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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from One Woman Party
Studio: Damaged

it's party time!: up close & personal

This is a compilation DVD of with many segments from previously released titles on the same subject. It's all girls - all doing themselves - almost all of them are very attractive - there's a cute little beginning to each segment - then it's down to the business of getting off - which is, in most cases, pretty energetic. Once 'the action' has begun, the camera person pretty much gets parked in front of the scene - and stays there - which tends to obscure things like arms, breasts, and the rest of the body. But - if you like close-ups - this is good.

 from POV Fantasy #6
Studio: New Sensations

Br'er Luv = Fantasymeister!

EXCEPT for the 'BallBuster' segments - this is an incredibly well produced title. This guy is really getting good at what he does. the photography - the situations - the girls - the heat - all very well accomplished. You can tell this guy is having fun. Admittedly, he puts a lot of effort into some aesthetics which are not really adding to the overall erotic effect (for me, anyway) but one can appreciate his attention to setting the best mood. The 'BTS' segment with the girl who plays the Egyptian goddess is the perfect antithetical comparison to her in-character appearance. What a difference! Brother Love makes sure he gets the right angles - ALL the angles - and the camerawork/lighting is all excellent. There's plenty of footage and the scene with the TWINS at the end is rockin'!

 from Tease Me #4
Studio: Midnight

Teases And Pleases

five girls - each of whom pretty much gets right to business - there's at least one bj somewhere. good camera work, audio, lighting, etc. the girls are all very much into the the tease&please thing - this series is very well done.

 from I Play Solo #1
Studio: UrgeXotica

Solo Play Is Disconnected

The folks who created this title are REALLY good video editors - the post-production is fantastic. Unfortunately, they did not give the (I am guessing here) guy a whole lot to work with. The director and camera person had a few really good candidates but little came thru in the final effort - the girls all seem quite ready to head off to the next shoot. Oh well - it's not awful - but there's not much heat.

 from Whores With Dildos #2
Studio: Juicy

Eurobabes Try It With The Big One!

What really is the point here? Is the point of this video to demonstrate how there are people who, for money, will try to stuff the equivalent of a loaf of baloney into their vagina? Evidently... The women are attractive, willing and quite sexy - then there comes the part where they have all been handed a HUGE dildo that looks more like a prosthetic arm than a male member. One or two of them actually get it inserted more than an inch - the rest are just suffering thru the time they have to be in front of the camera before somebody hands then the rent money. There ARE some sexy moments - almost none of which involve having that dildo-thing anywhere near their privates. Overall this is not an especially pleasant experience.

 from Toys, Twats, Tits
Studio: 1st Strike

Appetizers Before The Main Course

Here's a collection of short femme-solo scenes with (maybe) 12 women who all appeared before the cameras rolled and they went off to do scenes with guys. Actually, it looked like doing this little extra performance was perceived by them as the FUN part of the day. Obviously, many were faking a quick-trip to exstacy but they were all pretty good looking. Good - not great - certainly viewable.

 from Teen Dreams #14
Studio: New Sensations

Spot-On Good Stuff

rebecca linares! from barcelona, spain and the rest of the girls on this title make this one of the better dvds to come down the road in a long time. the 'behind the scenes' segment has some great interviews. there's a bonus scene and, overall, this is a really well-constructed package. not normally prone to give 5-stars - this one gets the nod. maybe the question is, "if this ain't worth 5-stars - then what is?"

 from All Amateur Video #18
Studio: Sensational

Lots Of Girls - Sometimes Bizarre Premise

The girls are MANY and SPLENDID - sometimes they are 'doin their thang' on a school bus - the guys in the background are sometimes in the shot - the chat is rude and funny - there're a couple of 'nylon stockings' scenes - a girl named Jordan who is sizzlin' - some scars from recent boob-jobs visible - some camera work skills to be desired - but overall it's a BIG package with LOTS of footage - in which you are bound to find SOMETHING compelling.

 from Who's That Girl #3
Studio: Vouyer

Nobody Shy In This Lineup

Somewhat intense - the scenes all feature girls who like to do it - and the guys are only too happy to oblige. More pros than amateurs, all of the scenes are done with enthusiasm by all players. Good video work - pretty nice array of women - bonus DVD extras - well done pro title

 from Ten Dolla Holla
Studio: Wicked

$10 Dollahollah Should Cost $4.79

This is a comp-reel of stuff that runs back to maybe 20 years ago - all clips are short. From a pure archival, retrospective, collector's viewpoint there may be some scenes of interest as many of the movies included are long since gone from distribution. From a 'heat' standpoint - there's not much going on. This is not BAD - but it wasn't very good.

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