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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Homegrown Video #671
Studio: Homegrown Video

It's A Living...

...for pres of homegrown, but is it something you will like? well - you'll have to decide for yourself. most of the segments are no so much home-grown as created by various pros in motel rooms somewhere. still, the people are pretty much amateurs. the big problem with this series is that there is a huge amount of advertising at the beginning which cannot be skipped over to just goto the menu - except by fast-forwarding thru all of the footage. i thought i'd see what the home-grown series was all about. the impression here was, "not too much..." - but to each his own.

 from Goo Girls #7
Studio: Rodney Moore

The Goo Guy Does It Good - Again

Rodney has a definitely distinct approach to his videos. There are 5 or 6 girls in this parade - a couple do BJs only - but there are two scenes which are rather amazing.

 from All Teens #1
Studio: Digital Sin

Mark Ashley Has Done Good

This title features one of the first scenes done by Riley Mason - who is rather special - and the other girls are pretty hot, as well. Mark Ashley has started developing his own videos - you can tell both he and the girls like each other. Five scenes plus some 'boner-footage', etc. Well done overall.

 from Tony's Amateur Tapes #8
Studio: Damaged

Amateur Tony's Tapes

Three segments - #2 (with Missy) is the better of the trio. In each scene there's a little bit of 'acting' to establish a context for the situation that then leads to sex. You can tell the director was trying to keep the whole effort up a notch from just 'sex on tape'. Overall, not a bad effort.

 from Jake Malone's P.O.V.
Studio: Red Light District

enthusiastic & immediate p.o.v.

Jake Malone is another of the genre of creators who has adopted the POV motif for his efforts. He does a good job with it. The idea is that the guy who's providing the pounding is also holding the camera - like it's just him and the model, alone in a room. However, that's obviously not the case as there are several shots where you can see both of Jake's hands in the frame and the camera is above his head. Unless the camera was taped to his skull, there HAD to be somebody else in the room. OK... picky-picky-picky. The girls are all pros - they know what is expected and deliver accordingly. Perhaps thanks to the pace of the ground they have to cover, there's some genuine heat that gets built up and expended. All in all - it's a credible POV production and Jake and his models being alot of energy to the scenes.

 from Girls Home Alone #27
Studio: Wildlife

Home - Alone - And Pretty Darn Sexy

The best clip on this presentation is the BONUS feature - the rest are pretty hot - lots of trash-talk to the camera - the girls are nice - there's lots of 'em - it's exactly as advertised. One of these days somebody will explain to me how it is that the camera person is so determined to be give so much run-time to shots from 'between the knees' = where it's impossible to see anything except what they're zoomed in on - but then they have to seel the videos - so SOMEBODY must be clammoring for MORE CLOSEUPS! - not me - but it's still an overall good production.

 from Amateur Pages #7
Studio: CinemaPlay

Amateurs = Cute, Action = Soft

it appears that these segments were probably captured as 'audition' footage. they're short, consist mostly of striptease and casual, light self-touching poses - almost as if for a magazine layout. nothing much happens except in one segment - but maybe that's to your liking. the girls are all very attractive, the scenes well lit, the camera work is good. maybe the only drawback is the often rather awful music they pasted over everything - probably to obscure the off-camera directions like, "ok - now turn around..." - but that's easy enough to dispense with. if anything, the segments are all in the 'tease' category - but, still, it is apretty good tease.

 from POV Fantasy #4
Studio: New Sensations

More Brother Love Good Stuff

An above average production - as usual - from Brother Love and some really great girls - as usual - plus the unfortunate inclusion of 'Ball Busting Brother Love' segments - as usual - but the net effect is excellent. This guy - Brother Love - brings together much imagination, a good cameraman, and lots of heat to concoct yet another blend of the best-of-gonzo in adult entertainment. He could skip the 'Ball busting' angle - but you gotta love his fresh approach to everything.

 from Erotica XXX #11
Studio: Digital Sin

It's Got Rebecca Linares - What Else Mattters?

Pretty good stuff here - not the least of which is the incredible Spanish import, Rebecca Linares. Good heat - not so rough as to be distracting - just one 'straight-ahead get it on' scene after another.

 from Pussy Play #5
Studio: Damaged

Do The Dance - Losr The Pants

Eight femme-solo scenes - many of the girls appear to be dancers who answered an ad to pick up some extra loot - overall pretty good photography - very much your average looking girls - some more enthusiastic than others - the net effect is one encounters these babes who, for the most part, do manage to get off. Not a bad trip, at all.

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