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All Reviews by The Fantasy King
 from Gangbang Girl #7-8
Studio: Anabolic

Sellena Steele Is Gorgeous!

I'll give this movie 3 stars because of Sellena's wonderful smile and sexy ass body!There are 4 alledged gangbang scenes....but there is little fucking... If I'm not mistaken...not once does does a guy in this movie cum from being in her pussy...Huh? is this possible in a gangbang movie?!And only a few cum from being in her what is left ...yep.... you guessed it....just a bunch of guys jerking off!This movie could have been magical...but ended up being flaccid most of the dicks in this movie.

 from New Wave Hookers #1
Studio: VCA

Hottest Ass....Ever!!

Ginger Lynn does only 1 scene....but it is soooooooo fucking hot!!!It's a double penetration scene...and her ass is simply stated..... perfect!!Kristara Barington is a cute liitle Asian snatch with ravenous desires...and CLS(cute little snatch) Kimberly Carson gets super splooged from "the master" ...Peter North!As other's have said this movie is a classic and a must rent!!

 from Sweet Young Foxes
Studio: VCX

Good Movie

As another viewer mentioned it's kinda nice to see a movie with a plot.The women were attractive...especially the delicious Hyapatia Lee.Carla Lott was a pleasant surprise as well.....Ron Jeremy fucks her hard....then she takes his entire huge dong down her throat...until he busts a nut on her face.

 from Small Town Girls
Studio: VCX

I love older vintage porn...Big naturals and bush..with a story line!

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Young Seka
Studio: Gentlemen's

Seka Rocks

The acting was horrific and there was no real plot or flow to the movie....Seka's lines were more rigid than the cocks she sucks and fucks.Having said that I still liked the movie because Seka is sooo fucking hot...and it was cool to see her at such a young age!

 from Topless Academy's Guide To Bartending
Studio: Topless Academy

Best Way To Learn!

I bartended for many years, mostly during the 1990's.After a nine year or so hiatus from tending bar .....I've decided to bartend again!I ask you... is there a better way to learn about bartending than with pretty girls with their amazing mamalian protuberances hanging out! This DVD is awesome for 2 reasons....ok make that 3 reasons.Number 1 & 2 .....tits,tits and more tits...fake ones,little ones,big naturals...and tits that are just right!Number 3...this dvd actually shows you how to make all the important drinks!

 from 5 Guy Cream Pie #28
Studio: Kick Ass

Splooge City!!

I liked the multiple cream pie idea...and the chicks were hot...especially the cute little snatch in the middle scene! The men looked like the aliens in the first Stars Wars bar scene!...Having said that they all made nice deposits between the beef curtains of the dirty but delicious Latino ladies!

 from I Love Cassandra
Studio: New Sensations

Great Mamallian Protuberances!

I a sucker for a beautifull woman with BIG NATURALS!....and you simply don't get much better than the amazing sweater meat of the sexy Cassandra!It's worth the rental for her tits alone!On the down side.... The fuck scenes are just fuck scenes with no acting or dialog.They are also too long and each of her male partners are goof balls.I would do 3 things to improve this movie..#1 Cassandra would benifit from a nice 70's bush. #2 Like the Barely Leagal Series.... at least have a little creative acting scene leading into the coital fury(Fucking)#3 get some decent male actors like "The Load Man" Peter North...and have them drop copious loads all over the delicious Cassandra!