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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Saints & Sinners
Studio: Dreamland

Sylvia Saint Is The Least Of It

Very atractive girls - the least of whom is the 'star' of the project - Sylvia Saint - who appears to go thru the minimally required set of motions. However... the rest of the segments are pretty girls and some much more enthusiastic and compelling scenes. Overall it's a well-produced and attractive offering.

 from 18 And Nasty #23
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Really Good Videographer And Editing

Finally! The videographer holds long enough on the intersting views for the situation to register in the lower-brain. So many videos are shot and then edited where there's a few seconds of something - then a few seconds of something else one ends up wondering what the heck you're looking at. In this series of vignettes the videographer and editor have worked in concert to represent the situation in such a fashion as to allow the viewer to be 'there' for a reasonable period of time. The girls are gorgeous, the settings are attractive (no more wood benches in warehouses, PLEASE!) and there's the absense of the muted violence seen in so many more recent videos. Unlike many productions which seem to have been made for other producers and distributors seeking to push the envelope ever further, this production is aimed at the viewer and truly hits the mark.

 from Four Fucking Features #9
Studio: Underground

Recycled Canadian Effluent

an early eric everhard scene was probably the best segment. obviously dubbed to dvd from a vhs tape - the overall image quality suffered. evidently, this is a re-issue combination of four titles from canada the 'features' consist of two 1-hour groups of vignettes and "the party" parts 1 & 2 - handheld footage from a bar someplace in the yukon where a couple of girls have sex in a public place - the bar - and, due to the odd context, everyone seems excited - which was probably true when and where it happened. the result presented to the viewer at home is far less compelling.

 from Fresh Butts & Natural Tits #4
Studio: West Coast

Gotta Move To Prague!

There area couple of girls in this collection that are outstanding! Pretty much all shot in Europe, there MUST be something in the water - the sense of abandon and enthusiam - especially considering the GUYS in the scene (too much steroid use going on or something - these monsters are like from another planet) Surprisingly, there's much heat and pretty good production values - plus DVD extras

 from Baby Dolls Betrayed
Studio: Baby Doll

What's I Do To Piss You Off This Time, Baby?

from the blues brothers song of the 80's come the sentiment that "paybacks are a killer". errant bfs cause these girls to go on a revenge-fest of copulating with the nearest/next-available sperm-donors. to twist a movie-reviewers phrase, "...fertive, furious fellating and fornication ensues." some of the guys they roll into these episodes are rather on the older side - and, to hear the stories, guys have a hard time getting into the biz - whaa? they can't find young guys that want to screw? oh well - if you like the idea of drama-mamas behaving badly - that's what's going on here.

 from Do Me Now
Studio: Gold Team

Sascha - the blonde - does it at the kitchen sink - she's gorgeous - but the sink seemed to be more alive. This is not a BAD title - and maybe you'll find a spark in which you are interested. Maybe the comment is that what ended up being the finished work did not live up to the promise of the title. Four others also perform ritual, predictable sequences of sexual congress. Perhaps it was the end of the month when this was created because it looks like everyone just showed up to be sure to be able to make the rent.

 from Amateur Pages #2
Studio: CinemaPlay

Men's Mag That Moves

The 'Girls of Amateur Pages' series is kind of like a men's magazine where the girls move... The setups, the activity, the duration, the incredibly distracting music, the finale - all the same - but at least there are no ads! The girls are named in a title frame, appear in front of the camera, almost never speak, do a short strip, some self-stimulation - some more than others - and, a few moments later, stand up and walk off camera or blow a kiss into a fade-to-black. There are quite a few segments to each disk, the girls are all VERY good looking, the scenes appear to be shot in europe - if the decor is any clue - and the photography is well-lit, professionally framed. Each of the DVDs has a 'bonus strip-tease' and a couple of previews from other releases in the same series. Some of the girls are more energetic and forthcoming with their actions than others. They're there to please the eye and do very well at that. The only thing the viewer has to do is turn down the sounds, sit back and relax.

 from Amateur Pages #1
Studio: CinemaPlay

Amateurs? Not Exactly... But Pages Look Great!

there are about 12 different women in this compilation - most of the appear to models or dancers who have tried dipping their big toe in the adult-video waters. the all femme-solo segments run the activity-gamut from just strip-tease to some pretty intense self-pleasuring. several of the girls appear quite reticent and little heat is generated - while some of them are quite into the "i know you're lovin' what i'm doin' - me too" column. overall, the production values - the sets and the camera angles are very good. almost every girl is very attractive and just a few of the faces are familiar from other work. if you like 'girls being girls' - this is a nice visit with some iconically attractive women.

 from Real Sex #2
Studio: Precious Video

'Fly Onthe Wall' Productions Presents...

Man - this guy is having TOO much fun! The 'Real Sex' series from Precious Video has found a guy who truly LOVES his work. Real Sex#2 has 4 segments with 4 pretty good looking women who are each attended to by the same fellow - a tall, skinny, youngish version of Rodney Moore. In much of the footage, the camera sits on a tripod - in an often unfortunate location - but there is some hand-held footage. The audio is good, there's plenty of sex and it would seem that the guy is enjoyng the HECK out of it all. In Real Sex#2 - the girls are certainly amateurs and the last segment - featuring a slight, thin, small-breasted blonde is, at first sight, not likely to amount to much - but as they get revved up, it's obvious she's having a great time and there's genuine heat and the best camerawork of the piece happens there. If it weren't for the fact that the camera should have had somebody to adjust it now and then - which, frankly, was annoying on several occasions - it would have gotten 4 stars.

 from Amateur Pages #4
Studio: CinemaPlay

For What It Is.. It's Pretty Good

The guys who created the Amateur Pages series are probably displaced wedding photographers - but you can tell they try to make everyone look as good as possible and have a little tease mixed in with a little sizzle. Overall this is a good series.

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