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All Reviews by TheJollyRoger
 from Bobby Sox
Studio: Vivid

Not a Bad Movie, But an Awful DVD

We didn't actually finish this one, not because the movie was bad (the story was actually it's high point), but the DVD transfer was terrible. Movie was made in the late 90s, but looked like it came from two decades before, and the sound was entirely in mono. Not our favorite way to watch a movie.

 from Beautiful
Studio: Wicked

Good Production

My wife and I liked this one. The story was pretty good, borrowing themes from Snow White, and had a good amount of symbolism and ideas running throughout. Sex scenes were good too, but what made them better was the convincing acting done by most of the actors.

 from Hearts & Minds #1
Studio: New Sensations

Antithesis to Sexy

This movie made my wife and I not want to have sex. It's not a feature movie, there's no plot, but porn trying to do a history channel special. The worst part? The music is hugely distracting. Strange big band songs play while the actors have sex, loudly, making it hard not to laugh. Turned it off after 20 minutes.

 from Perversions #1
Studio: New Sensations


My wife hated this one. She didn't find the men very attractive: almost all were older, out fo shape types. Myself, I fould the story annoying and the women irritating. They were very pretty, but I wanted someone to tape their mouths shut. Narrating how you're having sex with someone isn't sexy. Pass on this one.

 from Exotic Dreams
Studio: Blu


This is a cheaply made, slow, unsexy movie. The awful dubbing makes it somewhat funny, though I don't think that was the purpose. Scenes are recycled throughout the movie, with different dialogue - you see the same scenes over and over with different conversations. My wife fell asleep, I shut it off.

 from Desperate
Studio: Vivid

No Thank You

It looks like someone grabbed a home video camera and decided to make a porn. The story is awful, I know it's porn but it should have a beginning, middle, and a conclusion; it's mostly just sex scenes strung together, which features not very attractive people, the men especially, which turned my wife off. Tera is nice to look at, but she's in lesbian and S&M scenes only, not something we're into.

 from Promises Of The Heart
Studio: Wicked

Just Okay

Nothing great, nothing terrible. Those looking for a story will be disappointed as it's barely there, and those looking for action will find nothing terribly special here.

 from Happy?
Studio: Wicked


Wasn't sure if this movie was trying to be a comedy, drama, or just plain weird; it does all three not very well. The scenes, all couples with the exception of 1 tri-lesbian one, are nothing out of the ordinary. My wife fell asleep with this one, not very entertaining!

 from Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Anal Sex
Studio: Vivid Ed

Great Guide

This film covers every aspect and question a person might have about anal sex. I give it full points for discussing myth from fact, and hiring performers who show how genuinely stimulating the act can be, which my wife loved. Recommended.

 from Tease Me
Studio: Vivid

Not A Feature

Looking for a feature? Look elsewhere. The movie is more gonzo with heavy emphasis on POV. Not bad for what it is, but this wasn't something my wife and I were very into.

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