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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Hi-Teen Club #3
Studio: Wildlife

Wendy James Great - Videographer Needs Lessons

Gosh DARN it! With talent like Wendy James - they sent in a videographer who - throughout the entire piece - had the incredible knack of pointing the camera with exacly the least interesting purview. This is not a dud - but the overall production shows the typical phenomena where the appeal of the talent far exceeds the ability of the people making the film to simply let them look at good as they already are.

 from Fresh First Time Teens #5
Studio: Starr

When They Say 'First Time'...

...they aren't kidding. IF you like 'amateur' - and we're talking RANK amateur - then you'll love this series of four girls doing female solo. The camera-person is very kind to them in terms of being pushy and the girls are so obviously not used to 'selling it' to the camera - the result could be called 'tame' - but, if anything, it's authentic. Not exactly the most erotic - but certainly worth a look as a study in people pushing their own erotic boundaries.

 from POV Fantasy #2
Studio: New Sensations

Brother Love Is An Artiste!

there are so many hacks in the x-biz - brother love is not one of them. you can tell he really is trying to do a great job in the genre of gonzo. the girls seem to realize this is a 'different' kind of shoot and they really get into some great zones. brother love, in the bts segment has some telling conversations with the models and you can understand how this effort is on such a much better plane than most others. there is a segment which is kind of awful (certainly bizarre) called "ball-busters 101' in the dvd extras area. all i can tell you is i've never seen anything like it. penny flame - in pink wig, pink boa, pink eyelashes, etc is unbelievable in her lucid, candid, adlibbed, and clever reparte with the camera. the main segments are all linear and cover familiar turf - but then there's a 'pick your pleasure' segment in the dvd extras where they have strung together all of the similar activities from each of the main segements - so you can watch all the bjs or all the missionary - or all the etc... if any one of those activities is your preference. the action is hot- the girls really good looking - and brother love does a great job all the way around the block. you can tell this guy really likes the girls - they like him and it's a rather friendly respite in the face of all the many new efforts that feature slapping, choking, and other stressful actions against the nice person who showed up to help them make a video. congrats bro' love - you deh mann!

 from Horny Hairy Girls #6
Studio: Rodney Moore

Hairy Girls = Just Plain Hairy

rodney moore normally provides very well done material that has lots of hot mooments. this set of 5 scenes has absolutely no sexual content - solo or duo. the alleged atttraction is that these ladies - all reasonably attractive - have simply not shaved anywhere in the last five years or so. if just looking at hair on a woman's body is your thing - mebbe this ain't so bad. from this chair, the view is that the feature is an asexual expression focusing on a dubiously compelling fetish. this feature should not be confused with any of the 'horny hairy girls' titles from rodney moore - which is what happened to me. sadder but wiser - i'm happy that was a rental and not a purchase - as in, "you'll, laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss $20 bucks goodbye!" oh well - to each his own - fro me, this one coughs up only one-hairball.

 from College Guide: How To Get More Pussy
Studio: Shane's World

Penny Flame Is Fantastic!

There are a couple of titles out there which deal with the 'Get More Pussy' angle. This one is actually doing what they purport. There's good info, humor, good sex - OK, REALLY good sex - and Penny Flame not only sports a great body, wild enthusiam for sex, but is a VERY funny, intelligent, insightful, 'host' for the production - can't say enough good things about Ms Flame.

 from Pussy Play #4
Studio: Damaged

Pretty Good Femme-Solo

if only it would dawn on the producers of these features the notion that, "there's nothing as exciting as an excited woman", their job would be so much easier for them and the resulting feature so much more enjoyable to look at. still, this is a better-than-average female-solo production - and whoever is creating these efforts is getting better at doing it - as this title is better than the previous pp features.

 from Fresh & Tender
Studio: Midnight Mayhem

How Do They Do It?

The girls who showed up for this production were far better than the people who ran the session and the cameras. How IS it that those guys can screw up something as 'soup and sandwich' as pretty girls doing sexy stuff? Well, there were a couple of good moments in there - and it's not a total loss - but a thumb-up to the girls and a thumb-down to the guys.

 from POV Pervert #6
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

mike john & girls in top form

Every once in awhile, there's a REALLY good DVD - THIS is one of them. Christy Lee is not to be believed - the entire rest of the DVD is certainly above average and it this is one of - if not THE - POV series best. 6 scenes total - wacky BTS segment - this would have won an award if AVN magazine wasn't involved in the awards process. You will NOT be disappointed with POV Pervert #6.

 from Where The Girls Sweat #7: Train Time
Studio: Elegant Angel

Euro-Girls - Some Very Hot!

This title rates four-stars if only for one of the solo-scenes - the girl in the red lingerie - the rest of it is of dubious appeal - not bad - not exceptional. All of the scenes involve women in solo, duo, or group scenes. Again - it's good - not great - except for the 'lady in red'.

 from Fazano's Student Bodies
Studio: Elegant Angel

Fazano Tussles With European Babes

Released in 1995 - This is the handheld videotaped escapades of a guy who travels Europe, meets up very attractive women in hotels rooms - and the park - and in their alleged bedrooms while asleep - and has his monochromatic way with them. There's one bonus scene - obviously shot much more recently.

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