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All Reviews by Ultra Classic
 from 3 Hours Of Big Tit Blowjobs #1
Studio: Big Top

Not Much Of A Classic

If you are looking for Christy, don't bother. This is full of mostly current stuff, and a few old clips.

 from Teenage Cruisers
Studio: VCX

Cruisers Is A Crash

This is very early stuff. The scenes were shot very poorly, probably with hand held, cheap cameras. But, if you like raw video, you may like it. Pass on this one.

 from Soft Places
Studio: VCX

Annette Haven At Her Best

A great classic. Supportive story line, and lots of action. Classic ending with an orgy. If you like the classic/vintage films, you'll like this one.

 from Odyssey
Studio: VCX

Weird Stuff

Lots of weird, costumed scenes. Not very good sex action. I'd pass on this one.

 from Girls On Fire
Studio: VCX

Angel Ciips Are Hard To Find

Anything with Angel in it is great. Ginger takes on John Holmes too. That's a lot to pack into such a small girl. If you like the classics, this is a definite.

 from Dancers, The
Studio: VCX

Too Much Dancing

I like the oldies more than most. But, give me a break. It was too much of an attempt at a movie with the stars as dancers. And, not enough sex scenes. Another pass.

 from Blue Heat
Studio: VCX

Mostly Trailers

I wouldn't waste time on this one. It's mostly trailers (previews) of movies that you probably can't be anymore anyhow.

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Amber Lynn
Studio: Gentlemen's

Too Modern, But Cool Stuff

Good stuff, but too much "modern". I prefer the early days myself. Amber was one hot chick and had her own style.

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Annette Haven
Studio: Gentlemen's

Not A Compilation

If you are looking for a compilation, this is not for you. It's mostly one movie is which Annette is a sex therapist. There seems to be a shift to another plot for the last scenes. Good stuff though.

 from Blue Confessions
Studio: LBO

Short Of Loni Sanders

Loni is in the opening and closing scenes (the second is girl on girl). The rest are a compilation of other, unknown, couples used in the guise of sensuous moments to support Loni's writing block. I would prefer more of Loni, after all she's the listed star. Otherwise, it's fine.

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