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 from Assman #5
Studio: Anabolic


Like many others, this has nothing original. Just the same, typical deal. Too many cuts and obvious faking of orgasms. Unless you are a collector of the series, skip it.

 from Babes Bangin' Boys #1
Studio: Dreamland

Skip It - Unless You Are A Collector

Collectors need only apply. Bad transfer to digital, but OK content for those simply wanting to add to their collection.

 from Nineteen College Girls #30
Studio: Dane

Skip It

Just skip it. Not hot. Not original. This slick does not live up to it's description.

 from Trained Teens #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Skip It!

Slow and lazy action. Definately not memorable stuff. Pretty girls, but sad production value.

 from Debauchery #12
Studio: Diabolic

Not That Good

Good, but not THAT good. Good production value. Same-Ol Same-Ol content. Beginner stuff.

 from Rocco's Initiations #5
Studio: Rocco Siffredi

Last 2 Scenes = Rent It!!!

Skip the first scenes and check out what follows. It is awesome. Another flick I highly reccommend despite the beginning junk. It worth it.

 from Spring Chickens #2
Studio: Diabolic

Not So Good

boring - period. stupid cut scenes between "real" scenes. you have to use the scene selection option to get the girl you fancy. bad business.

 from Bring'Um Young #11
Studio: Anabolic


this flick was OK, but not awesome. If you have any of the Hustler videos of young girls, this will probably be dissapointing. Not a bod flick, just nothing new or great to talk about.

 from Who's Your Daddy? #2
Studio: Zero Tolerance


This whole series is SOOOOO boring. Each scene starts with a very long monolog and interview - dumb. As well, the action is typical and lame. The girls are 25-30 without question.

 from Black in the Saddle
Studio: Zero Tolerance


Nice, but not great. Very good anal, but too many cut-scenes. Familliar faces are uplifting and welcome, but the movie as a whole is dry.

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