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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Tight Teen #2
Studio: Tightfit

Pretty Good Potty-Mouth

Tight Teens #2: Lots of 'talk-into the camera' - personal history of sex, etc- then reasonably enthusiastic performances by mostly attractive girls. None of the girls qualify for the 'teen' moniker - the girls are not 'amateurs', either but the overall effort is credible.

 from Toy Boxes #1
Studio: Bad Seed

Femme Solo - Done Pretty Well

Toy Boxes is a pretty well-done feature. There're some interesting participants, the camera work (choice of angles, movement, etc) is not too bad. Comparatively, this is a good solo video. Mebbe you'll see something to your liking. The girls talk ALOT - seem pleasantly relaxed - are quite comfortable sharing their good feelings.

 from Fresh Pussy #3
Studio: Metro

Fresh Pussy Indeed!

The producers, directors, and post people at Metro have got it down pat. The recipe: Just like the title sez: Add 1 fresh pussy, credible male counterparts, begin over a low flame with a dash of production glitz, then bring to a rolling boil. All of the girls in this title are certainly attractive - some of them appear to have less experience with sex than others - but they also appear to be having a good time - so that's not a problem. Glazed with LOTS of hot action and wonderful abandon to the moment, this is a good, mainstream, non-violent, 97%-sex series.

 from Amateur Tiny Tits & Toys #2
Studio: FilmCo

Good Idea - Minor Flaws

if you like female-solo - this is a good series. it's a guess - but the people making the videos are probably girls - occasionally, there is a man's voice somewhere in the background. anyway, some of the girls appear to be there to 'earn the rent' (read: facial expression that says, "why am i doing this?"), some of them appear to be 'red-collar-workers' and some appear to have shown up just to test their sexual boundaries [like being able to see if they can 'do it in front of a camera'] the premise is to have 3 sequential sessions with each of the girls - who do solo. you can tell they get warmed up more and more as each session progresses from start to finish. evidently, the series is created by a production company named 'lezzie' - who then use filmco as the distributors. in one segment - with an especially attractive girl - she looks off camera - says, "what are you you doing? then, in a most professional voice, commands "stop". the segment is over shortly thereafter but it would be really interesting to know what was the situation that caused the incident - then why did they leave it in the finished footage? every great experiment, it would seem, is subjective to minor flaws. so it is with att&t2. oh - well - this series is decidedly different in mood, tone, and the way it is assembled into a finished feature.

 from Co-Eds In Toyland #3
Studio: FilmCo

Lezzie Productions Done Good!

The Filmco company has distributed a number of titles from 'Lezzie Productions' - this is yet another better-than-average piece MAINLY because it was obviously created by women! You can hear women in the background once in a while - and the camerawork is so different from most stuff shot by guys. CAMERAGUYS: Please take a cue from the LEZZIE people who do NOT flit about the subject like a gnat. So MANY adult titles appear to have been filmed by people in a style which can only be assumed to be an attempt to make the subject matter more 'interesting'. HEY! It's ALREADY interesting - just point the camera and document the activity... PLEASE. This is not your chance to break into french film - this is adult video stuff. Meanwhile - the Co-Eds in Toyland series features a widde gamut of women - plain to bizarre - who do a little striptease and then a pretty well-developed solo-session. Some of the girls talk to the viewer - some are silent - They all do more than one scene - same idea - just another pass - which each seem to get better as they go along - and the girls get more relaxed. YEAA! Lezzie Productions... Keep on keepin' on!

 from "It's Not You"
Studio: Vivid

Well Produced - Kinda Rough

It was to see an 'Eva Angelina' title that I rented this video. All of the scenes have pretty big guys who must do ALOT of weight training delivering what often seems like corporal punishment to the women - I dunno - it's not the kind of stuff I would CHOOSE - but the over-all production values and editing of the scenes is clever and inventive.

 from Super Naturals #6
Studio: Digital Sin

Superdooper Naturals

Big girls - great production - Brian Xin is one of the best producer/directors. You can tell when people LUV their work - and it sure shows with Brian Xin. There's lots of heat - no violence (slapping choking, etc) the babes are boob-a-licious and overall this is one of the better titles out there.

 from All By Myself #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

All Beside Myself! This Is Really Slick!

Although Patrick Collins takes all the credit - it's obvious this is the appropriated work of somebody who actually cares. VERY excellent prodduction quality - the girls are gorgeous - the action is genuinely hot - cleverly setup and well-lit scenes - this is a winner all the way around for femme-solo titles. If you like girls 'doin' their thang' you'll most probably like this one. Again - whoever actually put this together really knows their way around a camera and post-production editing.

 from Blacklight Beauty (Disc 1)
Studio: Pulse

Blacklightbeauties = Art+Porn

Combine some really excellent on-screen heat, great looking bodies, accomplished camera work, and excellent, artistic post-production and you have one of the better adult videos ever made. This is a BIG, LONG, HOT production. It won some sort of award. The director (Xin?) and everyone involved in the work added to the overall effect. It's kind of like a european art-film - only there are dicks and chicks all over the place. Entertaining as well as stimulating.

 from 2 Chicks No Dicks #2
Studio: Colossal

Like A Fashion Show With No Clothes

The girls looked good - the scenes were well lit - the sound was good - the sizzle not actually happening even though the girls were obviously pros. What's wrong with this picture? Well,. maybe nothing but it was perceived here as an awful lot of posing and not much actual heat. Still - this may be exactly what you appreciate.

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