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All Reviews by Uncle-John
 from Devil In Miss Jones, The
Studio: VCX


This is THE MASTERPIECE OF PORN!!! Quality from top to bottom. The only hard-core porn movie (and yes, it is hard-core.)that I have ever been proud to take a date to see.(Back when they were on the big screen) I loved it in 1973 & I love it today. Even the music stays with you. PLEASE! SEE WHAT PORN CAN BE!!!

 from Where The Girls Sweat #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Mr 7 at his almost good

Bruce Seven was a master of the all-girl/lots of anal genre. Butt this one is only sorta-good; he has done much better at times. Still, with all due respect, he was a true master.

 from Old Grannies Young Panties #3
Studio: Heatwave

great concept - weak rendition

I agree, substantively, with previous reviewer(Sexical); 5 star idea, weakly done. The 1st GILF: very attractive, but needs skills, 2nd & 3rd GILF have some skills; they need competant partners. Youngsters - all very poor. And, lastly, a "short subject" is not a movie. Please could we please put this great concept in competant hands.

 from Old Grannies Young Panties #2
Studio: Heatwave

Best I've seen in this category

Actors seem "into it". First two scenes are very sexy and include nice anal play which contributes to, & makes it even more sexy. Young girls are quite pretty, & seem to find pleasure in & with their partners.

 from Buttwoman Does Budapest
Studio: Elegant Angel

Depends what you like

Tianna is a master(or should we say mistress) of her craft. Butt, I think her best stuff is girl/girl(a personal preference). This movie was a mix of g/g & boy/girl - if you like a mixed grouping, this is a very good oldie for you & I say yes, rent it.

 from Enema Debutantes #1
Studio: Bizarre Video

Very Week Rendition Of Enemas

The believability that anyone received an enema in this movie was aproxiamatly similar to the believability of a "cops and robbers" movie where the bad guys hold out their index finger and say, "bang-bang";clearly not the real thing.

 from Pussy Party #12: Anal Mimosas
Studio: Pure Play

Very good & a bonus

In general, a very good rendition of the "all girl - lots of anal" genre. The anal mimosas were a delightful bonus. If this is your genre, you will like this one. Only grievance - Cousin Stevie should stay behind camera; he brakes the mood.

 from Tushy Girl Lost
Studio: Seymore Butts

3 aces= good hand

3 of my favorites in this movie (Kylie, Jessie, & Mc Kayla). I rented it for the girl/girl part, which was VERY GOOD - butt if you like the boy/girl stuff, I got'ta admit that Seymore has a darn good schawtz on him.

 from 3 Hours Of Wild Bill's Big Ladies
Studio: Big Top

NOT much gir/girl!

Mostly just really fat girls with GUYS( not w/girls). If you are a girl/girl fan, DON"T be misled by the category they assinged to this. Also,it did not deserve any stars for any reason - not only because it was mis-categorized. But, in all fairness, this is the first time I have found "SugarDVD" way off the mark; for most of the movies here the category thing has been right on correct.

 from Blow It Out Your Ass #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Real enemas

Generally I don't watch boy/girl or boy/boy for that matter. (not my thing) Butt, real enemas are scarce on film. If they remake this girl/girl I will buy 4 copies. (in case the first 3 wear out)

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