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All Reviews by Stu Pitt
 from Loves of Laure, The (L'Amour de Laure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Rushed Love

alright i love laura sinclair but i think i love her after her breats job movies, everything about this movie seems rushed its a bummer because it has potential this was a one day rental, get her later stuff

 from Maze, The (le Labyrinthe)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Stay Out Of The Maze

This was a one day rental, it seemed very rush and not put together very well...not one of marc dorcels better previews either, made this a downer...the action was not intense either, the actors looked like they were going thru the star and two palms down...avoid the maze

 from Amnesia (La Ruee Vers Laure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel


hmm, i had this movie for a few weeks and i forgot that i had it, its okay not memorable, the name amnesia sums it up, its forgettable nothing that good but decent if you are on a dry spell.this should have been a 3 day rental at the most but like i said i forgot i had it...sad

 from Inheritance, The (L'Heritage de Laure)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

I Want My Inheritance

decent movie not one of marc dorcels best but still worth holdong onto for a week, the girls were hot but a few scenes seemed like the actors were going thru the mottions but theres about 2 or 3 scenes worth checking out peace...

 from Grrl Power! #4
Studio: Kick Ass

Uhm No

the reason this is even a 2 is because of the first scene, actually seemed into it not going thru the motions, the rest old and boring, not attractive skip it.

 from Curse Of The Catwoman
Studio: VCA

Curse Of The 80'S

This movie is cursed by the 80's as in this was made in the 80's and its not their fault it was just a bad time for hair and clothing...the action is ok, the women are decent looking despite the big hair...though rocco's skills are severly misused and held backdoor action either...selena steele has done better...this is good for nostalgia value..a week rental at the most

 from Mansion Of Desire (Chateau De Dames)
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Not Good

boring, ugly skanky girls do not rent, where did they dig this up your rental for anything else

 from Alexandra
Studio: VCA

More Please

This movie is really good, plot line, acting and some really good scenes, my only qualm is that i wish some of the scenes lasted longer and the movie was longer or if they made a part two i was left wanting for more.

 from Budding of Brie
Studio: VCA

A Classic

Surprisingly this feature is really good, the sets and actors are really good for a porn film, if I didnt know any better it could be on saturday afternoon tv movie. The scenes are actually really good, especially the one in the car towards the end, the transfer is good and the old guy is believable as a sleazy producer/agent...a month long rental at the least.

 from Devil in Miss Jones #2
Studio: VCA

Not A Classic

this movie is not good, it seems like it was rushed to be put out, the storyline was lame im sure the first one was good, this one is subpar bad acting and everythin else.

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