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All Reviews by Tntorch
 from Raw
Studio: VCA

Pretty Darn Good

It was a movie with a plot, fun to watch, great scenes. Acting was good and for the most pary believable and was quite funny at several points in the film. Some scenes were pretty hardcore but my wife liked it. One of the few I may buy.

 from Covergirl
Studio: Wicked

Just Okay

Movie was all right. It had a plot, although the plot wasn't really original or anything, but at least there was one. I think Chasey is pretty, but I think her boobs have simply gotten too darn huge. So, if you're really into big boobs, you should probably check this out. At the same time she seems ... picky. Like she doesn't seem to kiss, or want to kiss guys, and she has this center of attention thing going on. I know she's the star, but it just makes the other actors seem like they're there for the sole purpose of pleasing her. Only in ways only she wants. Picture quality was also merely okay. I've seen older Wicked's with better picture, just had that grainy look.

 from White Lightning
Studio: VCA

Not As Good As Predicted

I really love VCA, and this movie was sitting at the top of our list for like a year. Finally got it and it was really only okay. The sex was good, a lot of different scenarios, something in this movie should turn you on, I know it did for me, there's this one really hot female dominant scene where she makes this guy lick her in all sorts of places. The guys I guess weren't really that good looking, but the girls, especially in scene mentioned above, were hot. It was the plot that disapointed though, it was mixed up, like, the movied didn't play in order, and instead of making it interesting, it made it really kinda annoying, since there was no point to it. If played straight, woulda been a lot better. So if not for plot, pretty good flick, if haven't seen movie by this director yet, try her out, she's pretty good.

 from Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women #1
Studio: Evil Angel

Not For Us

not really our type of movie. yes, it did i guess succeed in what it was supposedly made for (getting people to try anal sex by making it look great) but we're just really not into the whole talk to the camera thing. kinda amateur looking, but i think that was all part of the plan to make it "look" like it was completely improv or whatever, which i guess could make the viewer interested in anal sex more relaxed? a step in the right direction, but it's really not for everybody.

 from Crossroads
Studio: Wicked

What's The Big Deal?

this movie sat near the top of my list for a while before it was finally available, and neither of us were impressed. noticably good production, and there was a storyline that was semi-believable, but it wasn't a turn-on. two high-school kids having sex the "first time" then her getting pregnant was first of all kind of uncomfortable to watch (they were pretending to be in high school) and, again, not a turn-on. tera is good looking, my wife thought that the guys were kinda gross. fell asleep towards the end. i don't want to pay and wait for porn to arrive and learn about repurcussions of sex; i want to be able to get some later that night. 8-)

 from Film Buff
Studio: Wicked

Not Bad

All of the scenes were pretty good and I think all of the actors and actresses were attractive. Only thing was is the movie to me wasn't really a feature. Chasey Lain was being interviewed about movies and she would talk about them in a room, and then it would jump to whatever scene was brought up. None of the scenes had a plot, it was just sex, so there really was no plot, making this movie more like a compilation. But it was very good picture, and yes, I do think that it works for a couples movie.

 from In-Flight Fantasies
Studio: VCA

No Dice

This one kinda blew. Girl goes on a trip by plane, and everyone, including the pilots, are having sex. Now, are they supposed to be? It's called Lust Airlines, but nobody knows. Every scene change consists of a closeup of the starlett's face, and then BAM! next scene, and the next scene is always totally confusing. She'll go from watching like the pilot or whatever having sex with a stewardess in the terminal to being on the plane. And she acts uncomfortable the entire time? Basically what I'm getting at is the plot is lame, and we turned to our own thing before the movie was over.

 from Beat The Devil
Studio: Digital Playground


Wow, what a great flick. First, all of the actors are good looking. Second all of them can actually act, at least better than the last 10 or so mocies we've rented. Thirdly, this director rocks. His editing in this movie was simply unique, never seen anything like it in porn before. Watched the whole thing the first night, loved it. Humorous at times, storyline worked, jsut fun to watch. Highly reccomend at least seeing something by this director.

 from Submission
Studio: Wicked

Fell Asleep

After skipping a couple scenes with really ugly people in it, we both fell asleep. The fact that a girl like Chasey wants and literally slaves over this fat biker slob throughout the entire flick doesn't really work.

 from Breathless
Studio: Wicked

Just Okay

Plot was a little boring for what it was supposed to be. I couldn't really understand why all of what was happening was. Didn't think that the main female character was very good looking. Scenes were fine, but nothing special. Script won't win any Oscars either. I know these people can act, check out Evan Stone in Beat the Devil, the scrpits really do them in.

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