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All Reviews by Testpilot
 from Eye Contact #24
Studio: Homegrown SELECT


More amateur than you can imagine. if it's well lit, the girl is not pretty. if she's pretty, she's with another girl that does all the work. or it's poorly lit. yes it's POV. that's all it's got going on.

 from Deepthroat Virgins #10
Studio: Homegrown SELECT


There's maybe two marginally attractive women here, the rest are hurtin. If any of them were deepthroat virgins they still are because none of them deepthroated. a worthless bj movie.

 from Perverted Point of View #7
Studio: Diabolic


this was almost worth buying based on 1 girl alone. I couldn't let it go for weeks. very pretty girls, lots of anal, all legit pov

 from Trailer Trout #2
Studio: Fatt

Very Hot

This is pretty straightforward sex here: no POV, no anal, not always a facial, yet somehow every scene is very sexy. This director either has a knack or he got very lucky. looks and sounds good, and the women just seem trashy yet so hot. title is perfect

 from Goin' Deep #3
Studio: Digital Sin

Hot Girls, Standard Action

production values were good. girls were hot, but overall the action was standard, not terribly exciting.

 from Young & Wild #4
Studio: Digital Sin

Same Old Same Old

Yes the cover girl is very hot, but that's about the extent of the positive on this. there is one of the ugliest dudes in porn in several scenes here - one of those euro dudes with a russian army flat top. one scene has 2 very hot girls, but personally I'm rarely impressed by 2 girl scenes, so it just seems wasted. the rest of the girls just are not that hot. pass on this

 from Desires Of The Innocent #3
Studio: New Sensations

Some Very Cute Girls

there are some very cute girls in this, but the action overall is a bit average with just a few sexy scenes

 from Down Your Throat #4
Studio: Smash

Good Bj Movie

as a big fan of bj movies, this one is pretty good. a few of the women are very beautiful, as good as anything in porn. most of the others are substantially better than average. well lit, quiet music. this series is better than most. a good mix of p.o.v. and other shots.

 from Young As They Cum #16
Studio: Digital Sin

Annmarie Is Exceptional

she truly outshines for the real vibe, whether it's good acting or genuine. and she's gorgeous. she's very good here.

 from Hand To Mouth #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Hot Idea But Same Girls

you've seen each of these girls before in 3rd deg product, so they're basically the same ones you've seen elsewhere, except that they do everything elsewhere and here only a HTM. if it were some new innocent girls, it would be hot. you've seen these girls do everything before

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