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All Reviews by Sr4
 from 3 Black Dicks & A Spanish Chick #3
Studio: Evasive Angles


1st scene "tashana" is the only one i really enjoyed in this movie. she's hpt and nasty. 2nd scene "dalilah" is cute but doesn't do a dp, i hate that. 3rd scene "paula" is cute she does a dp. 4th scene "drica" is okay, she does a dp but i still don't like her. 5th scene "kate" is pretty but doesn't do a dp. overall the only scenes on here worth watching is "tashana" & "paula".

 from All Dat Azz #2
Studio: West Coast


"destiny" has a juicy ass, but she should have worked alone. "sansation" has a great ass for her size & she should have worked alone. those two are the only ones worth watching on this one, but the girls they shared the scene with messed it up.

 from All Dat Azz #3
Studio: West Coast

Just Okay

My boy loved this flick. I didn't. In his opinion you shold get this one. The women are thick, but they're scenes are not what I like. I like DPs, most of the time.

 from All Dat Azz #6
Studio: West Coast

Just Okay

If you like 'em thick then you should rent this. My boy loves this whole series. I would have enjoyed this if there were DPs in it.

 from All Dat Azz #7
Studio: West Coast


i liked "rina" in this one. my boy liked the whole thing. "rina" has the biggest butt in this film. i'd say get it just to see her. the rest are not that good.

 from Black Ass Candy #2
Studio: West Coast

Great Flick

i loved africa & jada fire, hypnotiq, melanie blaze & tiana banks. these 5 chicks are great. i can't get enough of black ass candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 from Young Latin Cherries
Studio: West Coast


first off i wanna say they chose some beautiful latin chicks for this flick. daisy, devine, elizabeth, lana, lisa & marcella are all sexy. the only thing that was missing from this one is dps. thet were all one on ones except for daisy she was with two guys, but she didn't do a dp that's a waist of a scene in my opinion. overall the women are beautiful, but there's no dps which to me is very important it shows how nasty the girls are & i love nasty girls my wife is nasty & i love it.

 from Chasing The Big Ones #12
Studio: West Coast

Miko Lee

i got only because as a performer i like "miko lee". she's the only good part in this film. the rest did nothing for me.

 from Chasing the Big Ones #18
Studio: West Coast


i got this one to see "sativa" her scene is the best scene in this movie. i love her performance, she's really verbal. she screams and moans. "sativa" fans will enjoy this.

 from All Dat Azz #11
Studio: West Coast


"chai" is the best looking in this one. i didn't enjoy this too much. my boy did though. he would say get this, you'll like it.

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