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All Reviews by Soothsayer
 from Screaming Orgasms #1
Studio: New Sensations

Better Rental Than A Buy.

Solo female masturbation with plenty of vibrators and dildos. All of the girls use toys ranging from big to huge to plow their own pussies. Four out of the five take a ride on a Sybian. Eden Black is definitely the most attractive of the lot, a notch above the rest. I would like to have seen more finger penetration and some anal play mixed in. There is no anal action whatsoever, but the acts of vaginal violation were good. It's all shot in POV style. SCENE1: Eden Black. Attractive with short, black hair. Lean, slender frame with nicely shaped, big breasts (implants). Solo masturbation on sofa. Never totally naked but has best parts bared for almost entirety of action (prefer full nudity but no complaints here). As many as four fingers in pussy. Switches from manual stimulation to various sex toys for pussy insertion and clit. Uses industrial-sized vibe on clit with two fingers inside her pussy near end of action. SCENE 2: Jezebelle Bond. Solo masturbation with fingerbanging, lots of vaginal pounding with big toys, and Sybian. SCENE 3: Catalina. Solo masturbation with fingerbanging, lots of vaginal pounding with big toys, and Sybian. SCENE 4: Tall Goddess. Solo masturbation with minimal fingering, lots of vaginal pounding with big toys, and Sybian. SCENE 5: Haley Daniels. Solo masturbation with lots of vaginal pounding with big toys and Sybian.

 from Screaming Orgasms #2
Studio: New Sensations

Sequel That Exceeds The Original

All POV style, toy heavy, solo masturbation. Vaginal penetration, but no anal. I found two girls particularly appealing, Luna Lane foremost and then Jacynda. Both women were all-natural, long-haired brunettes. Not only is Luna true eye candy, she provided a standout performance. SCENE 1: Luna Lane. Brunette with very beautiful face and even sexier body. Great, medium-sized, natural breasts. Naked before solo masturbation heats up. Quick to reach into the toy chest. Pocket rocket reveals a sensitive clit. Switches to average-sized, purple dildo. Works it in and out of her pussy with real enthusiasm. Switches to industrial-sized vibrating wand on clit. Wild Sybian ride. Seemed to truly enjoy herself. Loud and verbal with especially sensitive genitalia. SCENE 2: Isis. Toy heavy solo masturbation. No anal. Sybian. SCENE 3: Channone. Toy heavy solo masturbation with some fingering. No anal. Sybian. SCENE 4: Celeste Crawford. Toy heavy solo masturbation with some fingering. No anal. Sybian. SCENE 5: Jacynda. Pretty brunette, but better body than face. Nice, large, natural breasts. Never fully nude but lifts top and hitches up skirt to reveal no undies. Some clit rubbing and finger insertion before pocket rocket introduced. Vaginal penetration with large, red dildo with vibrator still in use. Switches to industrial-sized vibrating wand on clit. Mounts Sybian.

 from Lipstick Lesbians #3
Studio: Metro

Kellemarie, looking especially smoking hot, had a terrific solo with inspired pussy fingering & dildo action. She enthusiastically pumps a fleshtone dildo into her damp pussy until she has a genuine orgasm. Unfortunately, that was the only noteworthy scene. Nikita & Meriah Nelson, both wickedly sexy, show off their tasty tidbits in separate solitary scenes, but they do little else (no masturbation). Kellemarie saves this movie from being a one star stinker.

 from Euro Models Gone Bad #2
Studio: Metro

no serious uglies among the cast, but only half were hot. i'm picky, so that's a compliment. henrietta & nikita blonde were top tier eye-catchers, & i decribe them in more detail later. no anal action other than brief dp with fingers during sandy's scene. three of the girls have obvious orgasms during their sessions, definite plus. scene 1: karen wood. gets nude. pussy penetration (fingers & mid-sized glass dildo). definite orgasm. scene 2: cameron cruise (aka lisa). gets bottomless with bikini top up to reveal tits. pussy penetration (skinny vibrator). scene 3: sandy (aka zsanett). gets bottomless with top down to reveal tits. pussy penetration (fingers & mid-sized gold dildo). brief dp with one finger in pussy & one finger in butt from same hand. definite orgasm. scene 4: henrietta. stunning, smoldering looks. lengthy blonde hair. lithe, well-toned, sexy body. lovely, mid-sized breasts (implants). fantastic ass. long, slender legs. gets nude. toyless. pussy penetration (fingers). scene 5: orsy. gets nude. toyless. pussy penetration (fingers). scene 6: kellemarie. gets bottomless with bra down to reveal tits. pussy penetration (fingers). definite orgasm. annoyingly cuts back & forth between sex and fireworks show visible through hotel room windows. scene 7: goldie mchawn. gets nude. toyless. no penetration. scene 8: lisa hotlipps (aka jenna). gets nude. toyless. pussy penetration (fingers). scene 9: jodie moore. starts nude. pussy penetration (fingers & large vibrator). scene 10: kata. gets bottomless with bra down to reveal tits. toyless. pussy penetration (fingers). scene 11: nikita blonde (aka sylvia & claudia). classy look. unearthly beauty. long blonde hair. slender, slinky figure. small but nice breasts. utterly fantastic legs & ass. gets nude. shows everything but no masturbation. scene 12: danny delano (aka kelly). starts topless & gets nude. pussy penetration (large fleshtone dildo).

