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All Reviews by Stoney
 from Barely Legal #1
Studio: Hustler

A Must For Anastasiacs!

Barely Legal is of consistently high quality---brilliant photography with artfully close, well-lit shots of the right stuff. Son catching Dad boning his girlfriend was unappealing, but the girls are young, natural and attractive. I find Anastasia Blue compelling, and recommend this DVD to others who appreciate her. She pees, she sucks, she's unconvincing as a virgin determined to get laid on her eighteenth birthday. Sucks her own tit, takes it up the tail and talks too much.

 from 18 & Confused #1
Studio: Heatwave

Anastasia Sucks!

Each segment is good; Nubile actresses, well shot, etc. Anastasia Blue's high on my priority list, and her segment was a good long one.

 from Sodomania Slop Shots #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Just Adequate . . .

This one's adequate but not exciting. One fast viewing was enough. Cort Knee actually is featured, briefly, in a brief, undistinguished DP scene, which fails to show the spectacular clit which makes her other work worth seeking out.

 from Shock
Studio: VCA

High Production Values; Abject Failure As Porn

They're definitely babes, but it's all about the costumes, exotic locations and artful camera work, which I'd appreciate if it worked as porn. But the whole disc has less goin' for it than Britney's Coke (Pepsi) commercial with Bob Dole. Overproduced chick flick; Forget about it!

 from Sodomania #4
Studio: Elegant Angel


Can't quite understand why Misty Rain was cast as a mute girl in her scene; Are their consumers who find that specially stimulating? Rain's the reason I rented this one, and although she delivers, images seemed a bit dark, grainy and distant.

 from North Pole #22
Studio: New Sensations

He's Still Got It, But Not As Much.

This is another good installment of a c high quality series featuring the top stud in adult film, but . . . . what makes Peter North's work so delightful is that crazy looks and laughter of his co-stars when he just keeps spurting away, again and again, with high volume and great distance. The humanity of their surprise and reaction is simply charming, and the wierd convention of the facial come-shot is pretty goofy, which makes North's cartoonishly exaggerated come shots a high form or artistic expression. However . . . although he's still attractive and in great shape, and does great in every other department, he's no longer THE geyser he once was, or anything close in this DVD.

 from Sodomania Slop Shots #5
Studio: Elegant Angel

Lots Of Quality Smut, No Filler

There are lots and lots of scenes, with no time wasted on foreplay or stories. Most actresses are young and attractive, and good value is provided, even if the worst of them are summarily bypassed. Was disappointed that Courtknees scene was so brief, and that the world's most spectacular and enormous clit was only seen for two seconds. That's unconscionable---a crime against humanity. She's got the sorriest boob-job in history, but also the most remarkable and delightful clit, which was overlooked, excluded an ignored in her brief clip.

 from Ya: Young and Anal #17
Studio: JM Productions

this is quality smut, but the script and acting is embarassing. i ain't sayin' that i care, but it's silly to have an actress shyly claim to be a virgin in one breath, and inhale a 9", throbbing weiner in the next. good, long scene with anastasia blue. competent camera work.

 from Sensual Exposure
Studio: Studio A

Too Artistic---Fails As Porn

Great costumes, make-up, camerawork and artistry but it only succeeds in making all these ingredients woefully tedious. Fast-forward and Reverse in search of three consecutive minutes of hot footage and you'll fail; It SEEMS like some strong stuff could and should have come together, but it never did. Not recommended . . . except, perhaps for chicks who'll like the costumes and accessories.

 from Teenage Spermaholics #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Overdose On This!

the story lines and dialogue are horrendous, but there's a lot of 'most every kind of raunchy action, including squirting, DP's, vaginal DP's, jiggling tits, etc. 4 out of 5 chapters run very long, but this DVD's set up so you can jump all around in each chapter to find your preferences.

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