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 from Kill Girl Kill #1
Studio: VCA

Promises XXX Kill Bill, Delivers XXX So-So

Not an outright bad film, but promises much more than it delivers. For that reason, it actually scores lower than it would if it didn't try to be some artsy flick. The scenes were just so-so. The ladies are beautiful, but the level of commitment and enjoyment just isn't there. 3rd Eon McKai and still waiting for the ah-ha (or oh yeah) moment.

 from Signature Series #14: Violet Blue
Studio: Adam & Eve

Don't bother.

A droll compilation of scenes. Even the people in the scenes seem bored. Just uses the name of Violet Blue to trick suckers (like myself) into watching.

 from Eden (Disc 1)
Studio: Adam & Eve

Don't waste the lotion

Boring scenes full of lovely but uninterested and uninteresting cast making poor use of exotic locations.

 from Sporty Girls #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

No story. Just great sex.

No story but just great sex. These girls know how to make it hot! Avoids anal, too, which is preference of my wife and I.

 from Friends: A XXX Parody (Disc 1)
Studio: New Sensations

Parody better than sex

I love that there are these parodies, but this is still a porn so the sex should still be the focus. In this case, the parody is better than the sex.

 from Sex Files, The #1: A Dark XXX Parody (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Sin

Sex takes a backseat

We've tried several of these parodies looking for something a couple can enjoy without being sappy romance style of ones like the New Sensations series. The problem we've had is bad acting, bad writing, and mediocre sex. In this case, only 1 of the three is wrong. The problem is that you get mediocre sex scenes in favor of getting higher quality acting and writing - but let's not kid ourselves that the sex is still the reason to watch an adult movie so, if it's lacking, the movie is just not worth the watch. I mean, really, what's with calling a scene and orgy where only 1 man and woman do anything and the other like 6-7 just watch? What's with a contrived outdoor scene where the 2 ladies involved just make pouty faces the whole time and have no real investment? For a couple, we need to feel the actors are actually enjoying themselves - or close enough that we can suspend our disbelief - but that just wasn't possible here.

 from Feeling It!
Studio: Adam & Eve

Is anybody enjoying this one?

Answer: Definitely not the performers. They mostly look bored. The filmmakers had to cover up the lack of true moaning and groaning with elevator music. Extremely disappointing. Not even good for a quick watching, 1 scene at a time.

 from A Little Part Of Me
Studio: New Sensations Romance

XXX Remember Me

More or less a XXX version of Remember Me, but with the lead searching through several people to find the remnant of her dead love. It's a decent story, though on the boring side, but with good one-on-one male-female scenes. The main downfall is the scene where the lead finds her new love is the least pleasing of all of the scenes. But another decent-to-good flick from New Romance.

 from Torn
Studio: New Sensations Romance

Nothing new here

Nothing new here. Feels like it's trying too hard to make a story where none exists. Supposedly aimed at couples, but the story revolves around a husband who is bored in his marriage and decides to F the young blonde at work rather than working on his marriage. And the sex is boring too.