 from Babes Illustrated #1
Studio: Cal Vista

Felecia Plays Wide Receiver In A Must See, Strap-On Session!

chief among the noteworthy girls is felecia. she is an utter goddess with super long, dark hair & topnotch looks. her trim, fit figure is flawlessly sculpted with a superb tan. she has tanlines that draw attention to her best parts. . . her tight pussy & her perfect breasts highlighted by perky, always erect nipples (natural b-cups). vixen is an attractive, flaxen blonde with big, glam-rock hair (too fancy). like felecia, she too is an all-natural, slender type with a small waist. she has terrific, pointy breasts (b-cups prior to her unnecessary boob job) & fantastic, super sexy legs. scene 1: felecia & vixen. both get naked. dom vixen takes submissive felecia's eager pussy for a joy ride. vixen dons a fleshtone strap-on (roughly 7- or 8-incher with above average girth) & sinks it deep into felecia's wet, willing hole. felecia gets her pussy pounded deep & hard bent over a dresser (standing doggy). she then gets her snatch drilled just as enthusiastically on a bed with her legs spread lewdly (missionary) & again in doggy whilst getting her lengthy hair pulled. vixen finally gets her due as felecia orally pleasures her with her experienced tongue. scene 2: lynn lemay & tiffany mynx. toyless. no anal. scene 3: dyanna lauren & kim chambers. toyless. no penetration. no anal. scene 4: leslie lixx & kim chambers. toyless. no anal. leslie lixx gets lubed & takes 8-fingers in pussy. scene 5: lynn lemay & dyanna lauren. no anal.

 from Fashion Models Gone Bad #1
Studio: Metro

Worth A Glance

This is an all female, solo masturbation movie. I found most of the cast appealing to look at. A few scenes were worthy of the fast forward button, but I found more scenes watchable than not. Worth a glance if you find female masturbation appealing.

 from Tease Me #1
Studio: Midnight


Only one looker out of five girls; hence,only one appealing scene out of five. SCENE 1: Amanda. Solo masturbation. SCENE 2: Alexandra Nice. Gorgeous brunette with a smoking body. Nice set of medium-sized fake breasts (upgraded to large in later films). Solo masturbation. Completely nude in large bathtub. Average sized dildo for vaginal penetration only. SCENE 3: Mandi Frost. Solo masturbation. SCENE 4: Kelly Dean. Solo masturbation. SCENE 5: Inari Vachs. Solo masturbation followed by blowjob that ends in facial with anonymous male.

 from Tease Me #4
Studio: Midnight


I loved the squelching sounds made as the girls violated their wet, sticky pussies. Sexy! Lola's scene needed to have the brightness cranked up a notch, and Tina Thomas's scene was poorly lit. SCENE 1: Lola. Solo masturbation followed afterward by blowjob that ends in facial with anonymous male (never see face). SCENE 2: Petra. Solo masturbation. SCENE 3: Avanti. Solo masturbation followed afterward by blowjob that ends in facial with anonymous male (never see face). SCENE 4: Alana Evans. Solo masturbation. SCENE 5: Tina Thomas. Absolutely stunning looks with long, luscious black hair. Not so great boob job. Otherwise, body incredibly lean and sexy. Solo masturbation. Completely nude on couch in dimly lit room (wish scene was better lit). Fingers used in vaginal penetration. Clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration with hot pink vibrator. Vibrator is stubby with bulbous end. Squelching sounds from violating her pussy with her fingers and vibrator very audible. Enjoyable solo ends somewhat abruptly.

 from Co-Eds In Toyland #2
Studio: FilmCo


all solo, female masturbation focusing on the use of sex toys. dildos & vibrators used best described as skinny to medium-sized in girth. all scenes include vaginal penetration, some more than others. kaiya lynn dps herself with a u-shaped dildo in scene 1a, & dps herself again in scene 1b with a small vibrator in the rear & a mid-sized vibrator in the front. no anal from the other girls. chrissy sparks deserves honorable mention as a cutey, but only desert rose rates as a topnotch hottie. many of the girls have two distinct sessions on the same set back-to-back (denoted as a/b). scene 1a/b: kaiya lynn. scene 2a/b: jezeree. scene 3a/b: desert rose (aka kody). alluring beauty with shoulder-length hair. lean, yummy figure with small waist & small breasts (before unnecessary and unfortunate boob job). scene 4: cherie. scene 5a/b: cheryl dynasty. scene 6a/b: chrissy sparks. scene 7: goldie mchawn.