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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Natural Bush #22
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

100% Amateur Everything

"100% natural bush" was a beginning project for some aspiring adult-videographer. if you like people exploring the limits of their current sexual boundaries - and a guy who just bought his camera two days prior - this is the one! there are lots of close-ups, lots of bush, obvious amateur performers (mostly) and a genuine "it coulda happened like that in real-life" atmosphere. the only thing annoying about the whole thing is the generic 'homegrown' dvd front-end which takes forever to sit thru or lots of buttton clicking to get past and to the feature.

 from P.O.V. #2
Studio: Red Light District

nice combo: busty girls & enthusiasm

Everyone in this title had both the ability and willingness to make it work. Manuel Ferrara and the babes all conspire to demonstate what a fun afternoon of debauchery is all about. The POV camerawork really does make it seem like the viewer is right there in the scene. Well-lit sets, good audio, nice locations, and hot-action all add up to an overall good - not spectacular - but good result.

 from Golden Age Of Porn, The: Annette Haven
Studio: Gentlemen's

Annette Haven Uber Alles!

Annette Haven is one of THE premier stars from 'The Golden Age of Porn'. I met with and interviewed Annette Haven in 1985 - she continues to look good today. Unfortunately, this is really not her best work. Most of what's wrong, if that's possible, with Annette Haven movies is the fact they were done on film - by people who weren't really good at doing that - AND... it was in the days when it was still assumed you had to include plot and acting. This is an assembly of a couple of scenes from two Annette Haven movies. It is NOT a bio-pick or overview of her entire career. If you like Annette - this'll be interesting - if you're looking for the definitive representation of her career, keep looking.

 from 30 Years Of Big Busts (Disc 1)
Studio: Big Top

So Many Tits - So Little Time!

the best part of this dvdis the "story of" founder's clever recognition of the business opportunities in the 'niche market for big-tit enthusiasts' and how he went about building an empire 'that can never be equaled or surpassed' by anyone, ever. well - there are alot of tits in this dvd - they go by at a rate of about 1 shot per second - seriously! there are also a couple of short scenes - most notably one with with christy canyon. there's some older footage from converted film - very fuzzy or gariny - but there's historical value in them thar tit-films - so maybe that is where the value lies in this offering. definitely different - 30 years of big busts has an erotic quotient (on a rising scale of 1 to 5) of 2. rent/buy this title - if only for the 'history of'.

 from LeCastel's Point Of View #2
Studio: Digital Sin

Pov Not Visible Over Large Belly

lecastel may have quit his day-job, but he should be checking out the 'driver wanted' section in the clasifieds. "move.. move..." he constantly exhorts the unfortunate women how have agreed to be in a room and let him 'do stuff' to them. with no charm, no ideas (except "move.. move!..."), and a corpulent carcass, this aging, graying, balding, pauched-out, opportunistic, predator brings nothing in the way of heat or enthusiasm to the party. as far as lecastel's pov goes, do yourself a favor and look in some other direction. only 2-stars because lecastel is in the frame - the girls are actually rather nice.

 from Porno Dan's British Invasion
Studio: Old Pueblo

Finally! Anyone Can Make A Porno

With all the finesse and skill normally seen in 8mm movies made of the bar-b-que in the backyard, Porno Dan delivers a new low-low in porno-production-quality AND appeal. Porno Dan could be the evil-twin of that guy who wrestles crocodiles on the Nature Channel. Complete with Aussie accent and teeny-weenie, Porno Dan has delivered a desparate self-parody that highlights his under-ability and lack of ideas. This could be the worst, flacidity-inducing, valueless, time-hole since 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. OUCH!

 from Masturbating Mamas
Studio: Gentlemen's

If You Like Shoes...

...and the sore feet that come out of them - you'll love this title as there's lots of foot-time in this 4 segment offering. all of the women are 'mature' - adult-star raveness is hardly recognizable she is so 'mature'. there's lots of talk to the camera - good - lots of video footage from between the knees (all you see is a disembodied crotch and a couple of nostrils) not so good - and the no-budget sets where the scenes were shot [locker-room, office, greenroom couch, etc] it's been suggested that, "if ya can't say something nice - don't say nothin'" - so mumm's the word on this one.

 from POV Fantasy #5
Studio: New Sensations

This Is One Of The Best!

brother love has really outdone himself with this one. all of the women are on-beyond incredibly enthusiastic - really attractive - great bodies - having too much fun - and the setups for each of the segments are clever. do yourself a favor and skip the "ballbusters 101 #4" dvd extras segment. but, the 'bonus scene' is very good. this is one of the best dvds seen in a long time.

 from Lewd Conduct #27
Studio: Diabolic

Unfortunate Emphasis On Roughness

A little too rough for my tastes, LC#27 is directed by Chico Wang - a name I will be sure to avoid in the future. There is entirely too much slapping, choking, gagging, spitting, roughhousing, and humuliation for this to qualify as something I would choose to see. It's a sad direction for the x-biz - and an unsatisfying experience because it is so far off in the corner of human-misbehavior against women.

 from Gauntlet, The #2
Studio: Vouyer

Viewing This Was Also A Gauntlet Run

Not a bad title - not my kind of action - what can I say? Riley Mason has put on weight, there are only three girls - plus a bonus gang-blow-off. The 'afterwards' interviews with the girls were probably the most interesting part of it all. Sadly - this combo POV-gangblow-gangbang idea is not one of the better ones to come along. But maybe - this is exactly what is your favorite fare - well - to each his own - this ain't mine.

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