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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Real Sex
Studio: Precious Video

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

And so - here's some more variety. The fellow who created this title for Precious Video is almost as much of a new-comer to the video-biz as are the girls who appear in the piece. At some point he'll get better with the camera work - meanwhile the girls carry the heavy load of creating interest in what is a predictable romp.

 from Pussy Poppers #33
Studio: Precious Video

If You Love Female-Solo..

The 'Pussy Popper' series is one of the better Female-Solo compilations. Each of the three (that I've seen) editions features NINE girls. The sessions are unhurried, direct-to-the-point, unabashed, unforced, and feature (for the most part) very appealing girls. The camera work is one of the good features of the series. they take their time with the shots, the scenes are nicely lit - several outside on a porch someplace - there are no frills in getting going - the girls all seem to understand who is their audience and play directly to them - some talk more than others - and you can tell their reactions to the whole situation shows genuine enjoyment. I dunno if there exists 'Pussy Poppers #1 - #30 or if there are any others after #33 - but #31, #32, and #33 are winners!

 from Terrible Teens #2
Studio: Precious Video

Yeaa! More Amateurish Sex-On-Tape

With nothing incredibly outstanding - still this is a pretty good romp with a few complete amateurs. I can't remember any specifics - but it seems to have been a straight-ahead, garden variety, hetero romp, with reasonably good looking girls. Nothing special - but not all that bad, either.

 from Pussy Poppers #32
Studio: Precious Video

Pp#32 Rather Well Done Again

pussy poppers #32 has about nine girls - alot for any single title - who simply appear naked - explain they are going to masturbate and then do so. it's very well photographed in that the photographer is not trying to win a golden globe for "most camrea angles in a scene". the angles are good - the girls are, in most cases, obvious amateurs/newcomers - everybody is digging on having sex for the camera and the result is a huge entertainment value. if you like female-solo - the pussy popper series feels like a very nice fit between "p.o.v. - only there's no guy anywhere and "the very best of ed powers girl-solo scenes with out ed powers anywhere in sight" - a nice combo. indeed! the precious video people did three of these things in 2003 - they're all very good. highly reommended!

 from Not That Innocent
Studio: Precious Video

Where's Britney Spears?

If you like incredibly amateurish video production values, totally amateur women, and sex that happens without any context between people who obviously just met 10 minutes prior - this is a good one!

 from Internally Yours #2
Studio: Precious Video

Yes - He's The World's Greatest Pickup Artist!

three scenes - camera on tripod most of the time - girls = genuine amateurs. "the world's greatest pickup artist" is one thing - "world's greatest x-vid producer" is another. pretty good vibes in the action - maybe he'll get better at the video end of things with later efforts.

 from Little Miss Innocent #1
Studio: Digital Sin

One Of The Best!

Penny Flame is in her 3rd boy-girl scene and all of the girls are super-hot! VERY well done - lots of extras - if only THIS was the standard adult-fare you could expect.

 from Super Naturals #2
Studio: Digital Sin


supernaturals #2 - featuring penny flame - is a total entertainment value. every segment is well composed, well photographed, full of excited participants, and one of the better videos to come along. finding the delicate midpoint between 'checklist' (boh-rinng!) and 'free-for-all' (excuse me - the camera is over here!) plus you get the "brother love 'pick a perversion" menu in the dvd extras section that strings all the 'bj' or 'cowgirl' (or whatever) segments together into one long scene. many thanks to this site for their excellent choice in this title. mark twain said, "there's no accounting for human taste" - but this one is awfully tasty - no matter what.

 from Pussy Play #2
Studio: Damaged

No Accounting For Human Taste

well - that's what mark twain said. here's another one of those videos that where the camera-person has decided the best shot and angle is tight-shot, full-on, genitals and inner thighs as seen from between the knees. this is not a bad shot - if it were one of several vantage points - but the guy just gets parked there and all you see of the girl are her nostrils sticking up over her mons. again - the question that begs an answer is, "why bother to get cute, trim, models when you never actually see them?" if all that's interesting is the genitals and anus, why not just go to a dairy-farm and shoot cows? i'm not sure anyone could tell the difference. with a wide, full-torso image, it would seem the viewer could simply direct their eyes to the point of their interest - wherever that may be. but noooooo... with these guys all you get it's wall-to-wall cinerama butt-cam.

 from Fucking Beautiful #5
Studio: Digital Sin

gorgeous girls & great action

This series seems to have tapped into the fact that women from Europe are, in fact, 'Fuckin' Beautiful'. Aside from my perpetual annonyance and complaint with the fact that the camera people seem obsessed with choosing a camera angle that manages to obscure most of the otherwise georgeous women's bodies, this is a well-done effort that lives up to the hype in the title.

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