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All Reviews by Tigerman
 from Who's Your Daddy? #3
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Ok But There Are Much Better

This is my first viewing of this series, after becoming a fan of the "It's a Daddy Thing" titles. Those are much better overall - better setups, and the "daddy" roleplaying act is done much more than just having the girl say the word "daddy". This one just features a gatekeeper type interviewer who asks the girls to prove they don't have botched boob jobs or big nasty tattoos, and that the male partner isn't actually her daddy. Duh. The girls are fairly cute and the sex is pretty good, there's just nothing very that raises it above standard gonzo fare.

 from Chica Boom #11
Studio: Kick Ass

Ok Overall

I like the dark eyed Latin chicks, and Desert Rose in particular really turns me on... very very cute face and body with one of the prettiest pussies ever. Overall rating is so so though.

 from Girls Suck #2
Studio: American Hardcore

Not Very Good

Not the most attractive girls, and like another review said, very formulaic. Pretty lame, overall.

 from We Swallow #11
Studio: Rodney Moore

One Of Rodney's Better Ones

Sometimes Rodney tries a little too hard and comes up with really stupid setups, but that's not really the case here. Sometimes Rodney includes a few not very attractive girls, but that's not really the case here. Kaylani Star is gorgeous and cheefully enthusiastic. The next few scenes are all just BJs, which is annoying because a couple of the girls have seriously smoking hot bods and pretty pussies that I'd love to see in action. Even Violet, who is cute but not winning any hottie contests, at least gets a good setup and then gives a pretty hot performance.

 from I Swallow #9
Studio: Rodney Moore

Not one of Rodney's better ones

I generally like Rodney, he is goofy but frequently gets really hot chicks to enjoy his jizz, and even some of the ones that are not gorgeous are usually sexy or appealing in some way. There are one or two scenes in this that are ok but overall the girls are not as attractive as even Rodney's usual standard, and a couple really don't seem to enjoy the swallow which is a turn off.

 from We Swallow #12
Studio: Rodney Moore

Pretty Good One

The girls in this one are a little more consistently attractive than some of Rodney's work. Bethany Sweet gives a great convincingly hot & enthusiastic MILF performance.

 from We Swallow #13
Studio: Rodney Moore

Par For The Course

Except for the first scene featuring a couple of other guys, typical Rodney fare, you either like it or you don't. Goofy setups but fun. Rodney seems to fuck the girls less than he used to, 4 of 6 scenes are BJ only. Riley Mason is scrumptious, and how the hell could you not fuck that gorgeous tight little pussy of hers?

 from It's A Daddy Thing #3
Studio: Elegant Angel

Great Series

The series in general is pretty well done with good story lines, very attractive and sexy gals. I love that most of the scenes have the horny young gal as the aggressor. Even when that's not the case, there is some seduction and that's too rare in porn these days.

 from First Time Swallows #1
Studio: Pink Visual

Mix Of Good & Bad

The good: if you like natural breasted and mostly brunette babes, who are very enthusiastic once they're full of dick, this has some good sex. Gia & Harley are gorgous, other girls are pretty cute too. A couple of the babes decide they kinda like it after the first taste. The bad: A few of the girls have pretty negative reactions to taking a load and swallowing it. Don't really enjoy seeing a girl look like she's gonna puke. (I do wonder if some of the reactions were acted or real. I've seen a couple of girls from this series who said they hated it, cheerfully swallow elsewhere - which could be acting too of course.)

 from First Time Swallows #5
Studio: Pink Visual

Change of course

After seeing a few of the earlier FTS series, this entry seems to have changed things up with both the cast and the direction. Several of the female stars have positive reactions in this one to swallowing, which is much nicer to see than grimaces and "I wanna puke". (Of course, Faith being featured for a 2nd straight title kinda blows the whole FTS schtick, but if you can't suspend disbelief a little for porn then you're not doing it right.) Some very enthusiastic sex from most of the gals, too. If you don't mind the setup BSing, it's good stuff.

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