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All Reviews by Sr4
 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #10
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good Flick

"andrea" is the only scene in this flick that does it for me. she's sexy & she does a dp. i really like "bia", but she doesn't do a dp, she's only with one guy. the rest of the flick is just okay. there's more dps in this flick, but the women aren't attractive to me.

 from Black On Black #6
Studio: Red Light District


i love the dps in this flick. my boy loved "angel eyes". the dps in this movie saved it. check it out!

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #5
Studio: Evasive Angles

Just Okay

there were no dps in this one. kayleen & rita, lol, avery, jazzimine, jessica & puta were all beautiful but none of them dped. this was just okay to me, because any woman can have sex but when you dp you're showing that you can go beyond just regular sex, you're showing how filthy you can be i love those kind of women.

 from Big Bubble Butt Brazilian Orgy #2
Studio: Evasive Angles

5 Stars

I love this whole series so much that I bought all of them from this site. Nuff said. I enjoyed every one of these flicks.

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #8
Studio: Evasive Angles


tabitha has the only scene that i like 100% in this flick. she's pretty & does a dp. michelle is pretty and her ass is nice and jiggly, but it's a one on one scene & i'm not into that. lisa's scene is with two guys, but she doesn't dp she's okay looking but that didn't save the scene. prissila & julia takes on one guy, not my kind of scene. voketa does a one on one, she's okay looking. karen & percey's scene was not my type of scene.

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #11
Studio: Evasive Angles

Okay Flick

1st scene (isabella) is sexy as hell. if her scene was a dp i'd love it. 2nd scene (andrea & carol) "andrea" is hott, i love her in "3 black dicks & a spanish chick pt.1", this scene should have been the same way. carol is hot too. 3rd scene (paula) she's pretty, but i don't like one on one scenes most of the time. 4th scene (lambala), she wears too much make-up. she would be attractive as hell if she would take it off. she does a scene with two guys, but doesn't dp, what a waist. 5th scene (agatha & panchi), i don't like agatha, but panchi is sexy. 6th scene (lisa nicole), she's cut but like i said i don't like one on ones. there were no dps in this one so it gets a definite thumbs way down.

 from Black & Tasty
Studio: Cherry Boxxx


"cherokee" is the best thing about this film. just watching her ass jiggle, makes me wanna bang her myself. other than "cherokee" this movie gets a thumbs down.

 from Bootylicious: Mamacitas
Studio: JM Productions

Not Good

the only two things that's good in this flick is when "sabrina jade" & "catalina" do a dp. 1st scene "sabrina jade" & "felony" look like they have too much powder on their face. "catalina" would have looked better if she didn't have all that make-up on. "justine romee" is just okay. over all like i said the only two things that's good in this flick are the two dps.

 from Black Street Hookers Cream Pies #2
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Thumbs Down

I enjoyed the creampies and the anal but that was all. The women were okay looking, but not gorgeous. Anyone that's not me may like the whole thing, like my boy. He would enjoy this.

 from Hot Latin Pussy Adventures #33
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Just Okay

I did not enjoy this movie, there were no DPs. The chicas are beautiful, but they don't take at least two at the same time.

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