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All Reviews by Tranyluver
Velcro Cock Strap from Doc JohnsonVelcro Cock Strap
Studio: Doc Johnson

Awesome Sensation

Feels and works great. You might have a little trouble first putting it on, but once you get the hang of it, get ready for some fun!

Fujiko's Waterproof Anal Probe - Silver from California ExoticFujiko's Waterproof Anal Probe - Silver
Studio: California Exotic

Does the job

It may be smaller than I would like, but the fact of the matter is, it does its job. It is reliable, durable, easy to handle and a great stimulator. I recommend!

Astroglide Warming - 5 oz from AstroglideAstroglide Warming - 5 oz
Studio: Astroglide

Go With Ky Warming Jelly Instead!

While this is an ok lube, the drawback is that there is waay too much friction, and that ALOT is needed for comfort, which leads to a big mess.

The Beginner's Power - Clear from PipedreamThe Beginner's Power - Clear
Studio: Pipedream

Great value

Having seen other pumps sell for nearly ten times the amount of this product I figured this was a fantastic deal. I was a bit skeptical at first of the low cost; I figured the cheap thing would break after my first try, but it has shown to be remarkably durable. It can be disassemble and cleaned and stowed. My only complaint would be the incredibly small entry. Now, I’m no John Holmes (I am just 6 and half inches long by 5 and half inches in girth,) but I find it incredibly difficult to fit my flaccid penis inside of it. Erect? It’s downright impossible. The best bet is to apply a liberal amount of lubrication, fit your jimmy inside and pump away. Otherwise the tight and course rubber will snag and pull on the skin of your penis, resulting in a less-than great feeling! The pumping itself is amazingly accurate; three to four pumps is all I need to achieve maximum girth. (Anymore is dangerous and as the labels warn, could result in tissue damage.-Yikes!) I receive no real arousal with this product and it doesn’t really do anything for me sexually, but it feels good after a few pumping sessions and for just ten bucks you can’t beat it!

Icicles No 01 from PipedreamIcicles No 01
Studio: Pipedream

Get the sensation!

WOW what an awesome product! First off the ribs feel fantastic and the smooth; in & out motions are the best with this product. Secondly, this durable and dependable product is very easy to clean and the box it comes in is the perfect case to store when not in use. After a few uses I decided to be bold & try out the ball-end first. Now, you have to be careful with glass products because there is absolutely no give to them; but once you’re lubed and you pop the end in, pulling it out and in repeatedly feels phenomenal. Be careful with the product over hard surfaces. When lubed up the toy becomes very slippery and can break if dropped (say in the shower or over tile/hardwood floors.) Always do a thorough check to ensure there are no cracks or sharp chips in the toy (youch!) One great idea is to let the toy soak in the sink with hot water. After about ten minutes the toy itself becomes warm (make sure it won’t scald!) and is great to have inside. I don’t really want to try the product after it’s been in the freezer for a while, but I have read that others have done that and they say the sensation is pretty intense. In the end this product can do a lot. This is by far the best toy I have ever purchased. I look forward to many more years of usage.

 from Rogue Adventures #18
Studio: Evil Angel

Fun with toys!

Good DVD. I liked the fact that pumps and dildos were used. That’s always nice! A couple of vaginas make an appearance also.

 from Rogue Adventures #11
Studio: Evil Angel

Not in to the real girls.

Tran-on-girl is not my forte', so I wasn't too happy with all the tran-vagina action. But the American trannys are hot, and the scenes are ok, so it’s worth a peek. Especially if you’re in to real girls mixing it up with trannys.

 from She-Male Strokers #5
Studio: Mancini

A little disapointing...

Mancini makes GREAT tranny-stroke movies, so I was excited to see this one. Unfortunately this one is off key. The trannys are not all that great and a lot don't even cum. (Too many hormones?)

 from She-Male Strokers #11
Studio: Mancini


I am simply stunned. This DVD provides it's viewers with some of the hottest, raunchiest trannys around. Most are from right here in the USA, and the white tranny had a great ass. Just another spectacular flick by Mancini!

 from She-Male Strokers #14
Studio: Mancini


I'll tell you why they made this movie; for real tranny lovers! Baby Doll steals the show with her enormous cock and sexy legs. Holly Sweet has the biggest tits in tranny porn today, and yet, she is still able to cum great white gobs of the stuff. This solo movie is so good I had to buy it! Beautiful trannys strip, pose, masturbate and come in a stellar production. Great work Mancini!

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