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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Reach Out And Touch Me
Studio: Wildlife

Reaching Out To The Viewer

Several good scenes with the ubiquitous hand than comes from behind the camera. The girls are fantastic - the premise works well - the only concern is how the camera seems determined to get parked inbetween the legs - where you lose sight of the identity of the girl whose privates are rather unrelentingly taking up most of the frame. However - it that's your thing - then you got plenty! Essentially solo-scenes with anonymous fingers and an assist holding the gizmos, 'Reach Out' is pretty well done.

 from POV Fantasy #3
Studio: New Sensations

Brother Love Has Got Play

POV Fantasy #3 is another really fine feature from Brother Love. The girls have gotta love him - he get's them dressed in all sorts of bizzare gear - then they act out as strange creates that range from Anime cartoon character to Forest Nymph - and he STILL manages to get the good sex-thing going as well. Oddly - Brother Love is now featuring his 'BallBuster' training series which has him directing girls to hit him in the testicles. (OUCH!... WHY?) Anyway - this is a great series that departs from the usual bizarre contortions and laundry list of positions and activities. There's LOTS of imagination at work here - and B.L. delivers some great POV footage.

 from MILF Bonanza #1
Studio: Loaded Digital

Get Somebody Who Can Run A Camera!

what was that saying about being able to 'screw up a soup-sandwich"? well, whatever it was, it appears to apply here as the camera-person, despite the nice-looking women and potentially compelling subject matter, manages to present the most unappealing viewpoints and perspectives to the scene. sadly, the editing was no help either. evidently, the people who make these features think they'll add interest and excitement to the feature by moving around the subjects like gnats - flitting from one place to another. frankly, it's distracting and... ok... annoying! maybe they're bored with their chores and are just fulfilling 'another day at the orifice'. anyway, the high hopes for this offering were just not fulfilled - and it wasn't the fault of the performers.

 from Where The Girls Sweat #8
Studio: Elegant Angel

Sweat In #8 Smells Better Than Sweat In #7

a better title than it's predecessor, "where the girls sweat #7", this title also features girls from europe - most all of whom are slack-jaw-drooling-gorgeous - which ain't a bad thing. the scenes and action are a little perfunctory and predictable but they manage to make things pretty exciting, nonetheless.

 from Student Cum Cravers
Studio: Leisure Time

Compilation Dvd - Perhaps With Historical Value?

It's hard to imagine how it is that a giant conglomeration of people involved in all sorts of salacious activities could be so lifeless - but this one qualifies on that score. There's really not too much to recommend this title. And there are huge blocks of advertising spread out thru the various chapters. All in all, not the best adult experience.

 from Reach Out & Touch Me #2
Studio: Wildlife

Good Premise - Ok Presenentation

the premise for this series is that, somehow it is you who is the person behind the camera who reaches out, thru your screen, and into the frame of the lovely young lady enthralled in sexual ecstacy. the girls in this segment all appear to be european models. they are all somewhat exotic. it seems that the women in europe learn to make a different sound to indicate their arousal. in the states - the sound comes out as, "ooooh" - whereas the euro-ladies emote with an 'oh-whaa' noise. on the less-than-furtunate side, the camera people (again) insist on most all of the shots being located on a plane extending thru the spine of their subjects, thus eliminating the possibility of seeing little else besides huge tracts of inner-thigh and the occasional nostril peeking up above the genitals. but hey!... the drapes and furniture in the background are lovely!

 from Super Naturals #3
Studio: Digital Sin

Ah Womanhood! Magnificant, Voluptuous Females

If you like girls with the 'femme control' turned all the way up to '11' - this is a great title. This title has good looking women - with great curves, lots of enthusuastic action, excellent camera-coverage, and one can only wish most such offerings were this well put-together. Although I can't remember the specifics, I DO remember that this was certainly a hot title.

 from Homegrown Video #669
Studio: Homegrown Video

Certified Home Groan!

as mark twain wrote, "there's no accounting for human taste". several of the scenes were obviously created between consenting adults with a hi-8 camcorder. some of the scenes - especially the last one - were professionally recorded by somebody who hired the people to come do their thang. so, if your taste is for a vicarious visit into someone else's boudoir - then about 1/2 of the dvd is for you - if you just like amateurs - being somewhat amateurish - then 1/2 of the dvd is for you. note: after all these years, you'd think the editors at homegrown would have a color-corrector in their video-dub chain. it seems that everything that comes out of a home camcorder has dull color or a greenish tint - never mind the fuzziness and bad sound. but, it ain't a perfect word - or have you noticed?

 from California College Student Bodies #44
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Just Like You Was There!

Well - lots of people try to make what they call 'Gonzo' productions - like some guy with a cmera just showed up someplace where there was booty-liciousness in play - but this effort REALLY seems to accomplish the goal of making you feel like you just showed up with your camcorder. The girls are ALL genuine amateurs and it all comes off as being 'just like it happens in real-life'. There's a lezbo-scene plus 5 girl-guy couplings.

 from Vault Of Whores (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel

How Did This Win An Award?

The pans and scans over the pages of the Buttman Comix is the best part of this effort. The four stories in 'the vault' are all equally uninspired. This is the perfect example the how the AVN awards consist of a few insiders patting each other on the back and passing the accolades back and forth to the exclusion of recognizing any REAL talent or accomplishment in the genre. Vault of Whores is not 'low-brow' - it's 'no-brow'.

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