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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from American Daydreams #2
Studio: Naughty America

Egad! A Couple Of New Ideas!

The premise is that guys have daydreams - and they become reality - ONLY BETTER! There are three girls in this offering who are especially enjoyable. Lots of dirty-talk and above-average videography make this a very compelling piece. There's imagination and some sensibilities expressed which deposit this DVD into the 'VERY GOOD' category.

 from I Love To Masturbate #3
Studio: Temptation

Nice Girls - Wrong Photographer

what could have been a really great video was photographed by yet anther one of the guys from the school of filmic philisophy that says, "the only good place for the camera to be is on an axix that is described by a line thru the spinal column". completely missing from the footage is the ability to see the lovely torsos, the beautiful breasts, and the pretty faces. no - all you get to see is inner thighs and the genital area orifices. why do they bother to hire pretty girls, photograph and show them on the cover and then you see little or none of that in the feature segments? oh well -

 from Fresh Pussy #2 (Disc 2)
Studio: Video Team

Fresh Is The Word!

All good scenes - good cameraperson - great talent - hot stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary (thank goodness) and no slapping, choking, harsh behavior (thank goodness) Just a bunch of foxy girls and guys who have yet to O.D. on steroids (thank goodness) Overall, this production is rather better than average.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #30: Hairy Beavers
Studio: Kick Ass

Wrong Title - Good Anyway

With far better than average production quality, very attractive models, pretty interesting context development thru plot, and plenty of heat, this effort from KickAss was given the wrong moniker. It does NOT focus on hair - as the title would suggest. One girl had a relatively unshorn pubis - and all she did was talk and roll around for 10 minutes. The rest of the segments feature femmes with stubble - at best. But that does not detract from the otherwise well conceived and executed videography and the considerable heat generated by the performers. Although not outstanding, Kick Ass Chicks #30 is certainly above average.

 from Look At Those Big Boobs #1
Studio: Third World Media

Valley Of The Fleshy Body Parts

This offering is not the standard LA porn-factory fare - it looks to have been shot in South America or something - most everyone has somewhat dark skin. It is not a 'land-of-the-ultra-boob-jobs' compilation either - the women are all naturally well endowed - but there's a sort of perfunctory air about it - kind of where everyone is just going thru the motions - not much real heat. However... it's not all that bad.

 from 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating #1
Studio: Madness

If You Like Closeups...

...then you'll LUV this one. The 12 - count 'em 12 - girls are good looking - have nice shapes - and there's PLENTY of trashy-talk to you, the viewer. After a short homage to removing clothing - the camera moves to what appears to be about 8 inches away from their privates - and stays there. If your idea of an appealing image is an unblinking close-up on the particulars - this is the video for you. Some would argue (me, for instance) that completely losing sight of the rest of the form is less than optimal. But it's a personal taste thing. The girls are great - but why bother to enlist pretty faces and nice bodies if you don't see much of anything except about 20 square inches of flesh and a couple of fingers? But again - if 'your shot' is 'the closeup' - this is a GREAT video.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #31: Tall Girls
Studio: Kick Ass

Tall Enuf - I Guess

KickAss Studios gives creedence to the phrase 'hardcore' because they are not exactly the center of anybody's 'touchy-feely' universe. Sporting guys with fu-man-chu beards, gang-colors, and somewhat neanderthal ability with regards coarse body-motion control... oh forget it - these guys are rough. Despite the title, the girls are not all THAT tall - save one - and, as nobody's tastes are the same, let's just say it fell outside the circle of what I would choose to see - but you can never tell what's in thses programs - so this adventure into the KickAss world was not all that enjoyable. Mebbe it'll be different for you.

 from Tease Me #1
Studio: Midnight

Femme Solo - Very Well Done

This is one of the better femme-solo titles around. There are five girls - all good looking - pretty much amateurs. The fellow who created the segments is good at what he does, the audio is clean, the girls are energetic and genuine in their quest for self-pleasure. Inari - at the end - after her segment - even gives SOMEBODY a BJ. Let's see MORE from this series!

 from She Squirts #16
Studio: New Sensations

Attack Of The Giant Dildos

the best segment is the first one - followed by 90 minutes of (what feels like) filler. there's plenty of 'dirty-talk-to-the-camera'- which is good. however, mario rossi - who is more or less responsible for the video - repeatedly demonstrates how he likes to get parked in his favorite camera angle - which is bad. (he will receive a note or phone call on this matter). if my recollection is correct - there actually is no quirting. rather, this is a misnamed effort which should be named, "girls who take money to push giant dildos into their privates". once again - it is amazing how, given the wonderful opportunity to do something really sexy - the people who make these things manage to avoid, dodge, or systematically screw-up what could be some fantastic footage.

 from Tease Me #2
Studio: Midnight

Former Pro Delivers More Pro Series

It was not clear - from Tease Me#1 who was behind the camera - but now it is known - former leading adult-actor Steve Drake is the man with the camera in hand. As he is no newcomer to the bix - he KNOWS what makes a good shot and does an excellent job of preparing the models to deliver a good appearance - then has great visualization of what ought to be in the frame. Unlike MANY camera-people in the biz - he is not trying to make art or turn the scene into something interesting - it ALREADY IS interesting. Steve Drake then goes on to KEEP it interesting by not screwing it up. Oh yeah.. the girls are all good looking and the 'Tease Me' titles are one of the better femme-solo series ever offered - plus there's a little BJ action in one of the segments, as well.

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