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All Reviews by Tbone
 from Just Over Eighteen #3
Studio: Red Light District

I Wanted To See More Of Peaches

....Soooo I got the only other DVD of her I could find with her(the other is Breakin em in #2). Taylor Rain get drilled by a monster cock which is more dramtic given her small frame. Sugar Kane gets the DP and gets tickled and laughs during the scene. Elizabeth DelMar looks like the girl next door that for me was the most arousing. That scene looked like her first and why it may have been so short. After seeing Lisa Parks in Throat Gaggers#3,we get to see her get fucked in a FFM scene where we're treated to a pussy-to-pussy pokin' by a Brit porn drone.....Enjoy

 from 18 And Nasty #29
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

2 And A Half Stars Really.....

Your typical TT Boy Gonzo grab the girl,push her around etc. Anyway,the scene with Avey and Brooke was OK. The scene with Terri was good as she got sexually ravaged by two African-American men with a nice DP. Of course with Taylor Rain you get anal. Unfortuantely the scene with Elizabeth DelMar,the other girl (Buffy) gets both loads of dick snot. A true 2.5 stars.

 from Naughty College School Girls #23
Studio: New Sensations

Rent But Don't Buy......

the dvd starts out with angel,a hot chich from britain with stripper tatto on her ass. great legs and ass as she takes on lee's massive rod. next up is melissa milano. she does the " i've never kissed a guy routine which is actually a bit of a turn-on. paris bangs nacho in the first non-anal scene i've seen of her. one of my personal fav's,elizabeth delmar starts her scene with a bullshit piano lesson from tattoo fiend julian. once again no anal. the last scene is brittney skye sucking off lee's stone as he is "sleeping". this scene's intensity is about the same level as a soft-core hotel room porn. the chaptering within the scenes was awkward as they simply jumped past the beginning then you would have to fast backward. at least there were no aging porn mooks....enjoy.

 from Lewd Conduct #17
Studio: Diabolic

Diabolic Quality

I added this one on the lineup for the chick on the cover (her name is Honey she has fake jugs and is referred to as Crazy Clown). This first chick has a corrections monitor around her ankle. She endures double anal,double vag and DP. Then there's cutie pie Jasmine Lynn. A chick this small who eagerly sacifices her poop chute for her porn mook gets my vote. Next up is Canadian hottie Lauren Phoenix who also plays with and gives her cocksman the brown star. This vid also was my first with Arriana Jollee. She's a piece of ass from NY who has a zeal for screwing both in the snatch and the hershey highway. Good camerawork,chaptering within scenes and that Diabolic style make this an easy rating of 4.......Enjoy!

 from 18 And Nasty #24
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Liz Pink's Only Movie???

i basically selected this flick to see nubile "liz pink" however tt referred to her as "roosh"or "rouge". anyway "liz" is a big-titted honey that really seams to be in her first (and last?)video. she gets ganged tt style much to my enjoyment tit-fucked. the scenes with betty rage,genevieve & amber,and ashley banks were all pretty good. i have seen better jenna haze scenes where she gets drilled and pounded in the cadillac and the doghouse in "just overeighteen #2". all in all a good pick but not a purchase. there is no chaptering whithin the scenes, but the music is pretty good......enjoy

 from 18 And Nasty #32
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

You Won't Be Disappointed!

having seen other tt boy vids,i knew what to expect. annabelle got this dvd on the lineup. having seen her on throat gaggers,i wanted to see her get fucked the tt boy way. tt shoots a stream of dick snot right on her eye and then takes it like a trooper saying "you need to drink more juice". the scene with red hot and lana was ok. having many picks with lisa marie,this is the first scene i have scene with her. she actually acts as if this was her first porn scene as she claims but her nipple rings leave you wondering. tt's brother gets to bang her and she takes a nice blast of jiz. stacy's intensity along with annabelle's hot body made this pick a solid 4. stacy gives the only anal in the movie. having seen her in another movie where she was hesitant about getting poked in the pooper,it was good to see her actually enjoy working with tt. although trixie is a hottie she just didn't have the enthusiam that i look for. pluses include chaptering within scenes,funny out-takes and no porn dudes in their 50's.......enjoy

 from 18 & Lost In Philly
Studio: Erotic Angel

Don't Blame Tabitha!

saul t's commentary pretty much hits the mark. i put this title on my lineup because i'm a tabitha bleu fan. right off the bat,when you pop the dvd in,you get a looooong warning and disclaimer followed by a web site commercial that can't be fast forwarded or skipped. there is nothing to do with philadelphia if that mattered,like you were going to see people eating cheese steaks next to the liberty bell. no chaptering within scenes,and there was at least one chick that was more like "28 and lost". if you're a real tabitha bleu fan then go ahead,but there are better vids of her out there and better to rent it and send it back than to have bought it......

 from Dirty Little Perverts
Studio: Dreamland

There're Kidding....Right???

O.K. I picked this one to see more of Jesse after seeing her in of Anabolic's Initiation videos (where she only blows two different guys and only one of them pops. This DVD should go under the masturbation catagory as none of the chicks get fucked and only a couple suck dick (NOT including Jesse!!!) Sent this one back the same day.

 from Teen Perversion #1
Studio: West Coast

It Delivers....

The stories are actually interesting. The daughter goes to pick up her dad's car,guy gets to bang the neighbor girl,girl sees doctor because her tits hurt and her pussy is wet,girl's boyfriend's dad bangs son's girlfriend,guy bangs girlfriend's little sister. The sex is not torrid but I wanted to see Babydoll and Winter Davoe (if you like healthy girls you'll be happy). I also got to see Gen Padova and Fiona get banged having only seen them in the Throatgagger series. Temptation was a great addition to the mix. Only one anal scene which was sported by Baby doll......Enjoy!

 from Teen Perversion #2
Studio: West Coast

Tabitha And Felix ....Yummy Yummy

i put this one one the list for tabitha blue. lucky destefano poses as a psychiatrist and learns that tabitha saw her parents having sex and since her "down below" is all wet. all the scenes have similar innocent girl scenarios,however girls sporting tongue rings,clit rings and ass-crack tattoos we know better. i was really impressed by felix,what a hottie. unfortunately she gets fucked by aging porn mook herschel savage's melanoma dick. allison,the cutie at the pool gives a great anal performance. mallory,the latina sucks on a lollypop while getting porked. finally we have bonnie,a brit teen who is "visiting family" and winds up getting pussy pounded and an anal drilling. a definite good pick. there is chaptering within scenes and all the chicks are young.......enjoy!

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