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All Reviews by Swaveknave
 from Manuel Ferrara Fucks Them All! #1 (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Sin

The Girls Luv Him

this guy - mf - from somewhere in europe (france?) is quite the ladies man. you can tell the girls are having a literal and figurative ball! good looking women - lots of hot action - good production - overall a pretty good title. this appears to be a compilation of several previous releases - but who cares - it's an excellent collection of some fine major-babeage - and - as the title sez, "mf fucks 'em all"!

 from I Film Myself #2
Studio: Greedy

'I Shoot Myself' Knockoff

OK - good idea... the models are ALSO the videographers - and, the supposition goes, they are unbridled with stage directions from some off-screen guy. This is not really a fantastic title - but it may be your cup of tea.

 from Freshly Squeezed #3
Studio: Crush

Meet Rucca - And Her Buxom Buddies

For a title that purports to focus on boobs - there's not a whole lot of attention paid to same - but this effort pretty much stays on track with a no-nonsense collection of straight-ahead sex. Rucca - a name not often encountered - leads off the pack. Her scene - along with the final segment - represent the real appeal with the other girls delivering mildly enthusiastic appearances.

 from Co-Eds In Toyland #1
Studio: FilmCo

Filmco Has Unique Approach

Filmco creates their femme-solo titles by taking three sepearate scenes of the girls doing basically the same thing - three imtes in a row. The stars seem to get more excited with each pass - and there's a fair amount of talking to the camera (meaning: that would be YOU). There's a mix of amateurs and pros - the action is pretty authentic - the Filmco people do an overall good job. This is not their BEST title - but it certainly passes muster as being quite viewable.

 from Internally Yours #6
Studio: Elegant Angel

Rebecca Linares - Egad!

Rebecca Linares - from Spain - is simply TOO gorgeous - and.. she puts Shakira to shame with the hippy-hippy-shake-thang she perpetrates on the guy. This is a smooth, not-TOO-slick production with a good group of episodes.

 from Big Breasted Beautiful Babes #2
Studio: Swank Digital

Lucious Lovelys Livin' Large

another european production, bbbb2 is heavily focused on matters mammary - and everyone seems quite happy and enthusiastic to be engaged in all the rest of it. there's some energetic conjugal coupling - some frenetic fornication - and nobody is all that hard to look at. well photographed + modest sets + good audio + big girls = overall good production with a title that actually represents what's on the screen: "big breasted beuatiful babes"!

 from Big Breasted Beautiful Babes #3
Studio: Swank Digital

Euro-Escort-Models Earn Extra Cash

Yes, there's plenty of action - and, Yes, the girls all have large breasts and, yes, they are all VERY good looking. However, are they 'in the moment' considering what's going on? Maybe they're jaded - maybe they just finished a 4-hour stage-routine shift - but they seemed to be 'somewhere else' for much of the footage. Still it's a pretty good title.

 from Big Breasted Beautiful Babes #1
Studio: Swank Digital

Aptly Titled And Amply Tittled

European-produced - Women with LARGE boobs - vigorous sex - interesting 'CASTING' extras section with models interviewing to get job - all in all an excellent effort.

 from Fucking Myself #2
Studio: New Sensations

More Variations On Femme-Solo

the 'behind the scenes' segment is, in some ways, actually better than much of the footage in the main segments. the girls do lots of potty-mouth with the camera. some of the camera work is a little too artistic - but "there's no accounting for human taste" (mark twain) so who am i to judge... one shot that seems to be a favorite of the camera-person for this title is "tight on head and torso with diagonal tilt for better-fit" you see this shot in every scene - and for a long time. it's not my fave - but it's better'n "3 inches from genitals to the exclusion of all else"

 from Big Breasted Beautiful Babes #5
Studio: Swank Digital

Large Mamms - Plenty Of Action

Of the five scenes - which all run pretty long - there are three which are above average and the other two aren't all that bad. The girls are all european (well, the guys are, too - for that matter) and you can tell everyone has committed to getting a good game on. Like the title sez.. LARGE BREASTED - and there's a fair amount of focus on those fleshy appendages - but Gianna and most of the other girls are especially enthusiastic about their encounters with various turgid members. There are several 'Castings' segments where the girls come in to interview for the job - no makeup - obviously limited skills with the english language - but some of the more interesting footage on the DVD is in this section.

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