 1. It is not a feature film. However, it was still entertaining but you might want to rent it AFTER you have seen Disc 1.