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All Reviews by The Morgan
 from 110% Natural #1
Studio: Red Light District

No Big Deal

It's an OK movie but nothing special. My favorite is when I believe the girls are really getting off. Can't say I believed any of these girls were doing any more than working.

 from There's Something About Jack #26
Studio: West Coast

It's Ok

Not a bad movie, just not enough of it. The girls leave something to be desired but all in all not too bad. What Jack has in size is depreciated by the length of the movie. Only 4 scenes. I ALWAYS interpret that as a blatant way to putting money in their pockets without giving us the content we crave. It's not a bad movie but I give it a lower score for NOT giving me enough.

 from Big Butt All Stars: Flower Tucci (Disc 1)
Studio: Evasive Angles

No Problem

Whew, if you want some really gushy sights rent this one. I like squirt videos but sometimes it gets a little too much for me. I'm sure you'll like this one.

 from Adventures Of Seymore Butts, The #1
Studio: Sunshine

Are You Kidding Me?

This is one of those movies I HATE watching because it's a total rip off by the producer. SHAME ON YOU! This movie is nothing more than footage from the cutting room floor. It's WAY too obvious. This movie is a compilation of other OLD... and I mean REAL OLD movie footage from years ago. If I would guess how this movie was made I would say Seymore bought a few miles of old footage that wasn't good enough to make it into an original movie, then you put it all together and sold it as a new movie. What you're getting here is content that wasn't good enough to make it the first time around. Now it's being passed off as a new video and it's not. Shame on Seymore Butts. I've always liked his movies but this one is Seymore being senseless. He's ripping us off on this one and pocketing the money. No investment in creating this movie. The Morgan

 from Face Full Of Diesel #4
Studio: Digital Sin

Tell Me

This movie is ONLY blow jobs. Now, I don't mind if a move is only blow jobs but for gods sake, TELL ME. Personally, I don't like "blow job only" movies but I didn't know this when I rented it.

 from Mandingo Vs. Jack (Disc 1)
Studio: West Coast

Jack Is Jack

I like watching Jack bang girls. He has a huge dick and he uses it well when the girls are excited. It's a good movie but I don't trust that the 2nd dvd will have anything worth watching.

 from My Big Boob Squirting Mom #2
Studio: FilmCo

Just So-So

Nothing fancy. Only 4 scenes and the ladies weren't all that good looking. I like to see women get excited when they work and even though some may be very good actors, they didn't convince me. I'd pass on this one.

 from Babes Illustrated #18 (Disc 1)
Studio: Cal Vista

No Big Deal

I wouldn't say it's a bad film but it's just chicks doing each other. No big deal. Could do something better with the time it took to watch.

 from Sporty Girls #2
Studio: Elegant Angel


A couple girls in this film appear to REALLY get off. Holly wow, Kristina Rose gets into it big time. I love watching real orgasms and it appears like these girls do to.