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All Reviews by Ursa74
 from Sex Machines #2
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

If You Dig Watching Women React...

Incredibly basic DVD. Same machine through the whole video. One guy with a camera and the controls. Loud machine noise throughout. Occasional (I thought endearing) technical difficulties. Still absolutely fucking fabulous. I love curvier women, and they're well represented here, the orgasms are plentiful and real, real, real, and there's lots of focus on the women's faces as they build toward them, too. As a woman who loves intensity, I could absolutely identify with this one, and bought it before I'd even gotten through the first scene. Also lots of laughing and grinning, and a bit of friendly chatter. Casual, and real, and remarkably sexy.

 from Owen Hawk: Unleashed
Studio: Dark Alley Media


I was underwhelmed by Leatherpunks, by the same director, but this one had exactly the elements I was missing there. The audio is good and the performers are enthusiastic, with good chemistry. I particularly enjoyed the two gang-bang scenes.

 from Leatherpunks
Studio: Dark Alley Media

Oddly Dull

For being a lot of perfectly attractive guys having a lot of sex, this one was oddly dull. I think a lot of what killed it for me was the relative lack of audible reaction to anything -- just a lot of banging away without being able to tell who's enjoying what just isn't all that interesting to me.

 from Bi Apple, The
Studio: Adam & Eve

Honest, Real, And Fun.

I love seeing the porn that's coming out of the indie/queer/feminist community, and this one is a good example; I enjoyed it a great deal. It's got a good focus on real sex that obviously wasn't stopped every two minutes for camera adjustments (this does mean occasional unfortunate shadows and background noise, but I found that trade-off totally worth it). The whole movie does have a rather friendly, relaxed, honest feel to it (although the dialogue is sadly just as stilted as in any porn), and it's a very nice smorgasboard of different pairing preferences. Its more natural timelines make me feel like it's really best-suited to watching with a partner, rather than as hardfastnow wank material, but I don't see that as a bad thing.