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All Reviews by Strangegirl
 from Blue Movie
Studio: Wicked

Ugh....Not What I Was Expecting....

i wanted to see this movie because i heard it was the one that launched jenna's career. i could have done with out larue...period. i didn't enjoy the plot either. the lesbian threesome (although there was a longer version in the "deleted scenes") was lacking and i guess the best reason to rent this movie is to see some bizarre "acting" and jenna's scene with t.t. boy--which i actually ended up fast-forwarding through because i don't like overly long boy-girl stuff. i've seen better plots. i'v seen worse movies but they were compilations. the worst scene here involves a porn starlet's flashback to, what can only be described as a stereotypical porn shoot. of course, jenna's gorgeous, but i just didn't like this movie too much. i was disappointed.

 from Immortal
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Loved It...All The Way Through!

I know that people say they don't watch porn for the plot...but I do! I mean...of course, I like the sex, but a good porn has a story too and this one has a pretty good one. Actually, this is my favorite story line ever! Jill Kelly and Julian dated at one time and their chemistry shows, but the music during their first scene was a bit repetitious. I liked Inari Vachs' scene. I really like her with women (which you won't see here), but she does a great job with a man too! Somehow she always seems to have a really *wet* mouth. She and her scene partner act out the seducation scene pretty well. I really rented this movie for Devon and she only has one short, disappointing scene. My favorite part of this movie was Asia Carrera's hot, hot lesbian threesome with another pierced chick. She really knows what the ladies like and she would have made a grade-A mainstream actress! The set was nice, the women were beautiful, and I highly recommend this movie for couples or people who appreciate a well thought-out porn that aims to please on all levels.

 from Where The Boys Aren't #4
Studio: Vivid


savannah was the first porn star i was ever aware of in the world, but i'd only ever watched one of her scenes. this dvd is very much 1990, but you just have to love paul thomas. my favorite scenes aren't even "girl-girl". there is a nice scene with running water and a good solo mastrubation scene as well--which was a bit weird. you think it's going to go into a scene including all the girls, but they just end up finger- feeding cake to each other--weird. poor, tragic savannah--she was so beautiful and oddly fascinating. whatever...i liked this movie although i must say, the acting is beyond terrible and you'd have to read the back of the box to understand that there was "plot" at all.

 from Where The Boys Aren't #17
Studio: Vivid

Not Impressed

Vivid almost overdoes it every time! Like the other reviews, I noted the 70s style stewardess get-ups--a bit of a novelty. I don't know what happened to Jenna's pussy here--it looks like a used up old leather bag--I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Savanna Sampson and Mercedez are the stand-outs here. Of course, Jenna's beautiful face is nice to watch, I just can't imagine what happened to her crotch during wasn't just the just looks bad. In the big group scene, you see Briana Banks smiling at the camera men and casting about for something to do. I always have to think about how the stuff I'm seeing would actually feel to a woman and I just don't think that much of what I saw here would be enjoyable in real life. Therefore, the sex sounds didn't come off as authentic in my opinion. Still and all, I liked the plot and it was a decent film--lots of scenes, beautiful, if not convincing, women and tons of extras. It's worth renting for sure, I'm just trying to be honest about what I saw here. I don't think that I'll be renting anymore Chi Chi LaRue because Blue Movie was a bit of a flop with me too. Maybe this is what happens when a man who likes men directs women in porn for men. Enjoy! You'll rent it for Briana and Jenna know you will!

 from Girly Girls #2
Studio: Metro

Lesbian Scenes From 10 Years Back!

All of these scenes were shot between 1995 and 1998...still, I really liked the third scene and the scene with Inari Vachs. It's a little dated, but on the whole, I reccommend this older compilation. There is a good variety and it should keep you busy for several days!

 from Jenna's American Sex Star 2006 (Disc 1)
Studio: Spice Studios

You'll Rent It For Jenna, But I Think It's Sad!

Maybe I was just over this whole series by the time I got this disc. I saw the second one first. Jenna's always hot, but I've lost a lot of respect for her personally. For anyone who saw her E! True Hollywood Story...well, expect to see a different side of her personality--quite different from her mainstream interviews or onscreen porn persona. I didn't like the fact that they kept referring to the girls as whores and bitches--they're already up onstage performing intimate acts in front of a big need to further degrade them. Some of the footage was hot, but I also felt badly for the girls...honestly.

 from Jenna's American Sex Star 2006 (Disc 2)
Studio: Spice Studios

Sad But Funny....

As a woman, I found something oddly unsettling about this series. I accidently reversed the order of shipment on these DVDs and thus know the winner before having seen all of the contestants. It was a bit like watching a traffic accident--you know you should look away, but you can't. However, this was great exposure for all contestants and the winner (who has a huge career now). I didn't expect to see a bunch of girls who were already in the porn business, but I guess I would have been more disturbed if they were just girls off the street who aspired to be Jenna's starlets. Overall, it was funny, sexy, and somehow sad.

 from Da Vagina Code
Studio: Wicked

Unexpected Compilation

Oh's another compilation...and here I thought I was in for a clever spoof on a mainstream piece a la I Dream of Jenna. No...just a sorry title twiest. There wasn't really enough variety on this disc to hold my interest. Maybe I've just become jaded. I had to turn the whole thing off after watching a Tricia Devereaux scene...I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that she has HIV now. If you're into compilations this one has lots of scenes. Several of the girls from Jenna's American Sex Star are included.