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All Reviews by Tes
Smooth Slim Medium Plug - Red from Doc JohnsonSmooth Slim Medium Plug - Red
Studio: Doc Johnson

And This One Is Juuusssst Right....

This is a great little toy. It's just the right size to stay in for dp play. We both love it!

 from Dream Quest
Studio: Wicked

Just For Couples

Enjoyed this one quite a bit. Solid action, beautiful people and not bad acting either. Great sets and costumes/makeup. Worth a look. The women were all gorgeous as well. Too many all women scenes, though, for my taste.

 from Gag Factor #1
Studio: JM Productions

Pure Gag-Fest

If gagging is your thing, this one's for you. Girl after girl gags on each guy, with lots of sloppy wetness all over their faces with smeared makeup. Don't miss the extra behind the scenes footage; shows how some of these girls aren't as into this as they appear in the video!

 from Rocco's Dirty Anal Kelly In Rome #1
Studio: Rocco Siffredi

Not For Me.....But Maybe For You?

This definitely wasn't the video for me....but it might be for you if you like gangbang type stuff. The last scene with three girls and about 18 guys was pretty intense with Kelly receiving most of the action. Prior to this she romps around Rome looking for old, fat guys to tease and play with. One she even hits and kicks while he is on a toilet?? There is a great toy scene near the beginning, but it doesn't last nearly long enough. The redhead in it is gorgeous though and she does just about everything imaginable. Kelly does fit the bill of nastiest slut ever; she does it all and with flair and many giggles. Lots of anal action in this video.

 from Ass Worship #5
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Nasty Kaylynn!

Ass worship?? I didn't see it here. Each scene starts out with a longggg tease scene with lots of ass shots. Not of interest to me, but if you like that sort of thing, you'll probably love these. All the scenes had great anal action. Some really great cumshots too and an excellent d.p. scene worth renting the video for. Be sure to watch the special features part with Kaylynn. What a nasty thing she is.

 from Inside Porn
Studio: Wicked

Funny Flick With Great Sex!

This is quite funny! The acting is pretty good and the performers do a good job of making fun of their industry and themselves while still pulling off some good sex scenes. If you like a laugh in between the real action, rent this one.

 from Perverted Stories #21
Studio: JM Productions

Perverted? Maybe. Boring? Definitely!

Just couldn't get into this one. The quality of the scenes is just not very good and there are only four scenes on the dvd. The first one is of a guy doing his supposedly dead girlfriend. And yes, it's as boring as it sounds. Then theres the guys doing a supposedly disembodied head in a box, but this time, the head is alive. One scene looks like it's shaping up to be a gangbang scene, but never does. The guys just try to shoot all over the woman's face but fail at that even. I can't even remember what the fourth scene was now....pass on this one.

 from Fluff And Fold
Studio: Wicked

What's The Appeal Here?

I also rented this one based on some of the good reviews posted here. Was hoping to enjoy it as much as others had, but was greatly disappointed. The sex scenes were just ok but the dialog was annoying. Who wants to watch a woman bitching about her man being unfaithful? This one didn't do it for me.

 from Anal Trainer #4
Studio: Digital Sin

Like Anal Action? Rent This!

Belladonna is her usual awesome, shaved head, (that's a wig in the photo) charismatic self in this video. Her scene is the first one on the DVD and is pretty hardcore. Her partner is quite rough with her; a little too much for me. The other womens' scenes were great too with lots and lots of anal action.

 from Outrageous: Amazing Premiere
Studio: Metro

Not So Outrageous, Just Different

This video promised quite a lot, but didn't deliver so much. Ron Jeremy was charming in his introductions to each scene even though he did look a little ridiculous in that Ringmaster's costume. The first scene is with a 90+ year old white woman and a young black man. Nothing unusual in the scene except the age difference. Her obvious dislike of how his penis tasted was amusing, though. The extras has an interview with her that is interesting. The scene with the woman with the very large clitoris is very mundane. The black female midget was just horrible. She is with two guys but the scene just doesn't work. The transsexual scene was really not of interest at all to me and my boyfriend wouldn't even look..... the transsexual was not attractive at all. Most scenes were interracial. I wouldn't recommend this one. If you are interested in any of the particular themes there are bound to be other titles that better represent those genres.

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